1775. Matthew Younga. Professor of Natural Philosophy; Bishop of

Clonfert, Feb. 3, 1799. 1776. Digby Marsh. Coopted, vice Henry Ussher, May 10, 1790. Died

August 19, 1791. 1777. George Hall. Coopted, vice Dabzac, May 14, 1790 ; Professor

of Mathematics; Rector of Ardstraw, Feb. 27, 1800; Provost,

1806; Bishop of Dromore, 1811. 1777. Arthur Browne, Jurist. M. P. for the University; Prime Sergeant.

Died June 18, 1805. 1778. John Barretto. Coopted, vice Marsh, 1791; Vice-Provost; Professor

of Oriental Languages. Died 1821. 1779. Richard Stacke. Rector of Omagh and Killileagh, Sept. 1, 1791 ;

exchanged for Cappagh. Died 1812. Wm. Hamiltond. Rector of Clondavadogue, Jan. 20, 1790. Mur

dered, March, 1797, in Dr. Waller's house at Sharon, by a body

of insurgents. 1781. John Buck. Rector of Desertcrete and Clonoe, 1787. Died 1842.

Thomas Elrington. Coopted, vice Murray, 1795; Professor of Na

tural Philosophy; Rector of Ardtrea, Dec. 25, 1806; Provost, 1811; Bishop of Limerick, 1820; Bishop of Leighlin and Ferns,

1822. Vide p. 166. 1782. Francis Hodgkinson, Jurist. Coopted, vice Young, 1799 ; Vice

Provost; Professor of Modern History; Regius Professor of Civil

Law. Died July 4, 1840 ; buried in the College Chapel. Robert Burrowes. Rector of Cappagh, 1796; Archdeacon of Ferns,

1796 ; Master of Enniskillen School, 1798; Rector of Omagh,

1807 ; Dean of Cork, 1819. Died Sept. 13, 1841. 1784. John Stack'. Rector of Derryvollen, Jan. 7, 1791. Died 1813. 1786. Richard Gravess. Professor of Divinity, 1814; Dean of Ardagh, Mar.

1, 1814; and Rector of St. Mary's, Dublin. Died March 29, 1829. 1788. Whitley Stokes, Medicus. Lecturer in Natural History, 1816; Pro

fessor of Physic, Nov. 13, 1830. Died April 13, 1845. William Mageeh. Professor of Mathematics; coopted 1799 ; Rec

tor of Cappagh and Killileagh, 1812; Dean of Cork, July 1, 1813;

Bishop of Raphoe, 1819; Archbishop of Dublin, 1822. Died 1831. 1789. George Miller. Rector of Derryvollen, Sept. 8, 1804 ; Master of

Armagh School. Died Oct. 5, 1848.

Author of " Principal Phenomena of Sounds and Musical Strings" (Dublin, 1784): Enquiry into the Provost's Negative (Dublin, 1790;; and " An Analysis of the Principles of Natural Philosophy" (Dublin, 1800); besides many papers in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy.

Editor of S. Matthew's Gospel in Greek, from a Palimpsest MS. (commonly known as Codex Z, (Dublin, 1801).

e Author of " Lectures on the Acts of the Apostles," and other works. a Wm. Hamilton

was presented to Clondavadock by the Bishop, not by the College, the living having been allowed to lapse. — Vide Register, Dec. 28, 1789, and Jan. 4 and 30, 1790.

• Author of “Sermons on the Liturgy," and several occasional Discourses. See Irish Ecclesiastical Journal for September, 1841, p. 255. 1 Author of "A Short System of Optics."

The works of Dean Graves were published in four volumes, Dublin, 1840. His Discourses on the Pentateuch were preached before the University at the Donnellan Lecture in 1801.

1 Archbishop Magee's work on the Atonement was first published in 1801. It was founded on two discourses preached by the author before the University on two sul cessive Good Fridays, in the years 1798 and 1799. His collected works were published by the Rer. Arthur H. Kenny (London, 1845).

