returns are marvelous and magnificent.—[Boston FiNEWS FROM HERE AND THERE. nancial News.

A. C. Adler is proprietor of “The Reading Pharmacy" Christmas.-Christmas time! That man must be a at Reading, Ohio. He announces quotation: "We put misanthrop, indeed, in whose breast something like a up the Prescription Just as the Doctor Writes It.” jovial feeling is not aroused-in whose mind some John B. Dow has disposed of his interest in the drug pleasant associations are not awakened-by the recur- business at Sedalia, and is now located at Georgetown, rance of Christmas. There are people who will tell Mo. It is not unlikely that he will again associate you that Christmas is not to them what it used to be- himself with the retail trade. that each succeeding Christmas has found some cher

Albert Fricke, Ph. G., of Plattsmouth, Neb., is studyished hope or happy prospect of the year before dimmed

ing medicine and making the same or passed away, and that the present only serves to remind them of reduced circumstances, and straitened good record that he did in pharmacy. incomes of the feasts they once bestowed on hollow

E. Del Mouly is a prescription drugfriends, and of the cold looks that meet them now, in gist, experienced and skillful in his adversity and misfortune. Never heed such dismal calling. He is located at Lake reminiscences. There are few men who have lived Charles, La. long enough in the world, who cannot call up such John R. Hearne & Co. is a prosperthoughts any day in the year. Then do not select the

ous firm of druggists at Palestine, merriest of the three hundred and sixty-five for your Tex. The members are John R. doleful recollections.-[Sketches by Boz.

Hearne and George R. Howard.

A. FRICKE, Þ.G. Statistics of the South.—That the South is a pros- The “Bulletin of the A. Ph. A.” has reached No. perous and rapidly developing division of our great 11 of Volume 1 with the November, 1906, issue. Republic is freely conceded. That it is an independent It is mailed free of charge to all members of the orand self-sustaining section is not so generally admitted ganization. The subscription price is $1.00 per year yet such seems to be the case. Statistics in finance, to non-members. It is an exceedingly interesting agriculture, manufactures and commerce go far to con- publication, quite different from any pharmaceutical firm this as a fact.

journal. We advise our readers wbo are not memIn the decade between 1896 and 1905 bank deposits bers of the A. Ph. A. to send a postal card to the editor, in the South increased 246%, or almost double the Dr. C. S. N. Hallberg, No. 36 Twelfth Street, Chicago, gain of the East in the same period. In 1906, the and request a sample copy. banks of the Nation had $6,400,000,000 more in de

J. O. Burge, Ph. G., of Nashville, Tenn., met with a posits than in 1896. Of this amount the South con

severe accident, last month, tributed more than one-third. In the year 1905, the

while crossing the street in increase in deposits over the preceding year was $128,

front of an automobile. 652,898! This almost equalled the gain shown in the

F. C. Godbold, of New Orfour years between 1896 and 1900, when the total was

leans, has been laid up with $153,358,329. In manufactures her gain has been

something which resembles noteworthy. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana,

gout. Whether it was due to Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas are the great manufacturing States of the South, and twenty years ago

high living at the A. Ph. A. enjoyed an aggregate invested capital of $117,000,000.

meeting or is the effects of the

barbecue at the N. A. R. D. In 1900, this had increased to $572,000,000. 1889, manufactured products from these States totalled only

meeting Mr. Godbold has been $221,000,000; in 1900, $733,000,000. When the figures

unable to determine. At any for 1906 are computed the valuation is expected to J. O. BURGE, PH. G. rate, he has the sympathy of reach the $1,000,000,000 mark !

his many friends. Nor is this all. Agriculture has always done much "Chemical Abstracts," is a new publication issued under for the "and of cotton," but in recent years farm prod- the direction of the American Chemical Society and ucts and property have shown immense increases. expected to cover the entire range of chemistry. It The valuation of farm property in 1890 was $1,347 000,- has thirty directors, three of whom are familiar to 000 more than a decade earlier. Diversity, also, marks pharmacists. Dr. S. P. Sadtler will have charge of its agricultural yield. The annual production of corn the Department of Petroleum, Asphalt, Turpentine and exceeds 500,000,000 bushels; rice, 200,000,000 pounds; Wood Products. Prof. A. B. Stevens will look after butter, over 200,000,000 pounds, and cotton,


year, the Pharmaceutical Chemistry, and Dr. W. H. Sea13,000,000 bales. Poultry exceeds $25,000,000 annu- man, a contributor to the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGally, and eggs approximate another $20,000,000. In GIST, will edit the Department of Patents. Dues in farm acreage a surprising improvement is shown. In the American Chemical Society have been raised from 1880, this was tabulated at 78,082,484 acres; in 1890, $5.00 to $8.00 in order to cover subscription of the 98.663,008 acres, and in 1900, 107,753,679 acres. Such journal.




