perform what they have herein before agreed to do, they hereby agree to forfeit or pay unto the other of them the sum of pounds. As witness, our hands the day and

year aforesaid. Witness.

For the payment of a Debt, and Costs, reccdered' at Law, by Installments. W

HEREAS D. ), late of, &c. by his note of hand dated

the 4th day of May, 1772, promised to pay to 7. B. or order the sum of pounds, three mon:hs after date, for value received ; which note the said 7. B. indorsed to 7. H. AND WHEREAS in Michaelmas term lait a judgment was recover

vered, on a warrant of attorny against the said 7. B. in his Majesty's Court of King's Bench at Wejimirfter, after an action brought upon the said note for

pounds debt, and 63 fhillings costs, defeazable on payment of the sum of and interest and costs. And in Hilary term Jast, another judgment was allo recovered on the said note against the said Đ. J. in his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas at Weliminster, for the sum of for damages and costs ; whereupon the said D. J. hath brought a writ of error for delay only. AND WHEREAS it is hereby agreed, by and between the said }, H. and D. 9. that no other writ of error shall hereafter be brought by the said D. 7. upon the said judgment recovered against him, and that if any such shall be brought, that he shall and will non-. pross the fame at his own expenée, and that he shall not, nor will further profecute his present writ of error, but shall and will non-profs it at his own like expence, within six months from the date hereof, and that he within that time, shall and will pay the sum of pounds in part of the said damages and costs recovered against him and the said J. B. and within a year from the date hereof, a further sum of pounds, and so continue the like payments half-yearly, until the whole of the said damages and costs recovered against hini and the said 7. B. shall be by. him the said D. 7. fully satisfied and discharged. NOW the said. H. in consideration thereof doth agree to discharge, or cause him the said D. 7. to be discharged forth withfrom and out of custody of the warden of his Majesty's prison of the Fleet. And it is hereby also agreed, by and between the said parties hereto, that this agreement Thall be made a rule of the said Court of Common Pleas, if the said. court fall so think fit. As witness our hands, &c.

For the letting a set of chambers. MEMORANDUM made this day of 1773, between

B. R. of, &c. and W. H. of, &c. as follows: T ,

HE said B. R. agrees to let unto the said W. H. a set of cham

bers, up three pair of stairs, (No. - in—-) from Michaelmas lalt, for one year, and a quarter's warning on either side to be given ; at the rent of pounds a year, payable quarterly.


The said IV. H. agrees to take the said chambers for the time, and at the rent payable as aforesaid.

Provided always nevertheless, that if the said B. R. fhall at any time hereafter have occafion to use the said chambers himself, or shall happen to depart this life, this agreement fhall be void. As witness,

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Fcr : keletting a bcuse. MEMORANDUM made this day of an, 1773, between

7. M. of, &c. anu G. H. of, &c. as follows, viz. HAT the said 7. M. doth demise and let unto the said G. H. a house and garden with the appurtenances, fituate in in the county of

late in the pofieffion of K. E. and now of for the term of three years certain, and a quarter's warning, or notice afterwards to be given or lefi in writing by either of the said parties, to or for the other of them, at the end of the said three years. The rent thereof to commence from Lady-day next, at and under the yearly rent of - payal le quarterly. The first payment thereof to begin ard be made at Midlummier-day next. The said G. H. doth agree to take the said houle of the said 7. M.

and at the rent payable in manner aforesaid. AND ALSO that he will at his own costs and charges make good, or cause to be made good, and put into the same or as good condition and order as the {ame lately was in, the kitchen or ground room of and belonging to che faid house, which he hath now converted, or caused to be converted into a cheesemonger's fhop, at the expiration, or other sooner determination of this present demise. And likewise then leave the paper hangings in the chamber, the back window fhutter, the hearth stone, two shelves in the closet, one helf in the kitchen, and another shelf in the walh-house, of and belonging to the laid house. As witness, &r.

For the letting a bouse quith a covenant for lease, at the option of

tbe lejce.

MEMORANDUM made the day of 1772, between

W. S. of, &c. and AI, H. of, &c. as follows, viz.


HE said W. S. in confideration of the rent bereia after mentia

oned and agreed to be paid to him, hath demised, and hereby doth demile and let unto the said M. H. a meffuage or renement, fituzte and being in – court, in the parifs of

To hold to the said M. H. for the term of one year, to commence from Christmas-day next, at the yearly rent of pounds to be paid quarterly; and the said W. S. hereby agrees, by or before Christmas-day next, well and sufficiently to repair, amend, and put in good and tenantable order and condition the said bouse,


B 2

with its appurtenances, in all needful and necessary reparations and amendments whatsoever, in case the same is not already in such good and sufficient repair and condition, and the same premises so to continue and keep in such repair, from thence, for and during all such time as the said M, H. shall be and continue therein as tenant at will only.

The said M. H. in consideration thereof, hereby agrees to take and rent the said house, of the said W. S, for the term, at the rent, and payable as aforesaid ; which said rent lhe agrees accordingly to pay unto him quarterly.

And it is hereby mutually agreed between the said parties, that after the expiration of the said term of a year, if either of them shall be minded or desirous to quit, leave, or part with each other, or from the said premises, she or he shall give one quarter's warping, or notice in writing thereof, to the other of them.

And if after the said term of a year be expired, the the said M. H. thall be minded or desirous to have and take a lease of the said premises, with common and usual coyenants for a further term of three or seven years, at pounds a year, payable quarterly; and of such her in, tention and desire, shall give notice in writing to the said W. S. within three months after the expiration of the said term of a year ; that then he the said W. S. fhall and will grant her such lease, for such further term or terms, and at such rent, and payable as aforesaid ; the costs and charges whereof is to be paid and discharged equally, by and between the said parties. As witness, 6.


