Logics, and Political Economy; IV. Experimental Physics; V. History, Political Science, and English Literature; the rank of each department being in the order in which they are here enumerated.

Of the successful Candidates in each department there are two ranks or orders of merit, called Senior and Junior Moderators : and to these is virtually added a third, namely, of those who are judged worthy of their Degree, but not of any extraordinary distinction.

The Moderators in each department are placed in the order of relative merit*; and all who obtain the rank of Moderator are placed at the head of their class, and presented to the Vice-Chancellor by the Senior Lecturer, at the Commencements, in the order of their places, and of their respective departments.

The major limit of the number of Moderatorships is determined like that of the Term Examination Honors; that is to say, the number of Senior Moderatorships may be one-fortieth of the number in the Class of Candidate Bachelors, and the number of Junior Moderatorships double that of Seniorb.

In February, 1835, it was agreed by the Board, that a Gold Medal, similar to that formerly given,

and of the same value, should be given to the first Senior Moderator in each department; and Gold Medals of the same value as the Berkeley Medals to the remaining Senior Moderators; and that Silver Medals should be given to the Junior Moderators.


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• The Junior Moderators, since the year 1846, are placed in order of merit: previous to this date they are placed in their order on the College books.

See the Regulations, p. 25. • Thus marked (t) have since been Fellows


1841--1. Townsend, Richard.

2. + Poole, Hewitt R., schol.
3. Gibbon, Charles Iliffe.
4. ^ Willock, Wm. Alexan-


1849—1. Curtis, Arthur.

2. Ryland, Theodore.

+Gwynn, John, schol. 3. Walker, John.

Scott, James George.


1842-1. +Dickson, Benjamin, sch. 2. Hancocka, William Neil- 1850_1. +Abbott, Thomas K., sch

2. Breakey, Leslie, schol. 3. +Ingram, John Kells,

schol. 4. Carr, Henry, schol. 1851-1. Miller, Alexander E., sch.

2. Leslie, John. 1843–1. Haughton, Samuel.

3. Atkinson, William. 2. Collins, Matthew.

Scott, George.
3. Whiteford, Edward.

Palles, Christopher.
4. Allman, George John-

1852-1. Townsend, Edward.
5. Tibeaudo, Oliver.

2. Martin, Thomas. 6. tShaw, George F., schol.

3. Gore, Arthur, schol.

4. Smith, Henry Scott. 1844–1. Patton, Joseph.

5. Sayers, George Bridges. 2. Clarke, William S.

6. Price, George Robert.

4. {.

1845-1. Smith, Frederick R.

2. Bowles, Henry.
3. tConner, Richard M.

1853–1. Mr. Monahan, James

Henry. 2. Gillman, Herbert Webb. 3. Smith, Thos. St. Lau


1846—1. Gilmore, James B.

2. Walsho, Richard H.
3. Fowler, Robert, 80c. com.
4. +Barlow, James W.
5. Barrington, Edward L.

1854–1. Mortimer, William.

2. Reeves, Robert S.
3. Johnson, Alexander, schol.

1847–1, Crofton, Morgan W.

2. Stoney, Johnston G.

Mr. Fowler, John R. 3.

Townsend, Horace.

1855-1. Purser, John.

2. Gray, Thomas, schol.

1848–.1. +Williamson, Benjamin.

2. Fetherstone H., William. 1856–1. Ferrar, William H., schol.

+Carmichael, Robert, 2. Meade, William E., schol. 3. schol.

3. Walker, William F. Dunnett, Thomas, schol. 4. Donovan, Henry A. 4. England, John.

5. Geoghegan, John, schol.

* Professor of Political Economy, 1816. • Professor of Mathematics, Queen's College, Galway. e Professor of Political Economy, 1851. a Professor of Natural Philosophy, Queen's College, Cork.

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In Classics. 1834–1. Wheeler, George B., schol. | 1846–1. Hearn', William E., sch.

M‘Devitte, William A., 1835–1. Bentley, John Charles.

2. schol. 2. Owgan, Henry C., schol.

Evans, Thomas W., sch,

3. Knox, Charles B., 1836–1. Wiley, William, schol. 2. Mr. Walsh, Robert.

1847–1. Crofton, Henry W., schol. 1837–1. Ringwooda, Fred. Howe,

2. Brougham, Henry, schol. schol. 2. Watters, John Francis.

1848–1. Anderson, William, schol. 3. Watson, John Selby.

2. Godley, Archibald.

1849—None awarded. 1838–1. Lawb, Hugh, schol. 2. Wrightson, Richard, sch. 1850-1. Nicholson, John A., schol.

2. Hamilton, Charles G., sch.

3. Wheeler, William C. 1839—1. Bickmore, Charles, schol. 2. Mr. Ryder, Michael W.

1851–1. Evelyn, Frederick, schol.

2. Miller, Alexander E., sch. 1840-1. Haynes, Michael, schol.

3. Woolsey, Wm. M., schol. 2. Mr. Grogan, George.

4. Bryce, Archibald Hamil

ton. 1841–1. { Ovens, Thomas, schol.

s+Mac Ivor, James, schol. 1852–1. Wade, Edward John, sch. 2. M'Blaine, Fred. W., schol.

