Anatomy and Physiology.-At one o'clock.
Practical Anatomy, with Anatomical Demonstrations.-At twelve o'clock.
Surgery.-On Monday and Tuesday, at eleven o'clock; and on Saturday,

at two o'clock. Chemistry. At two o'clock. Materia Medica and Pharmacy.–At eleven o'clock on Wednesday, Thurs

day, Friday, and Saturday. Institutes of Medicine and Pathology.-At ten o'clock. Practice of Medicine.—At three o'clock. Midwifery.--At four o'clock. Clinical Lectures.--Attendance on Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital during nine

months, with three consecutive Courses of Clinical Lectures, each of three months' duration. These Lectures are delivered by the Professors, at twelve o'clock. Also nine months' attendance on some general hospital in Dublin, approved of by the Board, in which Clinical instruction in Medicine and Surgery is delivered.


Botany.-In the last week of April, and continued during the months

of May, June, and July. Practical Chemistry. Medical Jurisprudence.

A year's attendance, or an annus medicus, in the School of Physic, may be kept in three ways:-1. By attending at least two, or not more than three, of the foregoing courses, which are of six months' duration. 2. By attending one course of six months' and two of three months' duration. 3. By nine months' attendance on Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, and Clinical Lectures; together with one course of six months', or, in lieu thereof, two courses of three months', duration,

Three of these courses, at the discretion of the candidate, may be attended in the University of Edinburgh.

Every pupil, before he be admitted to attend the Clinical Lectures, must pay the Professor £3 3s. for each three months' course of Lectures, and shall enter his name with the Treasurer of Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital, and pay him ten guineas, unless he shall have been matriculated in the University of Dublin, or of Oxford, or of Cambridge, and shall have continued his studies in Arts, under a Tutor, in one of the said Universities, for the space of two years at least ; in which case he shall pay the sum of £3 3s. to such 'Treasurer, for the tirst half-year, with a proportionate sum for any longer period. The fees for each of the other courses are £3 38.

The examination for the degree of Bachelor of Medicine is conducted by the Regius Professor of Medicine, the six Professors of the School of Physic, the Professor of Midwifery in the College of Physicians, and the Professor of Surgery in the University. All

the Candidates are examined together in the Examination Hall, on two days of the week next preceding that in which the University Commencements are held. The Examination is conducted partly by printed, partly by oral questions.

The days of graduation are Shrove-Tuesday and the first Tuesday in July (see p. 8). Candidates having completed their Medical education can rocure from the Registrar of the Professors of the School of Physic a schedule testifying to the correctness of the details of the attendance on Lectures, &c., on producing which a Liceat ad Examinandum is issued by the Provost and Senior Fellows.

2. Doctor in Medicine,

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A Doctor in Medicine must be M. B. of at least three years' standing, and must perform exercises for the Degree before the Regius Professor of Physic, in accordance with the Rules and Statutes of the University

The following By-Law, with reference to Medical Graduates of the University of Dublin, was passed by the King and Queen's College of Physicians on August 19, 1852, and accepted by the Board :

"Graduates in Medicine of the University of Dublin, who have performed their full Acts, shall be admissible to the license to practise medicine without further examination, on paying the fees and stamp duty, and complying with the other by-laws relative to the admission of Licentiates: provided that the President and Censors of the King and Queen's College of Physicians shall be permitted to take part in the examination, and vote on the admission of all Candidates for Medical Graduation in the University who have been examined as stated above."


The Diploma in Surgery may be obtained by such Students as are matriculated in Medicine, and have completed at least one year in Arts, on the following conditions :

1. To complete one year in Arts, it shall be necessary to have answered at least one Examination, subsequent to the Junior Freshman year; or to have completed the Junior Freshman year only, by passing the Michaelmas Examination of that year, and keeping one previous Term, either by Lectures or by Examination.

2. Students who have not passed an Examination in the Senior Freshman year will be required to attend one Course of Lectures in Logic. Students who have not passed the Junior Sophister year of the Undergraduate Course will be required to attend one Course of Lectures on Mechanics with the Assistant to the Professor of Natural Philosophy.

3. Students so qualified will be admitted to Examination for the Diploma in Surgery, as soon as they shall have completed the prescribed curriculum.

4. This curriculum shall extend over a period of four years, and shall comprise attendance upon the following Courses of Lectures in the School of Physic in Ireland : Anatomy and Physiology,

Three Courses.
Demonstrations and Dissections, . Three Courses.
Theory and Practice of Surgery, Three Courses.
Practice of Medicine,

One Course.

One Course.
Materia Medica,

One Course.
Midwifery, .