In 1795, Dr. Miller delivered a series of Lectures on Modern History in the University.

1790. John Ussher. Nominated by Provost; Rector of Rahy, August 10,

1799. Died July 19, 1835.
Robert Phipps, Jurist. Coopted 1806. Died May 4, 1844.
Robert Russell. Rector of Aghalurcher, 1794. Died Dec. 4, 1837.
Jos. Stopford. Rector of Conwall, July 15, 1810. Died March

25, 1833.
1791. Agmondisham Vesey Ward. Died Feb. 3. 1796.
1791. John Walkera. Resigned Oct. 9, 1804. Died 1833.

Thomas Prior. Coopted 1810. Died Sept. 16, 1843. 1792. Henry Maturin. Rector of Clondavadoque, Aug. 7, 1797. Died

Jan. 3, 1842. 1794. Corn. Henry Ussher. Rector of Clondehorchy, 1812, and Tully

aghnish, 1814. Died March 5, 1836. 1795. William Davenport

. Coopted 1812; Professor of Natural Philosophy; Rector of Clonfeacle, 1823. Died, 1824. 1796. Richard Herbert Nash. Rector of Ardstraw, 1822. Died Jan. 19,

1847. Bartholomew Lloyd. Professor of Mathematics; Professor of Na

tural Philosophy; Provost 1831. Vide p. 166. 1798. Samuel Kyle. Coopted 1820; Provost 1820; Bishop of Cork,

March, 1831. Vide p. 166.
A Rebellion raging in the country at the usual period for holding

the Examination, the election was postponed, with concurrence
of the Visitors, until peace should be restored; and an Act of
Parliament was obtained for holding the Examination in October
(38 Geo. III. c. 60, 4). To save the Charter, the Provost and
Senior Fellows, on May 30, proceeded to the Hall, but no Can-
didate appeared, upon which the Examination, as well as the

Election, was postponed.
1799. William Cotter. Died Jan. 22. 1801.
1800. James Wilson. Rector of Clonfeacle, 1825. Died 1829.

Henry Wray. Coopted 1821; Vice-Provost. Died Nov. 4, 1847.
Arthur Henry Kenny. Rector of Kilmacrenan, May 15, 1810;

Dean of Achonry, 1812. Rector of St. Olave's, London. Die

January 27, 1855. 1801. Daniel Mooney. Died June, 1818. 1805. Franc Sadleir. Professor of Mathematics. Coopted 1821; Provost

December 22, 1837. Vide p. 166.
Thomas Meredith. Rector of Ārdtrea, April 18, 1812. Died April

27, 1819.
Charles William Wall. Coopted 1824 ; Professor of Hebrew, 1825;

Vice-Provost, 18476.

They were the foundation of his work, " The Philosophy of History," which was republished in four volumes. (London : 1847.) He also published Observations on the Doctrines of Christianity, in reference to Arianism (1825); a Historical View of the Plea of Tradition (1826); Judgment on the Law of Marriage in Ireland (1840); besides various minor publications.

* Mr. Walker was the editor of the well-known edition of Livy, published at the University Press in 1797. He also edited “ Select Dialogues from Lucian,” and prepared editions of other classical authors, which, however, he did not live to complete. He was likewise the anthor of an edition of Euclid.

Author of " An Examination of the Ancient Orthography of the Jews, and the Oririnal State of the Text of the Hebrew Bible." The first volume was published in 1835. Three other volumes have since appeared.

