And Midas now neglected stands,
With Afjes Ears, and dirty Hands.

The F A G Ġ O T.

Written in the rear 1713, when the Queen's

Ministers were quarrelling among themselves,

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BSERV E the dying Father speak:

Try Lads, can you this Bundle break;
Then bids the youngeft of the Six,
Take up a well-bound Heap of Sticks.
They thought it was an old Man's Maggot ;
And strove by Turns to break the Faggot ;
In vain: The complicated Wands
Were much too strong for all their Hands.
Sec, said the Sire, how soon 'tis done :
Then, took and broke them one by one.
So strong you'll be, in Friendship ty'd ;
So quickly broke, if
Keep close then Boys, and never quarrel.
Here ends the Fable and the Moral.

you divide.

TnIs Tale

may be apply'd in few Words
To Treasurers, Controllers, Stewards,
And others, who in solemn Sort
Appeat with Nender Wands at Court :
Not firmly joip'd to keep their Ground,
But lanching one another round &

While wise Men think they ought to fight
With Quarter-staffs, instead of White ;
Or Constable with Staff of Peace,
Should come, and make the Clatering cease ;
Which now disturbs the QUEEN and Court,
And gives the Whigs and Rabble Sport.

In History we never found
The Consul's * Fasces were unbound :
Those Romans were too wise to think on't,
Except to lash fome grand Delinquent.
How would they blush to hear it said,
The Prætor broke the Consul's Head ;
Or, Consul, in his Purple Gown,
Came up, and knock'd the Prætor down.

Come Courtiers: Every Man his Stick: + Lord Treasurer ; for once be quick : And, that they may the closer cling, Take your

blue Ribbon for a String. Come trimming $ Harcourt; bring your Mace ; And squeeze it in, or quit your Place: Dispatch, or else that Rascal || Nortbey, Will undertake to do it for thee:


* A Bundle of Rods, of small Sticks, carried before the Confuls at Rome.

+ Robert, Earl of Oxford. § Lord Chancellor.

|| Sir EDWARD Northey, Attorney.General, brought in by the Lord Harcourt; yet very desirous of the Great Seal.

And, be assur'd, the Court will find him
Prepard to leap o'er Sticks, or bind 'em.

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To make the Bundle strong and safe,
Great Ormonde lend thy Gen’ral's Staff;
And, if the Crofier could be cramm'd in,
A Fig for Lechmere, King, and Hambden.
You'll then defy the strongest Whig,
With both his Hands to bend a Twig;
Though with united Strength they all pull :
From * Somers down to + Craigs and g Walpole.

* Lord SOMERS, who had been, at different Times, Lord
Chancellor, and President of the Council.
+ Who hath since been Secretary of State.

great Minister who was in chief Power a very long Time.

$ The

но R A C E.

Epistle VII. Book I.
Imitated, and addressed to the Earl of OXFORD,

in the Year



HARLEY, the Nation's great Support,

Returning home one Day from Court ;
(His Mind with publick Cares poflest,
All Europe's Bus'ness in his Breast)


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i Strenuus & fortis, caufisque Philippus agendis Clarus, ab officiis octavam circiter horam Dum redit.

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Observ'd a Parfon near Wbiteball,
Cheap'ning old Authors on a Stall.
The Priest was pretty well in Cale,
And shew'd fome Humour in his Face
Look'd with an easy, careless Mien;
A perfect Stranger to the Spleen:
Of Size, that might a Pulpit fill,
But more inclining to fit still.
My Lord, who (if a Man may say't)
Loves Mischief better than his Meat;
Was now dispos'd to crack a Jeft ;
And bid Friend Lewis go in quest;
(This Lewis is an arrant Shaver,

very much in HARLEY's Favour ;)
In quest, who might this Parson be ;
What was his Name, of what Degree !
If possible to learn his Story;
And whether he were Wbig or Tory?



LEWIS His Patron's Humour knows,
Away upon his Errand goes ;
And quickly did the Matter fift:
Found out, that this was Dr. S-t:
A Clergyman, of special Note,
For shunning those of his own Coat ;

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Conspexit, aut aiunt, Adrafum quendam vacuâ tonforis in umbrâ Cultello proprios purgantem leniter ungues.

15. Demetri (puer hic non læve jussa Philippi Accipiebat) abi, quære, & refer : Unde domo, quis, wujus fortunæ, quo fit Patre, quóve Patrono ?

23, 25. Et, redit, & narrat; Volteium nomine Mændm.

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Which made his Brethren of the Gown,
Take Care betimes to run him down.

No Libertine, nor over nice ;
Addieled to no Sort of Vice;
Went where he pleas'd, said what he thought ;
Not rich ; but ow'd no Man a Groat.
In State-Opinions A-la-mode;

-3.5 He hated Wbarton like a Toad Had giv’n the Fation many a Wound, And libell'd all the Junta round : Kept Company with Men of Wit, Who often father'd what he writ:

40 His Works were hawk'd in ev'ry Street, But seldom rose above a Sheet: Of late, indeed, the Paper-Stamp Did very much his Genias

cramp: And, since he could not spend his Fire, 45 He now intended to retire.

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Said Harley, I desire to know
From his own Mouth, if this be so:
Step to the Doctor straight, and say,
I'd have him dine with me to Day,
S-t seem'd to wonder what he meant,
Nor would believe my Lord had sent; ;
Vol. II.





-Tenui cenfu, fine crimine notum, Et properare loco, & ceffare, & quærere, & úti, Gaudentem.

47. Scitari libet ex ipfo quodcunque refers. Dic Ad cænam veniat. Non fane credere Mäna'; Mirare secum tacitis.

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