Roach's Beauties of the Modern Poets of Great Britain: Carefully Selected and Arranged ...

J. Roach, 1794

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Side 24 - Whence straight he came with hat and wig; A wig that flow'd behind, A hat not much the worse for wear, Each comely in its kind. He held them up, and in his turn Thus show'd his ready wit, My head is twice as big as yours, They therefore needs must fit.
Side 36 - I'll venture for the vole.) Six deans, they say, must bear the pall : (I wish I knew what king to call.) Madam, your husband will attend The funeral of so good a friend.
Side 7 - With that, there came an arrow keen Out of an English bow, Which struck Earl Douglas to the heart, A deep and deadly blow ; Who never spake more words than these, " Fight on, my merry men all ; For why, my life is at an end, Lord Percy sees my fall.
Side 119 - Of fancy, or proscribes the sound of mirth; Nor do we madly, like an impious world, Who deem religion frenzy, and the God, That made them, an intruder on their joys, Start at his awful name, or deem his praise A jarring note.
Side 43 - For her he oft expos'd his own. Two kingdoms, just as faction led, Had set a price upon his head ; But not a traitor could be found, To sell him for six hundred pound.
Side 26 - The youth did ride, and soon did meet John coming back amain, Whom in a trice he tried to stop By catching at his rein. But not performing what he meant, And gladly would have done, The frighted steed he frighted more, And made him faster run.
Side 36 - I'm sorry; but we all must die. Indifference clad in Wisdom's Guise, All Fortitude of Mind supplies: For how can stony Bowels melt, In those who never Pity felt; When We are lash'd, They kiss the Rod; Resigning to the Will of God.
Side 49 - My heart would be scot-free from cares, And lighter than a feather. As fine as five-pence is her mien, No drum was ever tighter ; Her glance is as the razor keen, And not the sun is brighter.
Side 24 - What news? what news? your tidings tell; Tell me you must and shall — Say why bare-headed you are come, Or why you come at all ? Now Gilpin had a pleasant wit, And loved a timely joke!
Side 48 - tis yours, 'tis mine, He said, 'tis the pursuit of all that live : Yet few attain it, if 'twas e'er attain'd. But they the widest wander from the mark, Who through the...

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