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Badly Do I Need the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST. J. W. Russell, M. D., is the proprietor of Russell's

-[T. M. WATTS, Holstein, Ia. Pharmacy at Longtown, Mo. The Walker Drug Co. iis incorporated and doing a

Excellent is the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST.-[L. rushing business at Ballinger, Texas.

H. HOWARD, Unionville, Mo. Archie E. McVicar, is a successful dealer in drugs, I Could Not Do Without the MEYER BROTHERS medicines and toilet articles, at Wichita, Kans. DRUGGIST.-[L. C. MOORE, Piggott, Ark. D. F. Jones, of Watertown, S. D., is the new president

Cannot Be Without the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGof the State Board of Phar

GIST.-[HENRY DAUBER, Mascoutah, Ill. macy. He is a very efficient

Very Much Do I Like the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGas well as exceedingly popular

GIST.-[J. H. HUTCHINGS, Bancroft, Mich.
A.G. Laack & Co., of Mankato,

Very Much Do I Like the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGis one of the large and pros

GIST.-L. J. FUHRMAN, Fond du Lac, Wis.
perous drug companies of that As Staple as Quinine with me is the MEYER BROTH-
section of Minnesota.

Andrew J. Eckstein, of New Always Welcome is the MEYER BROTHERS DRUG-
Ulm, Minn., is justly referred Gist as it arrives.-[DR. J. D. TREGO, Bellmont, Ill.
to as a “well rounded drug-

An Excellent Journal is the MEYER BROTHERS gist” by the voice of the re

DRUGGIST.—[DR. D. A. MAXWELL, Lockesburg, Ark. tail drug trade. His interest D. F. JONES.

in the A. Ph. A., the N. A. R. Better Every Issue is the progress of the MEYER D. and his state association has proved of great BROTHERS DRUGGIST.-[FRANK W. HALE, Kirksville, benefit to pharmacy.

Mo. J. S. Archibald, is a prosperous druggist of Mobile, Excellent as a trade journal is the MEYER BROTHAla. One of his leading specialties is announced by ERS DRUGGIST.-[FRED. I. LACKENBACH, San Franthe statement “Our Headache Seltzer Never Fails."

cisco, Cal. Buffalo College of Pharmacy.

Very Interesting is the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGInstruction Was Resumed on Friday, October 19, with GIST.-[E. BERGER, Secretary Florida Board of Health, large classes, the registration being considerably over Tampa, Fla. a hundred pupils.

I Find that MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST is a very The Advanced Class in Chemistry, contains two ladies | good medium in which to advertise, as it finds unparamong its members. There are six ladies in the alleled favor with the people. I am receiving answers regular junior and two ladies in the regular senior to same every day and shipping goods all over the

world, and am well pleased with the results.-[Geo. The Twenty-first Session of this college opened Octo- WM. HOFFMAN, Indianapolis, Ind. ber 18. Dr. Albert P. Sy delivered the principal ad

I Have Been a Constant Advertiser in MEYER dress, his subject being “The New Advanced Course

BROTHERS DRUGGIST for years and find that I receive in Chemistry," which was prefaced by timely advice

many inquiries from druggists for samples and adverof the new classes.

tising matter. By this method I am enabled to reach Dr. Gregory, dean of the faculty, followed with some the consumer, and as the sale of U. S. and Bar-Keepremarks on the strenuous efforts pharmacy is making er's Friend Metal Polish is daily increasing, I am satto establish itself as a profession, and cited as evidence isfied with the results from this advertisement.the mass of pharmacal literature, the system of [GEORGE WILLIAM HOFFMAN, Indianapolis, Ind. pharmacal education and the more or less observed standard of ethics. These efforts crystallized into law To Tell a Person's Age.-Let the person whose age beginning in New York State in 1884.

is to be told do the figuring. Suppose, for example, a In Accordance with the Agreement made at the con- girl is 13 and was born in November; put down the ference of faculties of the pharmacal schools of this number of the month (the 11th). state at Niagara Falls in June to have the next college Multiply by 2–22; add 5—27; multiply by 50—1350; course consist of nine hundred hours and the following add the age, 13—1363; subtract 365—998; add 115–1113. one of one thousand hours, the faculty have recently Tell her her age is 13 and November her birth month. decided to make next year's course in this college one This test is good up to 100. For ages under 10 a cipher thousand hours, one year in advance of the New York will occur in the result, but don't take any account of State standard.



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“Men do not counterfeit counterfeits nor imitate that which is unknown or worthless." The Keeley treatment has stood the test of time. This treatment has been used with unparalleled success for

the past 26 years, in curing Alcoholism, Morphine and other drugure using, Cigarette and Tobacco habits and Neurasthenia. Over a

quarter million cured men and women in the United States are our

testimonials. Remedies and treatment absolutely free from any injurious or harmful effects. Mental and physical vigor restored. Life becomes a happiness and a blessing. Will-power, intellectual activity, health, business capacity and confidence of family, friends and business associates recovered. For full information, consult or write (in confidence) to Dr. J. E. BLAINE, Manager, 2803 Locust Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Home treatment for Tobacco and Neurasthenia.

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