Vice-Provost; Rector of Ardstraw, July, 1735; benefactor to

the Library. Died Oct. 1743. 1694. John Wetherby Coopted, vice Peter Browne, Aug. 19, 1699 ;

Dean of Cashel, June 5, 1710.
Nicholas Forster. Coopted, vice Mossom, March 15, 1703; Bishop

of Killaloe, 1714, Raphoe, 1716. Died 1744. 1696. John Elwood", Jurist. Coopted, vice Owen Lloyd, Nov. 25, 1709;

Vice-Provost; M. P. for the University in 1713. Died April

20, 1740. William Tisdall. Minister of Belfast and Portadown. Died June

8, 1735.
William Mullart. Dean of Cashel. Resigned Sept. 1706, on

Cleenish. Died May 18, 1713.
Thomas Coningsby. Prebendary of Maynooth (which he held

with his Fellowship, by dispensation, dated March 11, 1703)
March 23, 1704. Coopted, vice Pratt, June 2, 1710. Died

Nov. 19, 1711. 1697. William Grattan. Rector of Deryvoylan; Rector of Cappa, Aug.

24, 1703. Resigned June 16, 17oi. Died 1719. William Christmas.

John Dennisd. Medicus. Resigned June 1, 1700. Died 1745. 1699. Anthony Raymund. Medicuse.

Matthew French. Died 1714, March 12. 1701. Thomas Squire. Resigned April 23, 1709; Rector of Dromagh

(vacant by the death of Dean Echlin), April 5, 1712. William Lloyd. Coopted, Nov. 19, 1711, vice Coningsby. Died

Nov. 12, 1719. 1703. Ranulph Wally. Died April 23, 1709.

John Walmsley Coopted, vice John Hall, June 1, 1713; Rector of

Clonfeacle, 1723.
Robert Howard. Coopted, vice French, March 12, 1714; Preben-

dary of Maynooth, 1711; resigned his Fellowship May 21, 1722;
Dean of Ardagh; Bishop of Killala, 1726 ; Bishop of Elphin,

17291, 1704. Richard Helsham, Medicus. Coopted, vice Nicholas Forster, Nov.

6, 1714 ; Professor of Natural Philosophy and Physic; resigned

Jan. 24, 1730. 1707. George Berkeley. Coopted, vice Baldwin, July 13, 1717; Rec

tor of Ardtrea and Arboe, April 4, 1724; Dean of Derry, 1724; Bishop of Cloyne, 1733. Refused the Bishoprick of Clogher, 1745. Died at Oxford, Sunday, Jan. 14, 17538.

At Wetherby's election James Cooper for good answering was allowed £20 per annum until provided for.

Dr. Elwood had a license of absence of two years from the Lords Justices. He left by his will £1000 to the College, to be applied in such manner as the Board, with the consent of the Archbishop of Cashel, should determine ; and it was resolved in consequence (Feb. 28, 1741) to build a Commons Hall.

Admitted to St. John's College, Oxford, Oct. 31, 1690, and came to Dublin ad eundem, June 15, 1692.

1 Admitted conditionally on new foundation of Bishop Richardson; confirmed by King's Letter, 1698.

Dr. Raymund was a good Irish scholar, and wrote an Introduction to the History of Ireland 1 See Peerage, Wicklow family. This eminent metaphysician and distinguished prelate of the Irish Church was born 1709. Patrick Delany. Coopted, vice W. Lloyd, Nov. 12, 1719; resigned

on Derryvullen, Feb. 26, 1728; Dean of Down, 1744a.

Thomas Bindon. Rector of Aghalurcher; Dean of Limerick, 1732. 1710. Charles Grattanb. Master of Enniskillen School, 1714.

John Madden. Coopted, vice Howard, May 21, 1722; resigned

May 20, 1724; Vicar of St. Anne's; Dean of Kilmore. [Edw. ynge. Resigned on Cappagh, June 22, 1719 ; Bishop of

Clonfert, 1730 ; Bishop of Ferns, 1733 ; Bishop of Elphin, 1740. 1712. John Kearney. Rector of Derryvoylan, Aug. 6, 1719; resigned,

Oct. 26. 1713. William Thompson. Coopted, vice Walmsley, June 14, 1723;

Rector of Aghalurchur, Dec. 18, 1729 ; resigned Jan. 24, 1730. John Hamilton. Resigned Feb. 15, 1721; Rector of Aghalur

cher, April 18, 1724. Died 1729. 1714. Robert Clayton. Coopted, vice Berkeley, May 19, 1724; resigned

June 17, 1728; Bishop of Killala, 1729; Bishop of Cork and

Ross, 1733; Bishop of Clogher, 1745€. 1715. * Election put off by King's Letterd.