2. Bannerman, Edward, sch. 3. Woodlock, William.

4. Nicholson, William. 1842–1. Reichel, Chas. Parsons, 5. Rogers, Robert, schol.

schol. 2. Faussett, Andrew, schol. 1853–1. Richey, Alexander, schol.

2. Daunt, Achilles, schol. 1843--1. Hemphill, Chas. Hare,

3. Rice, James, schol. schol.

1854–1. Walker, Samuel, schol. 1844–1. Nesbitd, William, schol.

2. Maguire, Thomas.

3. Littledale, Rich. Fred., 2. Ryder, Arthur G., schol.

schol. 3. Batt, Narcissus, schol.

Nicholson, Horace, sch. 3. Herone, Denis C.

4. Mac Donnell, Randal

W., schol. 1845–1. Moore, Thomas, schol.

Drummond, Robert B.

* Head Master of Royal School, Dungannon.

Professor of English Law, Queen's College, Galway.

Professor of Latin, Queen's College, Belfast. & Professor of Greek, Queen's College, Galway. • Professor of Jurisprudence and Political Economy, Queen's College, Galway. Professor of History and English Literature in the University of Melbourne. One of the Classical Masters in the High School of Edinburgh.

1855-1. Drummond, James.

2. Murphy, Henry, schol,
3. Elmes, John James, schol.

1856–1. Tyrrell, William, schol.

2. Rawlins, Michael Lloyd,

schol. 3. Carson, Thomas William,


In Ethics and Logics. 1834–1. Butler, Wm. Archer, sch. | 1842–1. Mr. Cogand, William H. 2. Sherlock, Harold H.

2. Dobbin, Wm. Peter Hume, 3. Mr. Peed, James.

schol. 3. Mac Donnell, J. Cotter, sc.

4. Barry, Edward. 1835–1. Davis, John, schol.

5. +Lett, William Thomas. 2. Hughes, John Gwyther. 3. Ball, John, schol.

1843—1. Willes, William Henry.

2. Moffett, Thomas W., sch. 1836-1. Walsh, John, schol.

3. Gilmore, Andrew George. 2. Tuthill, Ewd. Chateneuf.

4. Steele, William. 3. Woodward, Thomas, sch.

5. Whitestone, Percy.

1844–1. Steele, Thomas, schol. 1837-1. Warren, Robert Richard. 2. Groves, Henry C.

2. Ringwood, F. Howe, sch. 3. Olden, Thomas.
3. Lawson, J. Anthony,sch. 4. O'Brien, William P.
4. Wade, Benjamin, schol. 5. Hutton, Henry D.
5. Mr. Galway, Thomas M.

6. Carson, Robert.

7. Sharsty, John, schol. 1838–1. Dobbs, Conway.

1845–1. Mac Donnell, Ronald, sc. 1839—1. MacDonnell, Hercules G.,

2. White, Finch, schol. schol.

3. Fitzgera d, James G. 2. Irvine, Gerrard.

4. Tomb, llen. Joy, soc. com. 3. Cathrew, Graves.

6. Harrison, Michael, schol.

6. Henry, Joseph, schol. 1840-1. Gordon, John Go, schol. 1846—1. Morris, Michael. 2. Dillon, John.

2. Barnes, Thomas G., schol. 3. Purcell, Edward.

3. Reilly, Francis S., schol.

3. Leslie, Thomas E., schol. 1841-1. +Mac Ivor, James, schol. 4. Higinbotham, Robert. 2. O'Hagan, John.

5. Lewis, John T.
3. M.Blaine, Frederick W.,

1847–1. Murphy, James, schol.
4. Wakeham, Thomas, schol. 2. Cairnes, John E.
5. Reeves, Isaac Morgan.

3. Cathcart, Nassau. 6. Synan, Edward.

4. Fleming, Horace, schol. 7. M.Kee, John, schol.

6. Neligan, John C.

* Late Professor of Moral Philosophy, 1837. Professor of Political Economy, 1841. • Master of the Loughborough Grammar School, Leicestershire. & M. P. for Co. Kildare,

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In Experimental Physics. 1851-1. Jack, Alexandera. 1854—2. Wynne, Albert. 2. Hamilton, John.

3. Major, James.

1852-1. Mallet, John W.

2. Kennedy, John.
3. Merrill, George.

18556_-1. Scott, Robert H., schol.

2. Corrigan, Wm. Joseph.
3. Crofton, Edward.
4. Hime, John.

1853–Forster, Robert.

1856—(No Senior Moderators no


1854–1. Reeves, Robert S.

In History, Political Science, and English Literature. 1856–1. Peacocke, Joseph F. 1856–3. Daniel, Robert. 2. Waller, Bolton J.

4. Burtchael, Somerset B.

• Professor of Engineering, Queen's College, Cork.

In the return made by the Examiners of the result of this Examination, the answering of the First Moderator, Scott, Robert H., was deemed worthy of especial notice.

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