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inventor. He has recently placed the Hayes AutomaST. LOUIS LOCALS.

tic Soda Table and Show Case on the market. Its special

advantage is that it folds up The Pure Food and Drug Law and its consequences

the chairs under it when not were discussed in an address by Dr. Charles E. Caspari, before the Alumni of the St. Louis Callege of Phar

“Quote Castoria and infant macy, November 30. The attendance was large and

foods on the up grade, dethe evening one of instruction for all who were present.

mand strong,” said Rudolph St. Louis Jobbers and Manufacturers' Agents ex

C. Ritter, of Merrill's city press themselves as highly pleased with the fall season

force. But M. C. H. Arendes and the prospects for holiday trade, the agents con

smiled. “Mike" lives on the gratulating themselves that the trade shows so little

South side where they believe signs of dropping off at the usually dull season.

in large families and there are Especially at this time of the year are salesmen and

seven boys and girls at his others likely to give themselves up to hobbies, after

house, while this boy is the the hard pull to bring the trade through the summer

first at the Ritter household. months in good shape. One question that is putting

W. H. Kahre, Ph. G., Eli Lilly's elongated city the whole trade into a "blue funk” is the pure food salesman, has the cocked hat and drugs law. The generalities have to a large ex

fever and is said to be beyond tent been mastered, but what of the details? Just hope. One reason is that his where does the small trader who buys cough syrup average leads the individual and pills under his own name come in, and how about scores of his comrades the new labels?

easily as he looks over their

heads in actual life. It is a “While the trade in the city might be better, the Southwest is doing nobly by Sharp & Dohme,” said

fight for second place now, all Robert L. Winchester, the firm's St. Louis agent conceding Kahre first. Kahre “But more acute than the trade question with us just also has an idea that St. Louis

has the best retail druggists at present is the pure food law in its many ramifications. The manufacturers do not seem to know just

five at cocked hat bowling in where we stand as to new labels. I shudder every

the country and is issuing time I look at our shelves full of fluidextracts and

verbal challenges. There are wonder if I will be forced to install a labeling bureau.

two reasons for the challenge;

one is that a verbal challenge cannot be heard far, The job looks larger every time I look at it. Thank

another, that only St. Louis druggists roll cocked hat. fortune, most of our other goods are so labeled that few changes will be necessary. Then there is the pill Merrill Drug Co. in Northern Missouri, came in the

Charles Breedlove, of La Belle, Mo., who represents manufacturer and the druggist who buy private for

other day to see that J. W. Clark, of Clinton, Mo., did mula preparations under their own names. They want

not overlook any items in his opening stock and while to know where they stand, and we are not able to

in town scattered considerable sunshine with his rosy clear up all points.”

predictions of the fall and winter trade to be expected J. P. Cobb, of H. K. Mulford Co., and his assistant,

from his part of the country. Good crops, good prices Mr. Williams, take very much the same view of the

for Missouri's products and the optimistic outlook on matter but have gone a little further in the matter of

the part of the producers, who are necessarily the studying the relabel question. “It means work and

buyers, he says, contribute to the prospect. lots of it,” said Mr. Williams, “but it looks very much

St. Louis men of the wholesale trade have some like we were up against it."

football cranks among them, But there are others who visit the druggists who do

but Dr. Frank J. Minnich, of not let these things worry them very much. For in

Merrills, is not of that kind. stance Mr. Spurney, the Coca Cola man. He finds

"Doc" went to a football the greatest of pleasure in contemplating the fact that

game and saw St. Louis his year's salary is not figured on the business done

University slaughter Kansas between the time of the first frost and the holidays.

University. It was his first “There are brighter days coming,” he says "and

game and he says that with after the trade drinks its fill of coffee and chocolate,

reasonable control of his there are brighter days coming." Charles L. Wagner,

mind as he grows older, it of Lippincott's, and also known as the druggists' come

will be his last. "Why, I dian, likes a few dull weeks. He uses the spare time

know of at least two theato think up new jokes for the theatrical season that is

ters that give Saturday af. coming soon. And R. E. Hayes quits talking Walrus


ternoon matinees that suit Fountains so strong and reflects on the rewards of the me better," he said. "It was cruel, so cruel. I like





to see good leg action, but matinees for me hereafter.” medical organizations and the pharmacists of St. Louis

But there is Peter J. will be invited as guests. The meeting will be held at
Singer, of the same the Medical Auditorium, 3525 Pine Street. The pro-
firm, who has been gram has not as yet been completed, bụt is in the hands
looking after E. Bind- of a committee of which Drs. J. C. Falk and Louis H.
schadler's duties Behrens are members.
while the latter was

Edmund P. Walsh, chairman of the Board of Trusconducting a two

tees of the St. Louis College
months' bout with

of Pharmacy, has been fifty
rheumatism, who
could have given Court House.