1807. Stephen Creaghe Sandes. Coopted, vice Kyle, April 9, 1831 ;

Bishop of Killaloe, 1836; consecrated in the College Chapel, Sunday, June 12; Bishop of Cashel, Waterford, and Lismore on the death of Archbishop Laurence), 1838. Died Nov. 14, 1842 ;

buried in the College Chapel. Philip Cecil Crampton, Jurist. Professor of English and Feudal

Laws, 1816; Solicitor-General, 1832; Judge of the King's

Bench, 1834. 1808. Richard MacDonnell. (New Foundation.) Professor of Oratory,

1816. Coopted, vice Sandes, Nov. 1836 ; Provost, January 24,

1852. 1809. Charles Hare. (New Foundation.) Coopted, vice Sadleir, Dec. 23,

1837. 1810. Charles R. Elrington“. Regius Professor of Divinity, 1829. Died

at Armagh, January 18, 1850. Joseph Henderson Singer. Coopted, vice Hodgkinson, July 4, 1840;

Professor of Divinity, Feb. 25, 1850 ; Rector of Raymochy, and Archdeacon of Raphoe, 1850; Bishop of Meath, 1852.

Consecrated in the College Chapel, Advent Sunday, Nov. 286. 1811. Henry Griffin. (New Foundation.) Resigned on Clonfeacle, Sep.

25, 1830; Bishop of Limerick, 1853.
1813. Thomas Gannon. Died Thursday, March 30, 1837.

Richard Francis Purdono Died Friday, May 2, 1828.
Edward Hincksd. Rector of Ardtrea, 1819; Rector of Killileagh,

1826. 1814. Thomas Romney Robinsone. Rector of Enniskillen, 1823; Rector

of Carrickmacross, 1824. 1817. William Phelan. Resigned, 1823. Died June 13, 1830.

James Kennedys. Rector of Ardtrea, Oct. 13, 1830. Resigned

his Fellowship, May 29, 1831. 1819. Henry H. Harteh. Rector of Cappagh, May 25, 1831. Died 1848. 1820. James Thomas O'Brien! Archbishop King's Lecturer in Divinity,

March 30, 1833 ; Rector of Clondehorky, June 28, 1836 ;
Rector of Árboe, May 20, 1837; Dean of Cork, 1841; Bishop of

' In 1847 Dr. Elrington commenced the publication of the whole works of Archbishop Ussher, to which was prefixed a biography of that eminent prelate. Fifteen volumes have been already published; but Dr. Elrington did not live to see the completion of this work. He was also the author of various Lectures and Discourses.

• Author of various Sermons and Discourses. • Author of a Treatise on Algebra.

d Author of several papers on Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and on ancient Assyrian Cuneiform inscriptions.

• Author of a Treatise on Mechanical Philosophy, and of several papers in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy.

His Remains, edited by Dr. Jebb, Bishop of Limerick, were published in two volumes (London, 1832).

Now James Kennedy Baillie. In 1821 he published an annotated edition of the Iliad of Homer, He is also the author of " Prelections on the Language and Literature of Ancient Greece" (Dublin, 1834); and of three volumes on Ancient Greek Inscriptions

+ Author of a translation of La Place's "Systeme du Monde." to which he added mathematical proofs and explanatory remarks (Dublin, 1830). He also published a translation of Poisson's “ Mecanique," and

commenced an English edition of La Place's “Mecanique Celeste."

1 In 1833 he published Ten Sermons on the Nature and Effects of Faith, preached before the University in 1829 and 1831. His other publications are as follows:

Two Sermons on the Human Nature of our Lord. Introductory Lecture delivered in the Divinity School in 1838. Charges to the Clergy of the United Dioceses of Ossory, Ferns, and Leighlin, in 1842, 1845, 1848, 1853, and 1854.

Ossory, Ferns, and Leighlin, 1842; consecrated in the College

Chapel, March 20. 1821. John C. Martin. Resigned, 1829; Rector of Killeshandra, May

30, 1831; Archdeacon of Ardagh, 1854. Charles Boyton. Rector of Conwall

, July 8, 1833; Rector of Tullyaghnish, 1836. Died April 16, 1844. 1822. John Blair Chapman. Rector of Raymochy, Nov. 17, 1835; Rector

of Drumragh, 1842.