near Thomastown, in the county of Kilkenny, March 12, 1684, and entered College under Dr. Hall, at the age of 15. After obtaining his Fellowship, he spent a considerable time on the Continent, as appears from various entries in the College Register :-* Nov. 6, 1713, a letter from Her Majesty was read, granting to our trusty and well beloved George Berkeley, one of the Junior Fellows, leave to travel and remain abroad, during the space of two years, for the recovery of his health and his improvement in learning.'"-Coll. Reg. p. 453. This leave of absence was renewed on Nov. 19, 1715, Aug. 17, 1717, May 6, 1719, May 6, 1721. In Sept. 1728, he sailed for Rhode Island, in order to found a Seminary, under the name of St. Paul's College, in Bermuda, for converting the savage Americans to Christianity. The College, by its charter, was to consist of a President and nine Fellows, who were obliged to maintain and educate Indian Scholars at the rate of £10 per annum for each. Dr. Berkeley was named President, and the first three Fellows named in the Charter were the Rev. William Thompson, Jonathan Rogers, and James King, all Fellows of Trinity College, and Masters of Arts in the University of Dublin. The Government of the day made various excuses for not supplying the sum of £20,000, voted by the English House of Commons for this purpose. Sir Robert Walpole, the Prime Minister, when pressed on this subject by Dr. Gibson, Bishop of London, made the following reply "If you put this question to me as a Minister, I must and can assure you, that the money shall most undoubtedly be paid as soon as suits with public convenience; but if you ask me, as a friend, whether Dean Berkeley should continue in America expecting the payment of £20,000, I advise him by all means to return home to Europe, and abandon his present expectations."

Bishop Berkeley's collected works were published after his death, in two volumes, 4to, London, 1784. The dates of a few of them are subjoined :-“ Arithmetica absque Algebra aut Euclide demonstrata" (written before the author was twenty years old), 1707. " Theory of Vision," 1709. " Principles of Human Knowledge," 1710. Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous” (containing a Defence of his celebrated system of immaterialism), 1713. “The Analyst," 1734. "Siris," 174.

His reinains were interred at Christ Church, Oxford, and a marble monument, with an inscription by Dr. Markham, Archbishop of York, erected to his memory. Pope's eulogy on his character is well known :

"To Berkeley every virtue under heaven.” A writer and preacher of considerable eminence. A list of his works is given in Watts Biblioth. Brit.

Removed for not taking Holy Orders, May 26, 1713.

Monday, June 17, 1728, Dr. Elwood presented to the Provost and Senior Fellows the following

power, sent him from England by Dr. Clayton :-*Str. - I hereby desire and empower you to make a resignation of my Fellowship to the Provost and Fellows of Trinity College, Dublin, on the Monday following Trinity Sunday next, which is the day appointed for my marriage.---ROBERT CLAYTON."--Cou. Reg. p. 557.

. This arose from a Student having been punished for defending the murder of Charles I., which the Government (then Whigs)

conceived to be a proof of the Jacobitism of the College, and therefore inhibited all elections for that year.

1716. Jonathan Rogers. Coopted, vice Madden, May 20, 1724. 1717a. William Rowan. Resigned Aug. 2, 1726.

James Stopford. Minister of Finglass; resigned his Fellowship,

Sept. 27, 1727 ; Bishop of Cloyne, 1753. 1720. James King. Coopted, Feb. 17, 1728, vice Delany; Rector of

Rahy and Clondehorky, Aug. 12, 1735. Died 1745.
John Whetcombe. Coopted, vice Clayton, June 17, 1728 ; Bishop

of Clonfert, 1735; Down and Connor, 1752 ; Archbishop of

Cashel, 1752.
Charles Stuart. Coopted, vice Thompson, Jan. 24, 1730; Vice-

Provost; Rector of Clonfeacle, April 26, 1738. Died 1746. 1722. Robert Shawe. Coopted, vice Helsham, Jan. 24, 1730; Vice

Provost; Rector of Ardstraw, Feb. 13, 1743.

Lambt. Hughes. Expelled Nov. 2, 1739. 1724. Henry Clarke. Vice-Provost; Professor of Divinity, 1743; Rector

of Clonfeacle, 1746, Feb. 4.
Caleb Cartwright. Rector of Enniskillen and Kilmacrenan,

March 23, 1743. Died 1763.
*Hugh Graffan. Died 1743, Nov. 2.
Robert Berkeley. Resigned on Ardtrea, March 18, 1732.
Benjamin Bacon. Resigned, March 2, 1727.
Richard Dobbs. Resigned on Tullyhog (Desertcrete), Oct. 22,

1731. Resigned the living, May 10, 1745. 1727. John Pellisierd. Vice-Provost'; Professor of Divinity, 1746; Rector

of Ardstraw, Jan. 1753. 1728. Christopher Donnelane. Resigned, December, 1735.

