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If not, you can make it so by concentrating your purchases on the SANITOL line. Buy a gross of SANITOL assorted and secure the largest margin of discounts. The Sanitol Company protects the standard selling prices of its products. Are you a member of their Sanitol Association of Retail Druggists, that allows an additional 5 per cent drawback?

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Doz. 3880. Essence La Corrida (very latest) cut glass bottles...

$40.00 3881. Essence La Corrida (very latest) cut glass bottles.

60.00 3908. Essence Foscarina (cut glass bottles).

16.50 3902. Essence Foscarina (cut glass bottles)...

33.00 3909. Essence Brise Embaumée Violette (cut glass bottles)..1 oz. 20.00 3910. Essence Brise Embaumée Violette (cut glass bottles)..2 oz. 40.00 3410. Essence French Carnation Pink....

13.75 3266. Essence Violette Reine...

12.25 3267. Essence Violette Reine...


.2 oz. .3 oz. .1 oz. .2 oz.

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otherwise impede function both mechanically and TRADE NOTES.


Coca acts directly on the cardiac muscle.

(4) Coca is a tonic to the vasa-motor nerves. The Pearl Oval will satisfy."

(o) Coca is a stimulant to the vagus centre.

The value of coca as a heart tonic should not be

lost sight of. Unlike digitalis, coca does not upset A Pink Envelope means subscription due.

the stomach, is not cumulative, does not abnormally

slow the pulse nor injure the heart muscle. It is not Pearl Ovals Guaranteed to carry to destination injurious or harmful in any way. Coca is useful in without breakage.

disease of the cardiac valves or of the heart muscle itself, as well as in allied troubles of the organs of

respiration and of the kidneys. In mere cardiac Dr. Kline's Remedies.


weakness, whether from emotional irritation, infecNerve Restorer, large...

$16 00

tious disease or overstrain, it is an invaluable remedy; Nerve Restorer, small..

and unlike digitalis, it is particularly serviceable Anti-Bilious Elixir and Blood Purifier.

when the cardiac nerves are at fault. Besides Vin Throat and Lung Cure. Antiseptic Tonic...

Mariani, the form advocated is the concentrated fluid Invigorating Tonic

extract, Mariani Tea, of which a drachm or two should Ladies' Elixir

be given at a dose about every three or four hours. Rheumatic and Neuralgic Specific.

8 00 Catarrh Specific....

When cardiac tonics are indicated enforced rest and a Bon-Ton Skin Bath, large.......

8 00 regulated dietary should be preliminary to all forms

of treatment.-[The Coca Leaf, May, 1905. “Syrup of Figs.”—The California Fig Syrup Co. have filed with the Secretary of Agriculture their

“Nobody Keers." general guaranty to conform to the Pure Drug and Food

Hev yer sold any matches, Billy? I guess it's no use ter try,Law. For some years past this good company have

The folks is a-hurryin' home, yer see, an' ain't got no time ter been printing upon the face of their cartons, a state

buy. ment of the component parts of this well known rem

Four cents is all I've made today, an' I owe Jim one o' those. edy, naming senna as one of the ingredients. In the future wherever the title Syrup of Figs appears it will

Did I tell yer the bet I had with Jim? Why, by now the whole

gang knows. be followed by the words "and Elixir of Senna.” No

Yer know the beautiful lady, Billy, w'at give us the flowers that doubt the remedy will be most generally known by its

day? old and shorter title Syrup of Figs, but the full and

How she said she hoped she'd se us again, an' smiled as she drur official title will hereafter be Syrup of Figs and Elixir

away? of Senna. 1906 was the largest year in the history of the house. The business grew to such an extent that Well, this mornin' I seen her a-comin' back, an' Jimmie he the company was forced to erect a new building at seen her too, Louisville in order to supply the demand. For 1907 An' he says, "I bets yer five ter one as she never speaks ter you." they have made large advertising contracts and antici- Could I swaller that? Not much, Billy. I tol him his odds pate even a better period of business activity than was was took, evidenced in 1906.

An' I stood up straight on the curbstone there, an' waited for

her ter look.

I was goin' to raise my hat, yer know, like the swell doods as One Million satisfied users in thirty months is the

yer see, sales record of the Gillette Safety Razor.

Ther was one with her then, an' I thought, maybe, as he'd take That means $5,000,000 (five million dollars) put

off his ter me. into the hands of dealers who sell the Gillette Safety

Just then the carriage stopped,-she said she'd some flowers as Razor.

she had ter get. We are now spending nearly $250,000 a year in advertising the Gillette Safety Razor.

