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Side 509 - Hernisz. — A GUIDE TO CONVERSATION IN THE ENGLISH AND CHINESE LANGUAGES, for the use of Americans and Chinese in California and elsewhere. By STANISLAS HERNISZ. Square 8vo. pp. 274, sewed.
Side 472 - YAKKUN NATTANNAWA, A Cingalese Poem, descriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology ; to which is appended, the Practices of a Capua or Devil Priest, as described by a Budhist : and KOLAN NATTANNAWA, a Cingalese Poem, descriptive of the Characters assumed by Natives of Ceylon in a Masquerade.
Side 260 - A Compendious Pali Grammar with a Copious Vocabulary in the Same Language. Colombo 1824. 3 E. Burnouf et Chr. Lassen, Essai sur le Pali ou langue sacree de la presqu 'lie au-dela du Gange, Paris 1826.
Side 138 - A compendious Grammar of the Egyptian Language as contained in the Coptic and Sahidic Dialects ; with Observations on the Bashmuric...
Side 360 - Translation of an Abridgment of the Vedant, or Resolution of all the Veds ; the most celebrated and revered Work of Brahminical Theology, establishing the Unity of the Supreme Being, and that he alone is the Object of Propitiation and Worship.
Side 537 - Mémoires et anecdotes sur la dynastie régnante des Djogouns, souverains du Japon, avec la description des fêtes et cérémonies observées aux différentes époques de l'année à la cour de ces princes, et un appendice contenant des détails sur la poésie des Japonais, leur manière de diviser l'année, etc.
Side 227 - A DICTIONARY, SANSKRIT AND ENGLISH, extended and improved from the Second Edition of the Dictionary of Professor HH WILSON, with his sanction and concurrence. Together with a Supplement, Grammatical Appendices, and an Index, serving as a Sanskrit- English Vocabulary.
Side 110 - TALES OF THE GENII; or, the Delightful Lessons of Horam, the Son of Asmar. Translated from the Persian by Sir Charles Morell.
Side 73 - Moustapha sur l'état actuel de l'art militaire, du génie et des sciences à Constantinople.
Side 172 - The Koran, commonly called the Alcoran of MOHAMMED ; translated into English immediately from the original Arabic. With explanatory notes, taken from the most approved Commentators. To which is prefixed a preliminary discourse, by GEORGE SALE, Gent.