years in service at the City

His associ"Doc" some pointers ates honored him November on both matinees and 4, which was the anniverfootball, but the latter

sary of the day he became declines. He says a clerk in the. “Old Land man“just past eighty" Court,” then presided over is not necessarily in by Charles D. Lord. His his class, no matter if

present duties are to exPETER J. SINGER.

he is active as a boy.amine the record books of Mr. Singer was with the Moffitt-West Drug Co. when

court room clerks and ferret it was absorbed by Merrills. The only indication of

out mistakes. Although his age is his very white hair.

seventy-two years of age Mr. Walsh enjoys the best "Purity, the prime consideration,” is an old motto

of health. He was born on Olive Street, between with the Meyer Broth

Second and Main, May 26, 1832. He has been asers Drug Co. and one

sociated with the college of pharmacy from its beginof which the employes

ning in 1864. are frequently remind. ed by the Pure Food

Fred Herzog is in charge of the Fricke-Hahn store at and Drugs Act. This

2300 Salisbury Street. firm has for years been

Theo. Ellermann, Ph. G., is now pleasantly located at placing its motto to

Gerber's Pharmacy, Vanderventer Avenue and North the front and offering

Market Street. prizes at pharmaceuti

W. A. Bryant located at No. 5001 Page Avenue, is one cal association meet

of the prosperous and thoroughly up-to-date pharmaings for papers on the

cists of St. Louis. subject of purity and

Charles Goessler, Ph. G., has made good use of his pharmacopoeial

time since he graduated and is pleasantly located at quirements. Of course

2519 South Broadway. the goods must now be labeled to conform

F. W. Koch, Ph. G., is much pleased with his situawith the new law, but

tion at E. C. Knippenberg's pharmacy, No. 2854 LaPresident Theo.

fayette Avenue, city. Meyer of the firm

The Alumni Ball at Westminster Hall, November 7, says: "Some of our labels must be changed, but our

was a very enjoyable affair. A list of the committees goods have long conformed to the U. S. P. and the was published in our November issue. N. F. which are the standards of the new law." One J. W. Gayle the genial secretary of the Kentucky of the busiest men in the Meyer Brothers Drug Co. is Board of Pharmacy, is moving his store at Frankfort Chester E. Cochrane, who is one of the oldest whole-into new and more commodious quarters. sale drug men of the city and at the same time one of

Malcolm Galbraith, formerly of the Kansas City branch the youngest in appearance. He has charge of the of H. K. Mulford Co., has taken charge of the St. Louis Outfitting Department and is hustling in the interest branch, to succeed John P. Cobb, who is now with E. of numerous customers who are anxious to have their

R. Squibb & Sons, of New York City. new outfits before the end of the old year.

The St. Louis Chemical Society devoted the November The Trouble with our pure fooil legislation seems to meeting to a consideration of the Pharmacopæia and be that each manufacturer wants an extremely severe the National Formulary as standards for the new Pure ruling to affect all other lines, and an extremely leni- Drug and Food Law. The society is made up largely ent ruling covering his own business.

of technical chemists, many of whom have recently The National Formulary and the U. S. Pharma- had occasion to study the Pharmacopæia for the first copæia will be the subject for discussion at the meeting time. The address on the subject was made by Dr. H. of the St. Louis Medical Society, January 22. Other M. Whelpley.





Roberts Baker joined the A. Ph. A., in 1873 at the STRAY ITEMS AND COMMENTS. meeting in Richmond, Va. At the meeting in Cleve

land, the year before, the association voted to hold the This is an Age of Progress.-We have the horse- next annual meeting in the South, and without invitaless carriage, the smokeless smokestack and the pay- tion, appointed Richmond the place. Owing to the less insurance companies.

late war between the states there were but few mem

bers in tbe South. The association was prepared to Boarding House Owners will be sorry to read that news item about $105,600 worth of prunes being de- reconciliation of the pharmacists of all sections. That

pay its own expenses, the idea being to bring about a stroyed in a recent fire in San Jose, Cal.

it was a happy thought, was demonstrated by the reHave You the National Formulary?—It is the stand- sults. When the place of meeting was announced, the ard adopted by the pure food and drug law. It is not pharmacists and druggists of Richmond became ensafe for a pharmacist to attempt to do business with thusiastic in their endeavor to give the association a out a copy in his library.

cordial greeting. The association has never received North Dakota Had a Pure Food Law of its own

better treatment at any place since. Strange to say, when the national bill became a law. The commission

Ebert, of Chicago, and Baker, of Richmond, were the ers of the state have decided to let the national law

most conspicuous persons at the opening of that meetsupercede the state enactment as far as it relates to ing, one as president of the association, and the other

as chairman of the reception committee. Ever after pure drugs.

