246 248

On seeing Verses written upon Windows.

220 To the Earl of Peterborough.

222 Advice to the Grub-ftreet Writers,

223 The Dog and Thief.

224 Dr. S. to Mr. Pope.

225 Stella's Birtb-Day, 1726-7.

227 To Stella, vifting me in my Sickness.

230 Or cutting down the old Tborn at Market-Hill. 235 Desire and Pofession.

239 A Pastoral Dialogue between Richmond-Lodge and Marble-Hill.

242 On Cenfure. The Furniture of a Woman's Mind. On five Ladies at Sots-Hole.

250 A Pastoral Dialogue.

25% The Journal of a modern Lady.

255 Ibe grand Question debated.

266 - A Libel on Dr. Delany and Lord Carteret. 275

To Dr. Delany on the Libels writ against bims. 283 To Janus on New-Year's-Day.

289 Drapier's Hill.

290 On burning a dull Poem.

291 An excellent new Ballad on a true English Dean. 292 The Revolution at Market-Hill.

296 The Description of an Irish Feaft.

300 On Stephen Duck the Threjer.

304 A Panegyrick on the D.

ibid. The Lady's Dressing-Room. The Power of Time.

323 Death and Daphne.

324 To Betty the Grizette.

328 Ibe Place of the Damn'd.

329 Apollo, or a Problem solv'd. To Mr. Gay on bis being mada Steward to the Duke of Queensbury.

332 On





On the BS.

339 A beautiful Nymph going to Bed.

342 Strephon and Chloe.

345 Caffinus and Peter, a tragical Elegy. On Mr. Poy being put out of the Council.

361 Judas.

364 A Love Song in the modern Tajte.

ibid. On Poetry, a Rapsody.

367 On the Words Brother Protestants and Fellow Christians.

384. Hardship put upon Ladies.

387 Ad Amicum Eruditum Tbo. Sheridan.

ibid. Carberiæ Rupes in Comitatu Corgagensi? Hybernicos.

389 An English Transation of Carberiæ Rupes. 390


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The bumble Petition of FRANCÉS HARRIS, Who must starve, and die a Maid if it miscarries.

Written in the Year 1701.

Humbly Sheweth,

BHAT I went to warm my self in Lady

Betty's Chamber, because I was cold; And I had in a Purse Seven Pounds, Four Shillings and Six Pence, (besides

Farthings,) in Money and Gold ; Vol. II.



Earl of BERKELEY, and the Earl of GALWAY.

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