John Obins. Coopted, vice Hughes, 1739; Rector of Rahy and

Clondehorkey, Dec. 7, 1745; resigned Jan. 13, 1744. Died

Henry Hamilton. Died 1735.

Edward Hudson'. Rector of Omagh, Oct. 12, 1739. Died 1758. 1730. Edw. Ford. Killed by a shot fired from the College Park, March

8, 1734.

Edw. Molloy. Resigned on Dunleer, Jan. 19, 1736. 1731. Maturine Allenet. Died 1737, Dec. 6. 1732. Wood Gibson. Coopted, vice Dr. Elwood, April 21, 1740; Rector of

Cappagh, July 10, 1750. Died 1796. 1733. William Clement, Medicus. Coopted, vice Cartwright, May 30,

1743; Vice-Provost; Professor of Botany ; M. P. for the University, 1761. Died Jan. 15, 1782.

• Election postponed from June 17, to July 16, on account of resignation of Provost Pratt. William Rowan was dispensed from taking Orders, June 22, 1719.:

** James Stopford had a King's Letter for absence for two years, for the recovery of his health and improvement in learning, July

29, 1725."-Coll. Reg. p. 540. Three new foundations of Erasmus Smith, by King's Letter, 10 Geo. I. € * 1727. Die Lunæ post Dominicam Trinitatis, Præpositus nominavit Johannem Pellisier, e stirpe adventitia ortum, in Socium Juniorem hujusce Collegii, nemine Sociorum Seniorum tunc præsentinm, excepto Doctore Gilbert, Tutore nominati, suffragante aut consentiente. Cæteris quinque Sociis Senioribus, viz. Doctore Helsham, Doctore Delany, Mag. Thompson, Doctore Clayton, et Magistro Rogers, qui tunc temporis adfuerunt, suf. fragia sua conferentibus in Nagistrum Arthurum Forde, optimæ spei juvenem, indigenam, parentibus indigenis generosis prognatum, et non minus moribus quam eruditione conspicuum."--Reg. p. 522.

Son of Lord Chief Justice Donnelan. *** Mr. Hadson was chosen Phisick Fellow, Jan. 26, 172,%."--Reg. p. 567.

1734. John Forster. Coopted, vice Grattan, Nov. 3, 1743; Rector of

Tullyachnish, 1757; Rector of Drumragh and Killileagh. Died

1783. 1735. John Lawson. Coopted, vice R. Shawe, 1743; Professor of Divi.

nity, 1753; Professor of Oratory. Died Jan. 9, 1759. 1736. IThomas Forster. Coopted, vice Obins, Jan. 13, 1744; Rector of

Cleenish, May 10, 1746.
Brabazon Disney Coopted, vice Thos. Foster, May 10, 1746;

Professor of Divinity, 1769; resigned under the new Statute,

1761. John Whittingham. Coopted, vice Dr. Clarke, Feb. 1746; Rector

of Conwell, Jan. 1753.

Paul Read. Died 1748, Jan. 14. 1737. Thomas M'Donnell. Rector of Derryvollen, Dec. 13, 1744; re

signed his Fellowship, Dec. 21. 1738. #James Knight“. Rector of Omagh, 1758, April 18. Died 1767.

Francis Stoughton Sullivan, Jurist. Coopted 1750, vice Gibson; Pro

fessor of Laws, 1761; Resigned on Professorship. Died March

1, 1766. 1740. Henry Mercier. Coopted, vice Whittingham, 1763 ; Rector of

Omagh, June 2, 1767.
Francis Andreus, Juristb. Coopted, vice Pellisier, 1753 ; Provost,

1758; M. P. for Derry. Died 1774, see p. 165.

Samuel Holt. Died May 1, 1746. 1744. Theaker Wilder. _Coopted, April 1758, vice Knight; Rector of

Tullyaghnish, Dec. 5, 1769.
Richard Radcliffe. Resigned on Lisnaskea, 1754. Died 1766.
Jos. Grace. Coopted, vice Dr. Andrews, 1758. Died March 29,

1761. 1745. (John Boswell. Died 1749. 1746. Thomas Lelande. Coopted 1761, vice Grace ; Professor of Oratory;

Rector of Ardstraw, June, 1781. Died Aug. 1785.
Wm. Martin. Coopted 1761; Professor of Hebrew ; Rector of Kil.

leshandra, Sept. 1764.
John Stokes. Nominated by Provost ; coopted Jan. 1759, vice

Lawson; Rector of Rahy and Clondehorchy, July 1775. 1747. *William Andrews. Coopted 1761; Rector of Clonfeacle, Dec. 10,

1777. 1748. John Hastings. Died, 1757, May 24. 1750. Richard Murray. Coopted June, 1764, vice Martin ; Vice-Provost,

1782; Professor of Mathematics; Provost, 1795. Died June 20,

1799. 1751. Christopher Hudson. Died Dec. 1764.