they remained loyal and useful menibers, and each We Now See English Pharmacists as others see died about the same time in their respective city, them; a few years ago the British pharmaceutical where they had been an honor to the practice of pharjournals published horrid half tone blotches over the

macy. names of pharmacists. Today the same periodicals T. Roberts Baker, Ph. G., Ph. M., was born in Richgive good pictures and many of them.

mond, Va., May 30, 1825, and died at his home in that Gelatine comes under the meat inspection law when city, November 26, 1906.-[J. F. HANCOCK, Baltimore, it is made from edible portions of the animal. If man

Md., December 3, 1906. ufactured from hoofs, hides and other parts not used Medical Ignorance of the Pharmacopeia.-Many as a food, the gelatine will not be amenable to the physicians are just learning of the Pharmacopoeia for law—so rules the Department of Agriculture.

the first time and some of them venture to express An Imperial Pharmacopeia.—A National Pharma- opinions and especially criticisms without knowing copoeia seems to be out of the question, but the British

what they are talking about. At the 1906 meeting of Government is considering the propriety of using an

the American Medical Association, a discussion was Imperial Pharmacopoeia adapted to the needs of all

held on the proprietary medicines. Among the speakthe nations included in the British Dominions.

ers was Dr. Woods Hutchinson who requested the

audience to The Faculty and Graduating Class (1904) of the

look at that medical barbarism, the United States Pharmacopeia, Pharmacy Department of the Syrian Protestant Uni- and the enormous lists of things that had been published. Anyversity, of Beyrout, photograph contributed to the one looking over those lists must have been struck with the MEYER BROTHERS DRUGGIST, by G. Azab, of St. Louis.

great number of drugs that have been retained, and it is the fault of the profession that such a large number was retained. The remedy lies in our hands. At least one-half the pages should be cut out; instead, somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,500 or 2,000 remedies have been added.

We doubt very much whether Dr. Hutchinson ever saw a copy of the Pharmacopæia and he certainly has a very vague idea of the manner in which it is revised, for he said that it should be revised. Perhaps he will become sufficiently interested to attend the convention of 1910 as a delegate from his local medical society. If so, he will have a voice in the revision. Meantime, we suggest that he inquire of some pharmaceutical friend for a copy of the Pharmacopoeia and compare it with the Dispensatory which he, no doubt, had in mind when he spoke of 1500 or 2000 remedies as being official.

While pharmacists must smile at the ignorance of The Death of Col. T. Roberts Baker.–Since I last physicians on Pharmacopoeial and National Formulary wrote you, another of my warm personal friends, an questions, they should be exceedingly charitable, for accomplished pharmacist, a man of strict integrity it is a good sign when physicians become interested in and a worthy member of the American Pharmaceutical these standard works. It means a return to the days Association, died in the City of Richmond, Va. Mr.T. of prescriptions for standard preparations.

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Anti-Narcotic Law, The Beal..

Anti-Substitution Campaign.

Acacia, Mucilage...

Antitoxin, Diphtheria..

Acetanilide Poisoning..

A. Ph. A.......

21, 182
Acetanilide with Sodium Bicarbonate,

A. Ph. A. Branch, St. Louis..

Why Prescribe.


A, Ph. A., Chicago Branch.


.46, 78, 99, 110, 144, 182, 222
Acetic Expectorant

A. Ph. A., Migratory Section.

Acetum Aromaticum, N. F.


A. Ph. A., The First Call and the First
Acid, Butyric.......

Four Meetings....

Acid, as a Rejuvenator, Formic.


A. Ph. A. Affairs at Indianapolis....... 49
Acid to Kill Insects, Hydrocyanic...... 379

A. Ph. A. and N. A. R. D. Joint Meeting
A. C. P. F., Addresses of Presidents of.. 302

A. Ph. A. Annual Meeting......
A. C. P. F., Annual Meeting....


243, 283, 288, 290, 293, 305, 306, 307, 315, 322, 323
A. C. P. F., Avowed Purpose of.... 295

A Ph. A. Annual Meeting Program..... 243
A. C. P. F., Birth of...........

A. Ph. A. Bulletin

125, 237
A. C. P. F.. Fraternal Relations of... ... 301

A. Ph. A. Council Letter No. 9...

A. C. P. F., Its Weakness If Not Its

A. Ph. A. Items....


A. Ph. A. Local Committee.....

A. C. P. F., Preparatory Period.


A. Ph. A. Local Secretary Reminis-
A. C. P. F., President's Recommenda-



A. Ph. A. Maryland Branch..

A. C. P. F., Sixth Year of...


A. Ph. A. Northern Ohio Branch
A. C. P. F., Strength of....


A. Ph. A. Organizations, Local 78, 158
A. C. P. F., What It Has Accomplished, 295 A. Ph. A. Philadelphia Branch..........
A. C. P. F., Work for the Future of..... 299

110, 144, 183
A. C. P. F., Work of the Hour for... 297

A. Ph. A. Proceedings for 1905.

Adulterated Leather.

