I.C.C. Practitioners' Journal, Volum 26,Utgave 7

Association of Interstate Commerce Commission Practitioners., 1959

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Side 802 - Congress to provide for fair and impartial regulation of all modes of transportation subject to the provisions of this Act, so administered as to recognize and preserve the Inherent advantages of each; to promote safe, adequate, economical, and efficient service and foster sound economic conditions in transportation and among the several carriers...
Side 778 - No changes shall be made in the rates or charges so filed and published, except after ten days' notice to the Secretary and to the public filed and published as aforesaid, which shall plainly state the changes proposed to be made and the time such changes will go into effect; but the Secretary may, for good cause shown, allow changes on less than ten days...
Side 768 - To assist the Congress in appraising the administration of the laws and in developing such amendments or related legislation as it may deem necessary, each standing committee of the Senate and the House of Representatives shall exercise continuous watchfulness of the execution by the administrative agencies concerned of any laws, the subject matter of which is within the jurisdiction of such committee; and, for that purpose, shall study all pertinent reports and data submitted to the Congress by...
Side 778 - ... or charges will go into effect; and the proposed changes shall be shown by printing new schedules, or shall be plainly indicated upon the schedules in force at the time and kept open to public inspection: Provided, That the Commission may, in its discretion and for good cause shown, allow changes upon less than the notice herein specified, or modify the requirements of this section in respect to publishing, posting, and filing of tariffs, either in particular instances or by a general order applicable...
Side 796 - ... reason of the relationship of such person to such carrier (whether by reason of the method of, or circumstances surrounding, organization or operation, or whether established through common directors, officers, or stockholders, a voting trust or trusts, a holding or Investment company or companies, or any other direct or indirect means), It is reasonable to believe that the affairs of any carrier of which control may be acquired by such person will be managed in the Interest of such other carrier.
Side 778 - Provided further. That the Commission is hereby authorized to make suitable rules and regulations for the simplification of schedules of rates, fares, charges, and classifications and to permit in such rules and regulations the filing of an amendment of or change in any rate, fare, charge, or classification without filing complete schedules covering rates, fares, charges or classifications not changed if, in its judgment, not inconsistent with the public interest.
Side 779 - Act, as amended, authorizes the Commission in its discretion and for good cause shown to permit changes in rates on less than statutory notice, and also to permit departure from the Commission's regulations.
Side 782 - overcharges" as used in this section shall be deemed to mean charges for transportation services in excess of those applicable thereto under the tariffs lawfully on file with the Commission.
Side 778 - ... notice to the Commission and to the public published as aforesaid, which shall plainly state the changes proposed to be made in the schedule then in force and the time when the changed rates, fares, or charges will go into effect...
Side 804 - Acem (283 ICC 679, 680). This follows the doctrine first announced by the Commission under part II of the act in Bell Potato Chip Co. v. Aberdeen Truck Line. (43 MCC 337). This method of obtaining damages as to shipments that moved in the past would, of course require a suit in court to recover on the Commission's findings, in the absence of voluntary settlement. It might be pointed out, however, that even under the amendment proposed by the bill a shipper would be required...

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