Reports of Committees: 30th Congress, 1st Session - 48th Congress, 2nd Session, Volum 3,Del 2


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Side 250 - ... freight or cars or unjust discrimination in relation thereto be deemed and taken in all courts of this state as prima facie evidence that the rates therein fixed are reasonable and just maximum rates of charges for the transportation of freight and cars upon the railroads...
Side 661 - This applies to the case of a road, a canal, or a railway. These are always, in a great degree, practical monopolies ; and a government which concedes such monopoly unreservedly to a private company, does much the same thing as if it allowed an individual or an association to levy any tax they chose, for their own benefit, on all the malt produced in the country, or on all the cotton imported into it.
Side 486 - That the governor of this state be requested to transmit a copy of the foregoing resolutions to each of the senators and representatives in congress from this state.
Side 661 - It is perhaps necessary to remark, that the state may be the proprietor of canals or railways without itself working them; and that they will almost always be better worked by means of a company, renting the railway or canal for a limited period from the state.
Side 327 - Such notice must state the time and place of the meeting, and its object, and the amount to which it is proposed to increase the capital stock. The proceedings of such meeting must be entered on the minutes of the proceedings of the company, and thereupon the capital...
Side 250 - The railroad and warehouse commissioners are hereby directed to make, for each of the railroad corporations doing business in this State, as soon as practicable, a schedule of reasonable maximum rates of charges for the transportation of passengers and freight and cars on each of said railroads...
Side 661 - There are many cases in which the agency, of whatever nature, by which a service is performed, is certain, from the nature of the case, to be virtually single ; in which a practical monopoly, with all the power it confers of taxing the community, cannot be prevented from existing.
Side xx - An act to promote the development of the mining resources of the United States...
Side 661 - But in the many analogous cases which it is best to resign to voluntary agency, the community needs some other security for the fit performance of the service than the interest of the managers; and it is the part of government, either to subject the business to reasonable conditions for the general advantage, or to retain such power over it that the profits of the monopoly may at least be obtained for the public.
Side 250 - Provided, that the schedules thus prepared shall not be taken as prima facie evidence as herein provided until schedules shall have been prepared and published as aforesaid for all the railroad companies now organized under the laws of this State, and until...

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