A. Ph. A. Suggestions....

Adulteration Bonds....


A. Ph. A., When Should it Meet........ 256
Advantage, Buying to an.......... 308, 378 Apprentices in Missouri, No Registered 104
Advertising, Drug Store...

Apprentices Should Thirst for Knowl-
Advisory Pharmacists and Health Offi-

edge ....


Aqua Amygdalæ Amaræ ....

Affidavit Required by Missouri Board.. 343

Arctic Climate, Therapeutics of. 119
Album, Plumbum


Arithmetic, Pharmaceutical........
Àlbumen, Artificial.

Arithmetic of Pharmacy, Stevens'.....

Alcohol, A New Source of ..

Aromatic Vinegar...

Alcohol, Deaths from Wood.

Arsenic, High Price of.....

Alcohol, Denatured....

Arsenic, Solution of Chlorophosphide
172, 191, 256, 257, 271, 327, 335

Alcohol, Tax Free..

Arsenic, The Price of

Alcohol, The Official.

Artificial Creation of Life...

Alcohol Bill, The Free..

Association, British Medical...

.... 375
Alcohol from Corn Cobs


Association, Needs of the Illinois...... 195
Alcohol from Cotton Seed..


Association, Oklahoma Pharmaceutical 145
Alcohol Regulations, Denatured. 372

Association, St. Louis R. D

Alcoholic Beverages Condemned.

Association, United Druggists'.



Ativism of English Drug Trade.. 117
Aloes and Soda, Mettauer's Solution of 127

Atropin Dispensed for Utropin... 331
Aluminum a Commercial Metal........ 4


Amber Glass, Chemicals to be Protected

Avery, Sketch of Charles H


47, 73
Amber Shelf Ware...

American Medical Association, Annual Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy...... 31

Bacteria Coloring Suppositories.

Ammonia Water in Ginger Ale Bottles. 112 Bacteriology, Modern.....

Aniline Water


Bacteriology for Pharmacists .......... 23
Anti-Narcotic Law, Enforcing the, in Baltimore Dental College, History of.. 117
St. Louis..
237 Banana Oil...


Banquet, the Kansas City.....

Barbecue at Atlanta, N. A. R. D.. 391
Bauer, Death of Edmund C.

Bead oil........

Beans, Vanilla....

Bed-Bugs in a New Light....

Beeman, Death of Dr. Edwin R... 394
Behrens, Death of Dr. Herman

Beidelman, Death of John W.

Berger, Emil.....

Berryman, Sketch of William E.

Bill Boards, no more Devils on.

Bind your Pharmaceutical Journals.... 5
Birds, Food for Mocking....

Birds, Food for Red..

Birth, How Many Children at One... 162
Black Flux...

Blackman, Marriage of Lee R.......... 370
Blank, Death of Dr. Alois.

Blood, to Distinguish Between Human
and Other Animal

Blood, Urine, Sputum and..

Blue Ointment not Mercurial

Blue Powder.

Blush, What is a.....

Board Examinations, Prepare for.. 10
Board of Health, the New York ........ 366
Board of Pharmacy...... 28, 31, 34, 53
Board of Pharmacy, Alabama

Board of Pharmacy, Arkansas...

Board of Pharmacy, California.

27, 280
Board of Pharmacy, District of Colum-

112, 177
Board of Pharmacy, Fund for the Mis-
souri .

Board of Pharmacy, Georgia..

Board of Pharmacy, Illinois..

48, 112, 148, 177, 248, 320, 363
Board of Pharmacy, Illinois Ruling.... 42
Board of Pharmacy, Illinois Rules..... 141
Board of Pharmacy, Indiana ........... 177
Board of Pharmacy, Indian Territory..

48, 177, 280
Board of Pharmacy, Kansas.....27, 221, 320
Board of Pharmacy, Kentucky .148, 248, 363
Board of Pharmacy, Maryland

Board of Pharmacy, Massachusetts

Board of Pharmacy, Mississippi... 366
Board of Pharmacy, Missouri..

138, 177, 277, 343
Board of Pharmacy, Missouri, Active.. 5
Board of Pharmacy, Missouri Examina-
tion Questions

Board of Pharmacy, Nebraska.....

48, 177, 221, 280
Board of Pharmacy, New Mexico....... 280
Board of Pharmacy, New Jersey....177, 280
Board of Pharmacy, New York......248, 363

.16, 129

35, 70

4, 191

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