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Mr. Arbuthnot, Robert Keith, £3. Buck, Wm. Alfred, £1.
Mr. Butler, James H. E., £2 108. Collins, Wm., £1.
Trench, John A., £1.

Flynn, William E., £2.

| Mr. Arbuthnot, Robert Keith, £1.

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1. The Masters of the several Classical Schools on the foundation of Erasmus Smitha shall return yearly, in the first week in September, the names of such pupils in their respective schools as shall have entered Trinity College, Dublin, on or after the first day of May preceding, or who shall be prepared to enter before the first day of January following, whom they shall consider qualified for, and in every respect deserving of, the Exhibitions paid by the Governor's.

2. The list so returned shall be referred to the Provost, with a request that he will direct that the young men, so recommended, may be especially examined, and that those qualified shall be appointed to the Exhibitions so far as there may be vacancies, and their names returned to the Governors accordingly.

3. Young persons educated in the Schools on this foundation shall be eligible to the Exhibitions from the period of their entering the University, and shall continue to hold the same so long as they shall reside in College, and until they shall be of Master's standing, provided that no person shall be allowed to hold an Exhibition after the second year from his being appointed thereto, who has not within that period obtained at least one Classical Premium at the Term Examinations.

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Elected on this Foundation, 1849 M.Kay, C. Elrington, 1853 [None.] Drogheda.

1854 Buckley, Robert William,

Ennis. 1850 (None.)

1855 [None.] 1852 Bastable, Charles, Ennis.

Smith, Henry, Ennis. 1856 [None.)


The following are the recent regulations of the Commissioners of
Education, with respect to these Exhibitions :

* The Schools on the foundation of Erasmus Smith are at Drogheda, Ennis, Galway, and Tipperary.

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“The Commissioners of Education in Ireland" have founded thirty Exhibitions, called Royal Scholarships, for Students who shall enter the University of Dublin from the Royal Schools of Armagh, Dungannon, Enniskillen, or Cavan, viz., five Scholarships of £50 per annum each for Armagh School; and five of £50 per annum, and five of £30 per annum, for each of the Schools of Dungannon and Enniskillen; and five of £25 per annum for Cavan School.

These Scholarships can be obtained by such Students only as have been at least three years in all, previous to their entrance into the University, pupils in some one or other of the Royal Schools. It is not, however, hereby intended to prevent pupils from moving from one of them to another; but the Scholarships founded for the respective Schools of Armagh, Dungannon, Enniskillen, and Cavan can be obtained only by Students who have entered the University from the Schools for which such Scholarships have been founded.

The Scholarships to be held for five years from the time of their being obtained, subject to certain conditions hereafter mentioned.

The Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity College have signified their willingness to appoint examiners in each year, to examine, on the first convenient day after the November Entrance, such Students as shall have entered from the said four Royal Schools, and shall offer themselves as candidates for these Scholarships.

The Examination will be in the following subjects :--
1. The Course recently prescribed for Entrance into the University of

Dublin (omitting Virgil's Æneid, Xenophon, and Lucian).
Stanford's Selections from Plato.
Passages taken from such Greek and Latin Authors as are not parts

of the University Entrance Course. 2. The Translation of French into English. 3. Such a knowledge of English Literature, and the History of English

Literature, as may be derived from the first six books of Milton's
Paradise Lost, and Johnson's Lives of Milton, Dryden, Addison,

Swift, and Pope, and two of Shakspeare's plays. 4. History :

Ancient as contained in the Old and New Testaments.
Grecian—that published by Dr. William Smith.
Roman-Keightley's Roman Republic and Empire.

English-Keightley's Elementary English History. The Examination will be carried on wholly by means of written papers, that in History alone excepted.

The proficiency of the Candidates in Greek, Latin, and English Composition, will be particularly inquired into; and also their knowledge of the Rules of Greek and Latin Versification, with their skill in making verses in both languages: especial attention being given to Ancient and Modern History and Geography, as contained in the works specified.

N. B.- The Special Course will be from time to time varied.

No Fellow Commoner can be admitted as a Candidate for a Royal Scholarship

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No Pensioner shall be admitted as a Candidate for a Royal Scholarship who shall not have remained at one of the Royal Schools to which the Scholarships are attached, till the October or November Entrance Examination immediately preceding the Examination for Royal Scholarships at which he may be a Candidate.