An’she passed right clost an' looked at me an'-well I tol' yer What dealers can afford to miss the profits which

I los' my bet. are so easily secured by selling the best selling and I ain't no soft-I ain't a-kickin'—but it kind o' proves, yer see, easiest selling razors ever introduced?

As how nobody keers fer me an' you," Billy, exceptin' you au' me. Good profits at standard prices: $5 set includes But don't go to feelin' bad, Billy,-it don't make no diff' t' us. triple silver-plated holder and twelve blades (twenty- S' long's I've got you an' you've got me, we ain't got no call ter four keen edges); $7.50 Standard Combination Set in- fuss. cludes silver-plated holder, twelve blades (twenty-four An' what with dreamin' an' plannin',—don't yer never dream keen edges), and triple-silver plated soap and shaving

like me. brush holders.

Of w'at we'll do when we grow up an' the great things as we'll Other combination sets in silver and gold.

Standard packages of ten double-edged blades Sometimes I thinks as you're president, an' me a dook or a (twenty sharp edges), for sale at all dealers, 50 cents. lordNo blades exchanged or resharpened.

With a four-room flat fer jest us two, an'a dollar a day fer board. We supply our dealers liberally with signs, booklets and hangers.

Gee, Bill, but it's grand! You'd ought to try. Why I dremp-it Write for uniform discount. Gillette Sale Co., Times was jus' las' night.Building, Times Square, New York City.

As the beautiful lady an' some friends—all dressed in piuk an'


Took you an' me to the flower show, ay' a-sailin' on the bay,Coca a True Heart Tonic.—(1) Coca is a depura. An' we had lenionade, an' crackerjack, an' peaches, an' staid tive of the blood stream, favoring the elimination of

all day! the products of tissue waste.

But let's go to sleep now, Billy-fer in our dreams, yer see, (2) Coca renders the muscular structure of the heart

There's lots of folks keers for me an' you, Billy, besides jest free to perform its functions untrammeled by a clog

you an' me. ging of waste products in the blood which would

-(Elizabeth A. Hyde, in Success Magazine. WALL'S PHARMACOGNOSY NOTES, NEW EDITION, POSTPAID, $3 00.


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by congress on Brown's Bronchial Troches, we take TRADE NOTES.

pleasure in informing the trade that we know of no reason why our article does not comply with this law

as we do not use opium or any injurious substance Pearl Ovals excell.

whatever, the use of which would require a special

label on the package. Pearl Ovals guaranteed to carry to destination with

Imitations and inferior preparations, represented to be the same out breakage.

as “Brown's Bronchial Troches,” should be avoided.

The value of the genuine Troches has been recognized by phys

icians for over fifty years, and they are known all over the world For Whiskey Especially Selected for medicinal pur

as one of the few staple cough remedies. poses as well as a beverage, order Colonial Girl Rye, and Arms of Kentucky Bourbon, bottled in bond for Granulated Cocaine Hydrocblorate. — The Malthe drug trade.

linckrodt Chemical Works are introducing a new form

of cocaine hydrochlorate in the granular form, and this ..I have had an opportunity of prescribing will certainly appeal to dispensing pharmacists, beKudros as a stimulant, and declare it most excellent

cause of its greater convenience for dispensing and it on account of its palatability and speedy results."

will, no doubt, in time supplant the larger crystals, (Signed) H. L. FIELD, M. D., St. Louis.

the form which has been in general use for many With Kudros you have really succeeded in

years. The “M. C. W.” granular cocaine is certainly filling a long-felt want in the medical profession."

a very beautiful product, and it goes without saying (Signed) ROBT. E. BLEY, M. D., Bunker Hill, 111.

that it is of the very highest. attainable purity. The Mallinckrodt Chemical Works have always been origi

nators and leaders in the manufacture of pure granuThe Best of All, and, for over sixty years, an old lated salts, the rational form of crystals. and well-tried remedy. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has been used for over sixty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with

A Western Sporting Editor remarks that Mr. Ganz, perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the the prize fighter, is not the first colored gentleman to gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, and is the

score on a fowl. best remedy for diarrhea. Sold by druggists in every part of the world.

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If You Have Never Handled Rudy's Pile Supposi. tories and desire to do so, it will pay you to write at once and send me the name of your jobbing house, and I will send to you in their care, free of all charges, two (2) boxes Rudy's Pile Suppositories, which retail at 50 cents each, with free samples, a neat metal sign, etc. They are now sold and recommended by over 5,000 druggists in this country, so you need not hesitate to place confidence in them. Manufactured by Martin Rudy (registered pharmacist), Lancaster, Pa.

Techthyol Soap

prepared By=frof. Iffubert


In Re. Pure Food Law.-Having received inquiries as to the effect of the Pure Food Law recently passed

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