Hugh Hamiltond. Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1759; Rector of Kilmacrenan, 1764; Dean of Armagh; Bishop of Clonfert and

• Nominated by the Provost. His competitor was James Strong, author of " Providential History of Mankind opened by the Key of Good and Evil, London, 1764."

"Mr. Andrews was dispensed from Orders by King's Letter, Dec. 7, 1742."-Reg. Feb. 2, 1743.

• Author of Translation of Demosthenes, History of Ireland, &c. See a memoir of the life and writings of Dr. Leland in the Anthologia Hibernica, March, 1793, p. 165.

d Author of a Geometrical Treatise on Conic Sections, remarkable for the elegance of its demonstrations. His collected works were published in two volumes (London, 1809).

Kilmacduagh, Jan. 1796; translated to Ossory, Jan. 25, 1799.

Died Dec. 1, 1805. 1753. Thomas Wilson, Coopted, 1767, vice Mercier ; Rector of Ardstraw,

Feb. 2, 1786; Professor of Natural Philosophy. Died Sept. 22,


James Stopford. 1754. Robt. Law. Rector of Lisnaskea, 1766; Rector of St. Mary's,

Dublin. 1756. Gabriel Stokes. Rector of Ardtrea, 1760, July 18. 1757. Michael Kearney. Coopted, vice Wilder, 1769; Professor of His

tory; Rector of Tullyagnish, July 15, 1778. 1758. Edw. Leigh. Died March 27, 1760. 1759. William Dobbin. Resigned on Enniskillen, June 8, 1768.

Patrick Palmer, Jurist. Professor of Laws, 1766. 1760. Henry Dabzac. Coopted, vice John Stokes, 1775. Died May 12,

1790. 1761. William Clements. Died Nov. 26, 1761.

Patrick Duigenan, Jurist. Professor of Laws, 1776; M. P. 1762. (John Forsayeth. Resigned on Rahy and Clondehorkey, 1782 ;

Archdeacon of Cork by exchange, 1782. Died 1785.
John O'Connor. Rector of Arboe, 1773, August 14.
James Drought. Professor of Divinity, April 22, 1790; superan-

nuated, 1813.
1763. Jos. Graydon. Died Feb. 27, 1764.

Jos. Stock. Rector of Conwall, 1779 ; Bishop of Killala and

Achonry, Jan. 18, 1798; translated to Waterford and Lismore,

May 1, 1810. Died 18316. 1764. Henry Ussher. Andrew's Professor of Astronomy. Died May 8,

1790. John Kearney. Coopted, vice Clements, 1782; Provost, 1799 ;

Bishop of Ossory, 1806. 1765. Thomas Torrens. Rector of Kilmacrenan, May 10, 1777, after

wards Rector of Ballinascreen and Magherafelt. Gerald Fitzgerald. Professor of Hebrew ; Vice-Provost; Rector

of Ardstraw, 1806. 1766. William Richardson. Rector of Clonfeacle, 1783.

John Ellison. Master of Kilkenny School, 1781; Rector of Conwall,

1784. Died Feb. 26, 1809. 1768. John Waller. Coopted, vice Thos. Wilson, Feb. 9, 1786; Rector

of Raigh, May 17, 1791. 1769. William Halesc. Rector of Killeshandra, Oct. 29, 1787. Died Jan,

30, 1831. 1770. George Lewis Shewbridge. Died March 12, 1775. 1774. William Day. Rector of Drumragh and Killileagh, March 15,

1789. Died 1791.

Two new foundations of Geo. III. from the increased revenues of the College.

Editor of "Select Orations of Demosthenes and Æschines ;” of “ Selections from Lacian;" and of the works of Tacitus, with notes (Dublin, 1787). He also published a new translation of Isaiah, with notes (1803), and a new translation of Job (1805).

• Author of "A New Analysis of Chronology," in four volumes, London, 1836 (second edition). He also published : " Analysis Equationum," 4to (Dublin, 1784). Dissertations on the Principal Prophecies respecting our Saviour (London, 1808); "Faith in the Holy Trinity," 2 vols. (London, 1818);

and other works.


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