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* Bishop of Meath,

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In the year 1752, May 8, the Provost and Senior Fellows agreed to give annually, for ever, two Gold Medals for the encouragement of Bachelors of Arts in the study of the Greek Language ; having received a benefaction of one hundred and twenty guineas, besides a die, from the Right Rev. Dr. George Berkeley, Lord Bishop of Cloyne, and late Fellow of Trinity College, for that purpose.

These Medals have been hitherto given to such Middle Bachelors as had attended the Lectures of the Regius Professor of Greek, with remarkable diligence, for two academic years, commencing with the Term in which they had graduated in rts.

By a resolution of the Board, July 11, 1846, these Medals were put under the following regulationsa :

1. That the two Berkeley Medals, equal in value and honour, be henceforth given to the best answerers at an Examination in the

* These regulations did not come into operation until 1848.

Greek language and literature, to be held annually, in Michaelmas Term, before the 20th of November.

2. All Students who have answered for or been admitted to the Degree of Bachelor of Arts may become candidates for the Berkeley Medals; such candidates are required to attend at least threefourths of the Lectures given by the Professor of Greek in each Term.

Berkeley Medallists since 1852a. 1853 Ds. Bannerman, Edw., schol. 1855 Ds. Rice, James, schol.

Ds. M•Dermot, Robert F.


Ds. Wade, Edw. J., schol.
Ds. Campbell, Chs., schol.

1856 Ds. Littledale, Rich. F., schol.

Ds. Johnson, Wm. T., schol.

By a Resolution of the Board, dated November 15, 1856, these Medals were put under the following regulations :

1. That the two Berkeley Medals, with a distinction in honor of first and second, be henceforth given to the best answerers at an Examination in the Greek Language and Literature, to be held annually [after the year 1857) in Hilary Term, before Shrove Tuesday,

2. All Students, whether Graduates or Undergraduates, may become candidates for the Berkeley Medals, provided that such candidates shall not be of higher standing than the class of Junior Bachelors, reckoned from the time of entrance.

3. That no Student shall be allowed to be a candidate more than three times, nor to obtain the Medal more than once.

4. The books and subjects of the Examination to be announced annually by the Regius Professor of Greek, in the University Calendar, subject to the approval of the Board.

5. The Examination to be conducted by the Regius Professor of Greek, the Professor of Oratory, and the Greek Lecturer for the year.

N. B.—It is to be understood that, for the year 1857, all Bachelors of Arts are admissible as Candidates who were admissible under the previous rule.

The Examination for 1857 to be held in Michaelmas Term, before the 20th of November.

1. The subject for the Berkeley Medals Examination in 1857:-“The Works of Æschylus."

2. The Candidates will be examined in Composition, in the manner of the author, or authors, which shall form on each occasion the subject of the Examination.

3. The subject for 1858:--" The Republic of Plato.”

"A List of the Medallists since 1822 is given in the University Calendar for 1855.



At a Meeting of the Subscribers to the Lloyd Exhibition Fund, held in Trinity College, on Saturday, the 16th of November, 1839, the Rev. J. H. Singer, D. D., in the Chair ; it was agreed :

I. That a sum of money having been subscribed for the foundation of Exhibitions in the University, to commemorate the talents and virtues of the late Provost Lloyd by the promotion of learning in the Institution to whose interest his life was devoted, the aforesaid sum shall be lodged in the hands of the Provost, the Professor of Natural Philosophy, and the Professor of Mathematics, for the time being, in trust for the purposes declared in these resolutions.

II. That the interest of the aforesaid sum, and of such other sums as may at any time be added to it, shall be applied to the foundation of two Exhibitions, to be held for two years only.

III. That the appointment to these Exhibitions shall be made by a public Examination, under the following regulations :

1. The Examinations shall be held in Michaelmas Term, annually, after the Michaelmas Term Examinations, and shall be open to such Students only as shall then be in the rising Senior Sophister Class.

2. No Student shall be admissible as a candidate a second time.

3. The Exhibition shall be tenable only so long as the Student to whom

it is awarded shall have his name on the College Books. 4. The Examiners shall be the Professors of Astronomy, Natural Philosophy, and Mathematics, and the Assistants to the Professor of Mathematics; or any three of them, as they shall agree among themselves.

5. The subject of Examination shall be a Course of Mathematics and Physics, to be determined by the Examiners, subjeet to the approval of the Board.

IV. Any Exhibition which may fall vacant before the natural period of its expiration shall not be filled up, but its amount shall be added to the principal for the augmentation of the fund; and the same rule shall be followed in case it should at any time happen that no Candidate of sufficient merit shall present himself.

The following Course has been appointed for the Examination for these Exhibitions :

MATHEMATICS. Luby's Trigonometry. Lloyd's Analytic Geometry. Lacroix's Elemens d' Algebre. Lacroix, Differential Calculus (omitting applications to curved surfaces). Newton's Prime and Ultimate Ratios.

* The sum at present funded is £1112 Os. 7d., New 3 per cent. Stock.


All the Physics of the Undergraduate Course.
Lloyd's Mechanical Philosophy.

Elected on this Foundationa. 1853 Mortimer, William.

18556 Brownrigg, William B.

1854 Purser, John.

1856 Fitzpatrick, Denis.


At a Meeting of the Subscribers to the M‘Cullagh Prize Fund, held in Trinity College, on Friday, the 10th of November, 1854, the Rev. Samuel Butcher, D.D., Regius Professor of Divinity, in the Chair; it was resolved :

1. That an Annual Prize of £30 be founded, to be called the N'Cullagh Prize.

2. That the competition for this Prize be open to all persons not being Fellows of Trinity College, or Professors in the University of Dublin, whose names shall be on the books of the said College on the day appointed for adjudication of the Prize, and for at least three days previously.

3. That this Prize shall, subject to the restriction in No. 7, be awarded to the best answerer at an Examination, to be held on a day fixed by the Examiners, and of which due notice shall be given.

4. That the subject of this Examination shall be a Course of Mathematics and Physics, or of either of these, to be fixed from time to time by the Examiners, as stated in No. 6.

5. That the Examiners for this Prize shall be the Professor of Astronomy, the Professors of Natural Philosophy, the Professor of Mathematics, the Donegal Lecturer, and the Assistant to the Professor of Natural Philosophy, or any three of them.

6. That the subject of each Examination shall be determined by the aforesaid six Examiners, or the majority of them, and publicly announced at least one year previously to the day appointed for the Examination.

7. That if at any Examination the Examiners shall be of opinion that sufficient merit has not been shown by any of the Candidates, it shall in such case be competent for the said Examiners to withhold

* A List of Exhibitioners since 1840 is given in the University Calendar for 1858. Ferrar, William H., was specially noticed by the Examiners.

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