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For the letting an apartment in the Savoy, MEMORANDUM made this day of , 1773, between

J. B, of, $c. and R. W, of, &c, as follows,
HAT the faid J. B. doth let unto the said R. W. the rooms

and apartments following, uiz. An intire first floor, the fore kitchen and a cellar under it, and a fore garret, being part of the house which he the said J. B. now lives in, fituate and being To have and to hold the said premises, for and during the term of half a year, to commence from Midsummer-day next, after the date hereof, at and under the yearly rent of pounds, of lawful money of Great Britain, payable quarterly by even and equal portions; the first quar, terly payment to be made on Michaelmas-day next ensuing the date here. of. And it is further agreed by and between the said parties hereto, that the faid R. W. after the expiration of the said half year, may hold and enjoy the said premises from quarter to quarter, so long as both parties shall agree, at the rent of pounds every quarter, and cach party is at liberty to give a quarter's warning, for the quitting the possession of the said premises. And it is also further agreed between the said parties, that when the said R. W. Thall leave the said premises, he fall leave the glass windows and other things belonging

to the said premises in as good condition as they now are, (reason, able wear only excepted). As witness, &c.



For the purcbase of a bouse and premises, MEMORANDUM made this day of 1773, between

R. C. of, &c. and E. r. of, &c. as follows, viz.
HE said R. C. doth hereby agree, by good and sufficient con-

veyances in law, at or before Christmas-day next, to assign, Sell, and convey unto the said E. Y. her heirs and assigns, free from all incumbrances whatsoever and howsoever, all those three houses, yards and appurtenances, together with all and every the grates, locks, and fixtures therein and thereon, situate in in the parish of

London ; and also a piece of ground near thereto adjoining, in the pollellion of T. B. Esq; to hold unto her, and her beirs and affigns for ever, at and for the price or sum of pounds, to be paid unto him by her, on a sufficient title being made and executed unto ber by him; and also to assign over unto her the several policies of insurance of the said houses, and to clear, pay and discharge all taxes, charges, incumbrances, and impofitions, charged or assessed on or for the said prensises, up to Christmas-day aforesaid, and to indemnify her, or reimburse her on account thereof.

The said E. r. on her having, by the conveyances aforesaid, the faid premises assigned and conveyed unto her, at or by the time aforesaid, in manner aforesaid, doth hereby agree to pay unto the said R. C. the price or sum aforesaid for the same, and hath now paid unto the laid R. C. the sum of pounds in part of the purchase money aforesaid. As witness, fins

For granting a lease of a house. MEMORANDUM made this — day of , 1772,

between W. B. of, &c. of the one part, and 7. C. of, &c. of the other

part, as follows, viz. IRST, the said W. B. doth hereby agree, at his own costs,

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of all that messuage late in the possession of 7. M. situated in with the appurtenances, to hold to him the said y. C. his executors and affigns, from Midsummer-day now next ensuing, for the term of

years, at and after the annual rent of pounds, payable quarterly, free of taxes (except the land-tax) which lease Thall contain all usual and reasonable covenants; and particularly covenants, that the said W. B. fall allow out of the first year's rent of the premises the sum of pounds towards the repairs thereof, and that he shall also pay all the taxes in respect of the said house to Midfummer day next; and shall also indemnify the said 7.C. and his


afigns, from the ground-rent thereof during the said term ; and there Ihall be also inserted in the said lease an exception against damages happening by fire to the premises during the said term. In consideration whereof the faid 7. C. doth hereby agree to accept such leafe, and to execute a counterpart thereof. As Witnefs, &c.

For a lease of garden ground.

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MEMORANDUM made this day of m17795 between

L. R. of, &c. and G. W, of, &c. as follows, viz.
HAT he the said L. R. in consideration of the rent and agree-

ments herein after-mentioned, doth agree to demise and lit, by a good and sufficient lease in the law thereot, unto the said G. W.'ali that field, with the appurtenances thereủnto belonging, fituate near or adjoining to, &c. late in the occupation of 7. B. a gardener, together with all ways, paths, passages, waters, watercourses, ealements, privileges, and appurtenances whatsoever, to the same belonging or appertaining, or therewith held, used, occupied, or enjoyed, or accepted, reputed, taken, or known to be part, parcel, or member thereof, or of any part thereof, to hold for the term of - - years from Christmas-day last past, at and under the yearly rent of -pounds, -ain shillings, payable quarterly; the firit payment thereof to be made at Lady-day next ensuing the date hereof. And the said G. W. is to have full and free liberty to lop and top the trees and hedges of the said premises at seasonable and convenient times, and to plow up, and erect upon the Yame any shed or sheds, or other convenient buildings during the said term, he, from time to time, scouring and cleansing the ditches, and repairing and making good the fences, hedges, and gates thereof.

And the said G. confideration thereof, doch agree to take the aforesaid premises for the term and at the rent payable in manner aforesaid, and to execute a counterpart of the aforesaid lease ; and also to scour and cleanse the ditches, and repair, make good, and keep up the fences, hedges, and gates of the faid premises. As witnefs, &c.


For building a house. MEMORANDUM made this day of , 1772, between

R. K. of, &c. of the one part. and F. G, of, &c. of the other pait, as follows:


HE said F. G. for the confiderations hereinafter-mentioned;

doth agree with the said R. K. that he the said F. G, or his ara figns, will, within the space of three calendar months, next following the day of the date of these presents, find and provide all fit and proper materials and things, and erect, build, and finish,"in a good, sound, substantial, and workman-like manner, one brick house or building, on a piece or parcel of waste ground, fituate, &c according


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