The Queen's (King's) regulations and orders for the army. 1868 [2 eds.], 73,81. [2 issues].


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Side 147 - ... having applied for a certificate on which to ground an application for leave of absence, I do hereby certify that I have carefully examined this officer, and find that...
Side 338 - In executing a sentence of solitary confinement, such confinement shall in no case exceed fourteen days at a time, with intervals between the periods of solitary confinement...
Side 23 - He carries into execution, on his own authority, the sentences of courts-martial, excepting sentences of death, which must first be approved, on behalf of the queen, by the officer administering the civil government.
Side 320 - Day of birth, name, sex, name and surname of father, name and maiden name of mother, rank or profession of father, date of registry, signature and address of informant, and signature of Registrar.
Side 85 - PUBLICATIONS. 210. .. .Deliberations or discussions among any class of military men, having the object of conveying praise, or censure, or any mark of approbation toward their superiors or others in the military service; and all publications relative to transactions between officers of a private or personal nature, whether newspaper, pamphlet or hand-bill, are strictly prohibited.
Side 189 - Magistrate. 918. In order to guard against all misunderstanding, officers commanding troops or detachments are, on every occasion in which they may be employed in the suppression of riots, or in the enforcement of the law, to take the most effectual means, in conjunction with the Magistrates under whose orders they may be placed, for notifying beforehand, and explaining to the people opposed to them, that in the event of the troops being ordered to fire, their fire will be effective.
Side 330 - ... of the same order, to which he may have become eligible by increase of rank in the foreign service, or in the service of his own country ; or any other distinctive mark of honour strictly consequent upon the acceptance of the original order, and common to every person upon whom such order is conferred.
Side 180 - Commanders are never to quit their guards, except for the purpose of visiting their sentries, and they are then to inform the next in command of their intention and the probable time of their absence. They are also to prevent any non-commissioned officer or soldier from quitting the guard without leave, which is to be sparingly granted, and only for special purposes.
Side 22 - The Senior Officer in command of the Troops, if of the rank of a General, and the Officer in command of Her Majesty's Naval Forces on the Station, if of the rank of an Admiral, their own relative rank being determined by the Queen's Regulations on that subject.
Side 160 - I, AB, do solemnly, sincerely, and truly affirm and declare, that the taking of any oath is, according to my religious belief, unlawful, and I do also solemnly, sincerely, and truly affirm and declare...

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