the Prize for that year; and that the sum or sums thus accruing shall form a surplus fund, from which Prizes may be adjudged to such disappointed Candidates for the M'Cullagh Prize as the Examiners may consider to be worthy of such encouragement.

8. That no person who has once obtained the M‘Cullagh Prize shall be admitted as a Candidate a second time.

1855a Magr. Curtis, Arthur H.

1856 Magr. Leslie, John. The Examination for the M'Cullagh Prize will be held on Thursday, November 19, 1857. The subject of the Examination will be

The Theory of Surfaces.”


An Exhibition of £20 per annum was founded in 1848, by Mrs. Catherine Wray, widow of the late Rev. Henry Wray, D. D., ViceProvost and Senior Fellow of Trinity College, for the encouragement of Metaphysical Studies among the Undergraduates of the University of Dublin.

Students in the rising Senior Sophister Class are alone admissible as Candidates. The Examination is held in Michaelmas Term, on a day of which notice is given. The Course for Examination is as follows:

All the Logics of the previous year.
The Third Book of Mill's Logic (on the Inductive Philosophy).
All the Works of Bishop Butler, except the Sermons on Public Occasions.

The Exhibition is granted to the successful Candidate for one year only.

Wray Prizemen. 1853 Maguire, Thomas.

1855 Quinton, James W., schol.

1854 Robertson, Edw.S., schol.

1856 Fitzpatrick, Denis.

* The answering of D. Leslie, John, was specially commended by the Examiners.



The Names of the successful Candidates in each Rank are arranged in

order of Merit.

[blocks in formation]


First Rank. Mr. Warren, James William. Pitzpatrick, Denis. Martin, Henry.

First Rank. Valentine, William J., schol. Robinson, William P., schol. Mr. Leeson, Hon. Henry.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

First Rank. Clerke, William J. B. Lyster, Philip T. Traill, Anthony Stewart, James. Stewart, Richard W. Duke, Robert.

Second Rank. Mahaffy, John P. | Moses, John.

Bell, Thomas. Fitzgibbon, Gerald. Slacke, William. | Mr. Napier, William J.

Echlin, Charles. Robertson, William. Ormsby, John B. Butt, Robert.

Roe, Edward. Butler, Theobald. Hobson, Samuel. M'Ilwaine, Henry, siz. Owen, Frederick.

First Rank. M'Ilwaine, Henry, siz. Hime, Robert, siz. Scott, Charles. Lynn, John. Twigg, Conolly. Armstrong, Samuel.

Second Rank. Giveen, Richard. Darley, William. Fitzgibbon, Gerald. Fitzmaurice, Patrick H. Rice, William. Mr. O'Brien, Aubrey S. Mahaffy, John P. Miller, William. Dobree, Henry. Whitty, John

Fuller, Abraham. Hall, William. Treanor, Thomas S. Greene, M. Saunders. King, George.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Boxwell, John, schol.
Wilson, Arthur.
Selss, Albert.
Larminie, William, siz.
Dixon, Henry.
Addison, John E.
Bewley, Edward, siz.

Second Rank.
Ransford, Edward.
Roper, William.
Brown, John James.
Buckley, R. W.
Mr. Lefroy, Thomas L.
Radcliffe, John.

Second Rank. Larminie, William R., Plunkett, David. Stewart, Henry.


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