Joseph Stack. Died June 15, 1838. 1823. John Darley. Rector of Arboe, May 16, 1832. Died Dec. 1837. 1824. Humphrey Lloyde. Professor of Natural Philosophy, Dec. 19, 1831.

Coopted, vice Prior, September, 18, 1843. 1825. Mountifort Longfield', Jurist. Professor of Political Economy,

Oct. 31, 1832. Resigned on the Professorship of Feudal and
English Law, November 29, 1834; Commissioner of Incumbered

Estates, 1847.
1828. Henry Kingsmill. Rector of Conwall, Dec. 7, 1836.
1829. John Lewis Moore. Coopted, vice Phipps, May 4, 1844.

Samuel John M'Clean. Died Nov. 27, 1835. 1831. Thomas Luby. Coopted, vice Wray, Nov. 6, 1847.

George Sidney Smith. Rector of Aghalurcher, March 24, 1838 ;

Professor of Biblical Greek, 1838. *James Henthorn Toddd. Coopted, vice Singer, Feb. 27, 1850 ;

Regius Professor of Hebrew, 1849; Librarian, 1852. 1832. John Meade. Died June 29, 1835.

James M Cullagh, Jurist. Professor of Mathematics, Nov. 23, 1835;

Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1843. Died Oct. 24, 1847€.

* Author of a work on Light and Vision (London, 1831), and of “ Lectures on the Wave Theory of Light." He also published a Report on Physical Optics (published in the Report of the Meeting of the British Association, 1834), besides papers on "Terrestrial Magnetism," " The Meteorology of Ireland," and other subjects, in the Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy.

Author of Lectures on Political Economy (Dublin, 1834) ; Four Lectures on Poor Laws (Dublin, 1834), and of Lectures on Absenteeism.

€ Author of a Treatise on Physical Astronomy (London, 1828); and “Elements of Trigonometry" (Dublin, 1825). a Besides minor publications, and contributions to various periodicals, he

is author or editor of the following works: The Last Age of the Church, by John Wycliffe, D.D., now first printed from a MS. in the Library of Trinity College, with Notes: 12mo (Dublin, 1840). Discourses on the Prophecies relating to Antichrist in the writings of Daniel and St. John (Donnellan Lecture, 1838). An Apology for Lollard Doctrines ; a work attributed to Wycliffe; with an Introduction and Notes; 4to (London, for the Camden Society, 1842). The Book of Obits and Martyrology of the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, with an Introduction ; 4to (Dublin, for the Irish Archæological Society, 1844). Discourses on the Prophecies relating to Antichrist in the Apocalypse of St. John (Dublin, 1846 The Irish Version of the "Historia Britonum" of Nennius, edited from the Book of Ballimote ; with a Translation and Notes; 410 (Dublin, for the Irish Archæological Society). Three Treatises on the Church; by John Wycliffe, D.D.; 12mo (Dublin). The Book of Hymns of the Ancient Church of Ireland ; 4to, 1855 (for the Irish Archæological Society). Remarks on the Testimony of the Fathers to the Roman Dogma of Infallibility ; Svo (London, 1848).

• Professor M'Cullagh's scientific works were, unfortunately, never published in any collected form; they appeared, for the most part in the shape of brief papers.communi. papers, so far as they could be ascertainel, was communicated to the editor by Professor Jellett:-1. "On the double Refraction of Light in a crystallized medium, according to the principles of Fresnel."-Trans. R. I. A., vol. xvi. p. 66. 2. “Geometrical Propositions applied to the Wave Theory of Light."-Ibid. vol. xvii. p. 241. 3. “On the Laws of Crystalline Reflexion and Refraction." - Ibid. vol. xviii. p. 31. 4. Essay towards a Dynia

". p17. rem on the Rectification of the Conic Sections."-Ibid. vol. xvi. p. 79. 6. "On a Difficulty in the Theory of the Attraction of Spheroids."— Ibid. vol. xvii. p. 237. 7. " Researches on 1834. William Digby Sadleir. Coopted, vice Mac Donnell, Jan. 24,

1852. 1835. I Andrew Searle Hart, Jurist. 1836. John Toleken, Medicus. Lecturer in Modern History, 1841.

