By a Decree of the Board, dated 30th November, 1793, it was resolved, That a Gold Medal be given to every Student who shall have answered every Examination from his entrance to the taking of his Bachelor's Degree, and at each examination shall have got judgments not inferior to one Bene with Valde Benea.

In the year 1816 this mode of giving Medals was abolished, and Gold Medals given, one to the best answerer in Science, and another to the best answerer in Classics, at an Examination held in distinct Courses prescribed for that purpose.

The regulations which passed the Board in June, 1833, have substituted for the Classical and Science Medals, Moderatorships, with Gold and Silver Medals, in Mathematics and Physics; in Classics ; in Logies, Ethics, and Political Economy. În 1850, Moderatorships in Experimental Physics were instituted ; and in 1856, Moderatorships in History, Political Science, and English Literature.

The following list contains the names of all Students who have obtained Medals at Commencements, under the Regulations formerly established in the University. Those whose names are marked thus [+] have since been Fellows :Gold Medallists on the Plan instituted A. D. 1793. 1794.

1798. Com. Æstivis.

Com. Vernis. Mr. Purcell, J., now Fitzgerald.

Whitty, Irwin.

Masond, Henry J. Monck.

Murphy, Patrick.
Com. Vernis.

Com. Æstivis.
Lefroyb, Thomas.

Mr. Jackson, Warren Hastings.
Mr. Monsell, William.



Com. Vernis. Magrath, John.

Com. Æstivis. Mr. Bagwell.

Com. Vernis.
Fitzgerald, John.

a Regist. November 30, 1798. Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench.
• Murdered in the County Tipperary, 1832.
d Author of Essay on Irish Parliaments, &c.

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Lord Viscount Strangford. Late Judge, Common Pleas. M. P. for the University in 1807. Queen's Counsel. * No Spring Commencements held this year, in consequence of the death of the ViceChancellor, the Earl of Clare. * Judge, Queen's Bench.

Bishop of Cork, &c. * Late Queen's Counsel.

Vice-Chancellor of the University, and late Lord Chancellor of Ireland.
Late Master in Chancery.

k Bishop of Cashel, &c. No Spring Commencements this year, in consequence of the vacancy of the ViceChancellorship ** Late Serjeant-at-Law.

n Late Reg. Prof. of Divinity. Bishop of Meath.

P Archdeacon of Glandelagh. Late Dean of Cloyne. 'Late Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, Bart., M.P. • Late King's Counsel, M. P.

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• Baron of the Exchequer.

• Master of Enniskillen School. e Master in Chancery,

d Late Bishop of Meath. • Bishop of Ossory, Leighlin, and Ferns. I Master in Chancery. 6 Queen's Counsel.

Professor of Natural Philosophy, Belfast.

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In consequence of the King's visit to Ireland, no Examinations were held in the Michaelmas Term of the year 1821, and the Medal Examination was deferred until the following Hilary Term.

Regius Professor of English and Feudal Law; Queen's Counsel; Commissioner O Incumbered Estates Court.

Late Master of Middleton School. a Chief Justice of the Common Pleas. * Master in Chancery.

i Principal of Upper Canada College, Toronto. * Sergeant at Law; M. P. for Limerick.

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By the regulations which substituted the rank of Moderator for the Gold Medals formerly given at the Degree Examination, as they have been lately modified by the Board, any Student who is qualified by having kept the requisite number of Terms, may offer himself as a Candidate the Examination Moderatorships, without appearing at the general Degree Examination.

Moderatorships may be obtained in each of the following departments, viz. : I. Mathematical Physics; II. Classics ; III. Ethics,

* Archbishop King's Lecturer in Divinity.

In consequence of the prevalence of cholera in Dublin, no Examinations were held in Easter Term, 1832.

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