One Course.
Practical Chemistry,

One Course each,

of three months'
Medical Jurisprudence,

duration. Four of the above-named Courses, together with a Course of Demonstrations and Dissections, may be attended in any School of Medicine recognised by the Board.

Also attendance for three Sessions, each of nine months' duration, on the practice of any of the following Hospitals, together with attendance on the Clinical Lectures on Medicine and Surgery there delivered.

1. Richmond, Whitworth, and Hardwicke Hospitals ; 2. Meath Hospital; 3. Steevens' Hospital ; 4. Jervis-street Infirmary; 5. City of Dublin Hospital; 6. Mercer's Hospital ; 7. St. Vincent's Hospital.

of the Courses of Lectures which are of six months' duration, not more than three can be attended during any one Session.

4. Candidates for the diploma, who have complied with the foregoing Regulations, must pass an Examination before a Court of Examiners, consisting of the Regius Professor of Physic, the Professors of Anatomy, Surgery, Chemistry, Midwifery, and Botany.

The Examination of each Candidate will be divided into two parts; one of which shall be devoted to Anatomy and Physiology, Surgical Anatomy, the Theory and Practice of Surgery, and Operative Surgery; and the other to the Practice of liedicine, Midwifery, Chemistry, Materia Medica, and Toxicology.

5. Candidates for the Diploma must submit their Certificates and Testimonials of qualification to the Regius Professor of Physic and to the Professor of Surgery, who shall sign the Chart necessary to be laid before the Senior Lecturer and Registrar, previous to the issuing of the Liceat ad Examinandum to the Professors.

A Fee of £2 10s. is charged on taking the Diploma.

The following Courses of Lectures and of Clinical Study are recommended to Students intending to qualify for the Public Service in the above departments :

1. Ophthalmic Surgery.
2. Military Surgery.
3. Pathological Anatomy.
4. Comparative Anatomy and Natural History.
5. Attendance in an Hospital for the Treatment of the Insane,

The following order of the Board was made in Hilary Term, 1853:

The Army Medical Board having required all Candidates for the Medical Service of the Army to have attended a Course of Lectures in Loyie,

Resolved,- That the Professor of Moral Philosophy be permitted to give Lectures to Medical Students in Logic during the University Terms, on the following conditions :

i. Students matriculated in Medicine, and not having their names on the College books, may attend these Lectures, on payment to the Professor of One Guinea for each Term.

2. Students in Arts, having their names on the College books, may attend without fee, provided they are matriculated in Medicine.

3. Students who have attended two Terms of the Professor's Lectures in Logic may present themselves for examination in Murray's Logic, with Walker's commentary, and in Whately's Logic; and on their passing such Examination creditably, they shall receive a Certificate from the Professor.

4. Students in Arts, who have attended two Terms of the Professor's Lectures, and passed his Examination, or who have attended Tutors' Lectures in Logic, and passed the Michaelmas Examination of the Senior Freshman Year, without attendance on the Lectures of the Professor of Moral Philosophy, if they be matriculated in Medicine, may receive from the Senior Lecturer a Certificate.



Any persons

The Medical Library at Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, at two o'clock, for the delivery of books to students, conformably with the regulations of the College of Physicians.

The College Herbarium is open to the public on Wednesdays and Fridays during Term, from eleven to two o'clock. desirous of verifying specimens may obtain admission on Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the same hours, by giving notice to the Curator.

Medical Students, being Junior or Senior Sophisters on the College Books, and in attendance on two of the winter Courses of Medical Lectures, are exempted from the Classics of the Junior Sophister year, and from one of the three optional Courses (Mathematical Physics, Experimental Physics, or Classics) of the Senior Sophister year (page 23). To obtain this privilege it is necessary that the Student be matriculated in Medicine, and that the proper certiticates of his attendance on Medical Lectures be submitted to the Senior Lecturer.

By the Act 40 Geo. III. c. 84, the several Lecturers and Professors of the School of Physic are bound during each Medical Session to return to the Senior Lecturer the names of such Students as have attended their Lectures.

Students in Arts, having their names on the College Books, will be permitted to attend one Course free of expense, with each of the University Professors.

No Testimonium, or certificate of attendance, will be issued to such Students until after they have proceeded to their first degree in Medicine. On their application for the Liceat ad Examinandum, the Professors will transmit, direct to the Registrar of the School of Physic, the names of those Students who have qualified themselves. Should the Student who has had the privilege of free attendance desire to obtain an official Testimonium, before proceeding to his Medical degree, he must, on obtaining it, pay to the Professor the usual fee.


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