Thomas M-Neece. Archbishop King's Lecturer in Divinity, 1842;

Rector of Arboe, 1842.
Charles Gravesb. Erasmus Smith's Professor of Mathematics,

Dec. 19, 1843. 1837. Samuel Butchere. Professor of Ecclesiastical History, 1850; Regius

Professor of Divinity, Nov. 30, 1852 ; Rector of Ballymoney,


Joseph Carson. 1838. John Adam Malet.

Robert Vickers Dixon". Erasmus Smith's Professor of Experi

mental Philosophy, 1848 ; Rector of Clogherny, Feb. 26, 1853.

Thomas Stack. Regius Professor of Greek, Dec., 1855. 1839. George M Dowell.

William Leee, Paofessor of Ecclesiastical History, April 18, 1857. 1840. John Hewitt Jellett'. (New Foundation.) Professor of Natural

Philosophy, 1848. 1841. George Salmons. Donegal Lecturer in Mathematics, 1848.

William Robertsh. (New Foundation.) 1842. George Longfield. (New Foundation.) 1843. William Atkins. Rector of Tullyagnish, 1844.

Michael Roberts, Jurist'. (New Foundation.)

Surfaces of the Second Order."-Proc. R. I. A., 1843, p. 446. In addition to the above, Professor M.Cullagh read several papers before the Royal Irish Academy, of which notices and abstracts will be found scattered through the Proceedings of that body. His Lectures on Rotation were published by Professor Haughton (Transactions, Royal Irish Academy, vol. xxii. part i.); and his Lectures on Attractions, by Professor Allman, of Galway (Transactions, Royal Irish Academy, vol. xxil. part v.)

Professor M'Cullagh was awarded the Copley Medal by the Royal Society of London in the year 1842.

a Author of Elementary Treatise on Mechanics (Dublin, 1844); Elementary Treatise on Hydrostatics and Optics (Dublin, 1846); besides various papers in the Cambridge and Dublin Mathematical Journal.

Author of a translation of Chasles on Cones and Spherical Conics Dublin, 1811); and of various papers on Mathematics and Irish Antiquities, in the Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy.

e Author of an Introductory Lecture on the Study of Ecclesiastical History (1851). and of a Prelection in the Divinity School (1854); besides various Sermons.

d Author of a Treatise on Heat (Dublin, 1849). • Author of a work entitled, “The Inspiration of Holy Scripture-its Nature and Proof" (London, 1854).

(Author of a Treatise on the Calculus of Variations (Dublin, 1850); of a paper on the Equilibrium and Motion of an Elastic Solid (Transactions, Royal Irish Academy, vol. xxii.); On the Properties of Inextensible Surfaces (Transactions, Royal Irish Academy, vol. xxii.); besides other papers.

6 Author of a Treatise on Analytic Geometry (1847): a Treatise on the Higher Plane Curves (1852); of a Sermon on the Propriety of Prayer for Temporal Blessings (1849); besides contributions to various mathematical periodicals.

Author of the following papers, among others, in Liouville's Journal de Mathematiques :-Sur une Representation Geometrique des Fonctions Elliptiques de premiere espéce, tom. viii. p. 263. Sur une Representation Geometrique des trois Functions Elliptiques, tom. ix. p. 155. Note sur quelques Integrales Multiples, tom. xi. p. 201. Generalisation d'une Propriété de la Lemniscate, tom. xiii. p. 41. Demonstration de deux Theoremes Generaux sur les Perimetres de quelques Courbes deriveés des Hyperboles conjugueés, tom. xiii. p. 179.

? Author of the following papers, among others, in Liouville's Journal de Mathematiques :-Quelques Théorèmes de Geometrie (communication verbale de M. Liouville

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