No Sizar shall be admitted as a Candidate who shall not have remained at such Royal School till the Sizarship Entrance Examination immediately preceding the Examination for Royal Scholarships at which he may be a Candidate.

No Student who shall have attained twenty years of age shall be permitted to become a Candidate for a Royal Scholarship.

No Student shall be elected a Royal Scholar unless he shall have, preriously to the Examination for Royal Scholarships, lodged with the Secretary of the Board, a Certificate, signed by the Master of the Royal School from which he shall have entered the University, stating that such Candidate is duly qualitied according to the Rules of the Commissioners.

The Candidates from each School shall be examined together and a return made to the Commissioners of their positive merit; and also an arrangement of the Candidates according to their answering, without any distinction of Schools; the Commissioners reserving to themselves the power of suspending or diminishing one or more Scholarships, if sufficient merit has not been shown by the Candidates.

In cases of equality of merit in all other respects, the poverty of a Candidate will be taken into consideration. A student who has once been a Candidate cannot be eligible on a subsequent occasion.

Students when appointed to these Scholarships may retain them for five years from the time of their election; provided that, proceeding regularly with their respective Classes, they obtain in each year of their Undergraduate Course one Honor of the First Rank, or two Honors of the Second Rank; the Election itself to one of these Scholarships being reckoned as equivalent to one Honor of the Second Rank, obtained in the Junior Freshman year; a Moderatorship as an Honor of the first rank in the Senior Sophister year; and an University Scholarship, in whatever year obtained, as equivalent to an Honor of the First Rank at the Term Examination in that year.

A Royal Scholarship shall become forfeited by the holder of it incurring any heavy collegiate censure, such as public admonition or rustication; or when all the Examinations of any year have elapsed without his having obtained in that year one honor of the First Rank, or two Honors of the Second Rank, or that which is stated in the preceding regulation as equivalent to these Honors.

The Exhibitions to become due half yearly, viz., on the 1st of May and on the 1st of November. Payments to be made in May to such Students only as have obtained in the preceding part of that year at least one Honor of the Second Rank. A half-yearly payment held over in May to be made in November, provided an Honor has been obtained in the mean time, and a payment for the year to be made in November to such Students as shall have, between the 1st of May and 1st of November, fulfilled all the requisites for the year. In cases where very

distinguished merit has been shown during their Undergraduate Course, by Students holding Scholarships of £30 yearly, and where Scholarships of £50 for the same School remain suspended, or have been forfeited, the Commissioners will, at the close of each year, receive memorials from such distinguished Students, for an increase of their stipend from £30 to £50 yearly, during the remainder of their Scholarships ; and where such promotion shall have taken place, the Scholarship of £30 previously held will then be rendered vacant. Resolution of the Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity College,

Dublin, in compliance with the wishes of " The Commissioners of Education in Ireland.

RESOLVED, -That the Scholars appointed from the Royal Schools by “ The Commissioners of Education in Ireland,” be permitted to wear velvet caps; and that their names be inserted in the College Books immediately after the names of the University Scholars, without, however, altering their degree of seniority amongst their class-fellows.

“ The Commissioners of Education in Ireland” will grant, annually, two prizes, one of £30 and one of £20, to such Junior Freshmen as shall, subject to the Rules prescribed for the Royal Schools, have entered Trinity College, Dublin, from Middleton School ; and, having been examined along with and in the same course as the Candidates for the Royal Scholarships, shall be recommended by the Examiners as deserving Candidates.”

Elected on this Foundation.

five years.

[Thus marked (*) obtained £50 Exhibitions. ] 1855 Rice, W. H., Armagh. 1856 Jones, T.J., Armagh, £20 for

Eades, W. C., Armagh.
Robinson. W. P., Armagh. M‘Kean, Wm., Armagh, £20
An addition of £10 per an.

for five years.
num each, during the re- Robinson, W. P., Armagh,

mainder of their Course. *Twigg, C., Dungannon.

*Cluff, J., Dungannon. * Armstrong, S., Enniskillen, * Allingham, T., Enniskillen. Cottingham, E. R., Enniskil

Smith, Henry Lees, £30 for len. Whitty, J.D., Middleton Prize Dickson, D. E. C., Enniskilof £30.

len, £20 for four years. Carson, Thomas W., Enniskil

len, promoted.


five years.

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