1847.Credulity is exhibited in the Disbelief, not in the Belief, of Christianity.

Ds. Mac Donnell, Ronald, schol. 1848.-Contrast between the Prophecies recorded in Holy Scripture, and the Oracles of the Heathen.

Ds. Williams, Frederick. 1819.--Baptism is the outward and visible Sign of an inward and spiritual Grace.

Ds. Rice, Edward B. 1850.—The Credibility of the Miracles recorded in the Pentateuch.

Ds. Stavely, Robert, schol. 1851.–The influence of the Establishment of Christianity by Constantine on its moral, social, and intellectual Character.

Ds. Scott, James George. 1852.- The Truth of the Scripture Miracles affords no ground of Credibility to the miraculous Powers claimed by the Church of Rome.

Ds. Gwynn, James, schol. 1853.-The Origin of Christianity cannot be attributed to the gradual, spontaneous Development of the Human Mind.

[No Prize awarded.] 1854.--The Criteria of Inspiration, especially with reference to the New Testament Canon.

Ds. M‘Kaige, John. 1855.-True and False Doctrinal Development.

Ds. Smith, Richard T. 1856.-" I believe one Catholic and Apostolic Church.” (Special reference to be had to the Romish Controversy.)

[No Prize awarded.] 1857.--The Reason why the Reformation has not spread in Europe beyond its original geological limits.

The Essays on this latter subject, with fictitious signatures, are to be given to the Provost, or to the Regius Professor of Divinity, on or before the 15th day of October, 1857. The value of £30 in books will be given to the best Essay.


THESE Prizes were founded by the Board in the year 1840. A sum of £15 is placed at the disposal of the Professor of Biblical Greek, to be given in Prizes to the best answerers at an Annual Examination, which is held in Hilary Term. The subject of Examination for 1857 will be as follows:-


First Epistle to the Corinthians. Candidates for Prizes at this Examination must be at least of Junior Sophister standing.

Prizemen in Biblical Greek.

1856 Taunton, Charles W. S., £9. |

Ds. Littledale, R. F., schol. £6.


THESE Prizes were founded by the Board in the year 1851. They consist of two Premiums, one of £10, the other of £5, given at an Annual Examination, held by the Professor of Ecclesiastical History. This Examination is held in Michaelmas Term, and is open to such Students as shall have attended the Professor's Lectures during two Terms of the actual year in which they present themselves as candidates.

The Course appointed for this Examination, for the year 1857, is as follows:

Jacobson's Patres Apostolici.
Augustine, De Doctrinâ Christianâ.
Bishop Kaye's Clement of Alexandria.
Mosheim's Ecclesiastical History, as read for the ordinary Divinity Ex-


1855. Ds. Rice, James, schol.

1856. Ds. Stanton, James, schol.

Forsythe, Joseph W'.


For the encouragement of the study of the Irish Language, the Board have placed the sum of £20 at the disposal of the Professor of Irish, to be given in Premiums to such Students as shall distinguish themselves in the Irish Language. The Examination is held in Trinity Term.

The Irish Society have placed at the disposal of the Professor of Irish a further sum of £20, to be given in Premiums according to his discretion to the best answerers among those Students who have attended his Classes during Michaelmas and Hilary Terms. These Premiums are awarded at the close of Hilary Term.

[blocks in formation]

The Committee of the Irish Society, with the sanction of the Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity College, have founded four Scholarships in the University, to be denominated “ The Bedell Scholarships,” and placed under the superintendence of Trustees, to be named by the founders.

The Scholarships are designed for such Students only as give reasonable hope that they will be competent on their ordination to preach in the Irish Language. One Scholar will be elected each year.

The regulations are as follow :

1. The value of each Scholarship shall be £20 per annum, payable half-yearly, in the last weeks of October and April.

2. An Examination of Candidates shall be held annually, as soon after the Trinity Term Examination as possible, on a day to be fixed by the Trustees, in conjunction with the Professor of Irish.

3. The Scholarships shall be open to Students of any standing in the University; and shall be tenable by them for four years,

if they shall keep their names so long on the College Books.

4. They shall be required to reside in or near Dublin, and to attend the Lectures of the Professor of Irish (if not specially exempted hy the Trustees of this fund); and to attend also Divinity Lectures when of sufficient standing.

5. They shall be required to pass an Annual Examination, at the commencement of Michaelmas Term, in the Irish language. The subjects of this Examination to be fixed by the Trustees, in conjunction with the Professor of Irish.

6. On the day of payment in April, the Scholars shall produce to the Trustees, or their Secretary, a certificate from the Professor of Irish, that they have satisfactorily passed the above-mentioned Annual Examination in Irish ; they shall also obtain from their College Tutors, and at the same time present to the Trustees, or their Secretary, a certificate of the judgments and honors, if any, which were given to them at the Term, Catechetical, and Divinity Examinations, during the previous year.

7. On failure of any of these conditions, the payment then due shall be withheld; and on a second failure, the Scholarship shall become void.

8. The names of the Candidates, and their qualifications, shall be returned, after the Examination, to the Trustees, in whom the election shall be vested.

At the Examination for the Bedell Scholarship the best answerer of the unsuccessful Candidates, if recommended by the Professor of Irish, obtains a prize of £10.

The following subjects have been appointed for the Examinations :


1. Irish Grammar. 2. Translation of the Gospels from Irish into English, and rice rersá. 3. The Lord's Prayer, Creed, and Ten Commandments in Irish by

heart, and proved from Scripture. 4. The Thirty-nine Articles proved from Holy Seripture. 5. Composition.


First Year. 1. Translation of the Pentateuch as above. 2. Church Catechism in Irish by heart, and proved as above. 3. Composition in Irish.

Second Year. 1. The Epistles as before. 2. Irish Composition, and 3. Declamation in Irish (Extempore).

Third Year. 1. The Historical Books of the Irish Bible. 2. Composition, and 3. Declamation in Irish.

Fourth Year. 1. The remainder of the Bible. 2. Composition, and 3. Declamation in Irish. 4. The Book of Common Prayer compared with Scripture.

Elected on this Foundation. 1855.

1856. Bedell Scholars.

Bedell Scholar. Fleming, Harloe.

Murphy, Patrick
O’Callaghan, Robert.

Bedell Prize of £10.
Bedel! Prize of £10.

Ashe, Henry.
Porter, Robert

KYLE IRISH PRIZE. A PRIZE for the encouragement of the Study of the Irish Language has been founded in the University, in commemoration of the late Right Rev. Samuel Kyle, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, and formerly Provost of Trinity College. The following are the Resolutions entered into by the Trustees of the Fund, and agreed to by the Provost and Senior Fellows:

1. That the Funds collected shall be invested in Government Securities, or Bank Stock, in the joint names of the Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity College, the Professor of Irish, and the Dean and Archdeacon of Cork, all for the time being,

2. That the Endowment shall consist of one year's interest of the principal sum so invested".

3. That no persons shall be qualified to become Candidates but persons born in the United Diocese of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, or who may have been educated in that Diocese for not less than two Fears.

4. The Kyle Prize to be attainable only by Divinity Students, at an annual Examination in the Irish Language, held during their Divinity Course.

5. The Divinity Student so obtaining the Prize may again become a Candidate for it in the next succeeding year, but not oftener, nor can he hold it for more than two years.

• The present annual value of this prize is £7 12s. 5d.

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