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1844 +Rutledge, John Young, sch. 1855 Martin, Richard L. Battersby, William A.

Mr. Wilmot-Chetwode, K Hickson, William.

Galbraith, Richard.

1845 Stitt, George A.

Welsh, John.

1856 Bradford, William, schol.

Scott, Thomas L.
Gregg, Robert S.
Highton, John.

1846 Stevenson, William.

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1839 No Jun. Moderators nomi- 1849 Caine, William, schol. nated.

Dowse, Richard, schol.

1840 Mulgan, Wm. Edw., schol.

Hinton, Zebulon Wright, sch.

1850 No Jun. Moderators nomi


1851 No Jun. Moderators nomi.


1841 Carroll, Henry Geo. schol.

Hamilton, Hugh Staples.
Carr, Richard.
Chater, Andrew F.

1852 Thompson, Henry B.

1842 No Jun. Moderators nomi. 1853 Hewitt, James John. nated.

M‘Dermott, Robert.

Langley, Chas. Seymour. 1843 Robinson, John Lovell, sch.

1854 Hopkins, Robert T., schol.
Carroll, Wm. Geo., schol.
Twigg, Thomas, schol.

Burke, Edmund, schol.
Peet, Samuel V.

Dawson, Arthur A.
Tandy, Charles

Singer, Paulus Æmilius, sch.

1855 Gwynne, Robert, schol. 1844 No Jun. Moderators nomi

2; nated.

1856 Irwin, Charles K., schol.

In Ethics and Logics.
1834 Todd, Chs. Haukes, schol. 1835 Mr. Murland, James W.
Walsh, Thomas.

Stack, Thomas, schol.
Crawford, Chas. Sharman,

Mullins, Robert, schol.
Chattoe, Robert.

Townsend, Aubrey.
Meade, Joseph F.

Davis, Thomas Osborne.
Meade, Francis H.

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1848 Fetherstone H., William, sch. 1852 Bleasdell, John.
Blacker, Robert, soc. com.

O'Leary, John O'Connell.
Marshall, James.
Creery, Andrew.

1863 Langley, Charles 8.
Webb, Thomas E.

Martin, John Charles.
Stuart, Edmund Craig.

Butler, Francis.
Atkin, Walter,
soc. com.

Ffolliott, Henry.
Biggs, George William.

Jones, Richard B., schol. 1849 Tarleton, Frederick.

Madden, Samuel Owen.
Alcock, George.
M-Sorley, Hugh, schol.

1854 Foot, Charles H., schol.
Caine, William, schol.

Wheeler, William Trevor.
Vance, James.

Hardman, Joseph W.
Bradshaw, Macnevin.

Johnston, John Field.
Goulding, Hyacinth, J.C.

Boyd, Walter.
Adams, John Smyth.

Rutherford, Wm. A.

Grainger, John. 1850 Jemison, William Henry. Revington, John Haleat.

1855 Baker, Hugh.
Warren, Samuel, soc. com.

Isaac, Abraham.
Higgins, Joseph

Staunton, James, schol.
Maunsell, Fred. Webster.

Bryan, Isaac.

Robertson, Edw. Stanley, sch. 1851 Chartres, James B.

Mr. Monahan, Henry.
Vignoles, Olynthus John.

Mahon, John.
Martin, Patrick

Martin, Richard L.
Le Maistre, Geo. J., soc. com.

O’Loghlen, Bryan.
Costello, Nicholas.

Lanktree, Matthew.
Hanley, Michael.

Wilson, Frederick Robert.
Gabbett, Richard Joseph.

1856 Wynne, Edward. 1852 Lyle, Edward.

Porter, John L.
Wright, John W.

Wilson, Alexander C. B.
Courtenay, John B., schol. Collins, John Stephen.
Barker, Henry 0.

Owen, William.
Cheevers, Christopher.

Foster, Francis. In Experimental Physics. 1851 No Jun. Moderators nomi- | 1854 No Jun. Moderators nominated.



1852 Carroll, Frederick.

1855 Noble, William Henry. 1853 Cane, Robert.

Cotton, Charles Philip.
Lloyd, John.

1856 Kincaid, Joseph.
In History, Political Science, and English Literature.

1856 Butler, William Henry.

Bond, Isaac.
Bryan, Loftus A.


In the year 1796 the sum of £735 was given to the College by John Lord Bishop of Elphin, on condition that it should be applied to the purpose of encouraging the study of Mathematics, according to the following scheme :

1. The sum of £20 to be given to that Junior Bachelor who shall pass

the best examination in Algebra, the application of Al gebra to Geometry, and Spherical Trigonometry: and £10 to that Junior Bachelor who shall appear to be the second best proficient in the same subjects.

2. The Examination to be held on two days in Michaelmas Term, of which public notice to be given on the first day of said Term, and the Premiums shall be adjudged on the last day of the same, or the day before it, if it should fall on a Sunday.

3. The Examiners of the Candidates for the Premiums to be the Professors of Mathematics, Natural Philosophy, and Astronomy,

4. The sum of £5 to be given in turn to each Professor, in order that he may entertain the other two examiners at dinner on the day that the premiums are adjudged: the rotation to begin with the senior.

The second of these regulations has been altered. The Examination is now held on Trinity Tuesday in each year.

Bishop Law's Prizemen since 1796.

[Those whose names are marked thus (1) obtained Fellowships.] 1796 +Ds. Mooney, Daniel. 1802 +Ds. Crampton, Philip C. Ds. Morris, Thaddeus.

Ds. Jebb, Ross.

Ds. Burke, Francis. 1797 Ds. Moore, George. Ds. Egan, John.

1803 Not recorded.

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