Index Supplement of the Sanitary Record, with Part 25, New Series (Whole No. 286), July 15th, 1881.


Sanitary Record











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Vol. II (New Series), with Part 25, July 15, 1881.




tion of, 70

Abergavenny, Medical Officer's report on, 265 | American notion, an, 302

Bergeman, Mr. J., filter, 488
Absorbent and deodorising powder, 398

patents, 359, 399, 440, 487

Bernbeck. Herr, colouring of wall-papers, 302
Accidents, liability for, un

pork and hams, 302

Bert, M. P., school hygiene, 92
Act, Adulteration, amended, operation of, 34; Anderson, Mrs. Garrett, on educational pres. Bethnal Green, Medical Officer's report on, 30
a point under, 110
sure, 29

Biddenden, sanitary state of, 102
Artisans' dwellings, at Newcastle-on. Angell, Mr. A. T., articles exhibited at Sanitary Bingham rural district, Medical Officer's re-
Tyne, 212
Institute, 193

port on, 72
Canal Boats, summons under, 31 Animals, diseases of communicable to men, 101 Bird, Mr. Þ. H., articles exhibited at Sanitary
Dagenham Farmers' Sewage Ulilisa-

slaying of among the Jews, Dr. M. Institute, 194 ; a fact on freezing, 313
tion, 199

Davis on, 286

Birkenhead, sewerage of, 260; Medical Officer's
Factory and Workshop, extension of Anthracite coal, 225, 226, 416, 461

report on, 307
operation of, 34, 199

Anthrax and allied diseases, investigation of, 27 Birmingham, Níedical Officer's report on, 220,471
Petroleum, 33
Antipodes, public health at, 197

Births in England in 1980, 447
Action: abatement of nuisances, Derbyjustices Appeals, see Actions

Bischof, Mr. G., filtration of water in the
Basford (appeal) 271 ; Nottingham Appointments, 40, 51, 80, 154, 209, 238, 248, military service, 165; apparatus for filtration,
justices and Whitchurch, 388
320. 340, 360, 420

arsenical papers, Stenhoff 2. Woollams legal decision concerning, 476 Blackpool, health of, 36
and Co., 3!

Arbitration, legal decision concerning, 475 Blankets, chartaline, 199
Artisans' Dwellings Act, Metropolitan Architect, sanitary work of an, 347

Board, local. See Local Board.
Board of Works v Windus and Collins, 353 Armstrong, Sir W., gift of ground by, 211 Board schools and infectious diseases, 470

closure of a well, Birmingham Corpo- Arsenical wall-papers, action concerning, 310; Board of Works, Metropolitan, year's work of,
ration v. Edwards, 30
sce Wall papers

contracts of Urban Sanitary Authori- Artisans, dwellings of, improvement of in Man. Boarding out order of Local Government
ties, Eaton 21. Barker and others, 389

chester and Salford, 69 ; at Newcastle-on- Board, 368
disinfection of premises, Fergusson v. Tyne, 212

system, Mr. W. D’E. Parker on, 332,
Nurthen, 387

legal decision concerning, 392
disposal of sewage, Attorney-General 110, 476

Boilers, explosion of, 300, 373, 378, 420; safety
v. Dorking Guardians, 311

Dwellings Act, actions and appeals

from, 316, 392
drainage expenses, Gould and others under, 353

Bolton, Medical Officer's report on, 7?
7. Bacup Local Board, 352

Ashby, Dr. H., Health Lectures for the People, Bond, Dr. F. T., dissemination of infectious
Hampstead Small. Pox Hospital, Hill TOV., 111; infantile diarrhæa, 160

disease by milk, 299
and others?'. Metropolitan Asylums managers Association, British Medical, Parliamentary Borax and boracic preparations, 120
(appeal), 387

Bills Coinmittee of, and notification of in Boston, water supply of, 377
infringement of patents, Holloway v. fectious diseases, 410

Boulnois, Mr., annihilation of sewage.gas, 142
Roberts, 108

Dairymen and Milk Sellers' deputa. Bournemouth, Medical Officers report on, 265;.
isolation of infectious disease, Watson

hotels and lodging houses at, 343
7. Leamington College Company, 108

London and Provincial Supply, action Bowes, Scott, and Read, Messrs., Field's
landlord and tenant, Budd v. David. against, 13, 107.

annular siphon, 313
son, 389

of Medical Officers of Health, Bir. Boxall, Mr. H., warming and heating appa.
libel, Fox v. Robson, 103; Hawksley mingham and Midland, 25; Mr. Fosbroke's ratus, 440
». Bradshaw, 353

address, 296, 322

Boyle, Messrs., removal of products of com-
neglect of sewers, Fleming v. Corpo-

Yorkshire, Annual Meeting, bustion of gas, 278; experiments at Custom-
ration of Manchester, 475
189; meeting, 304

House with system of ventilation, 318
Pharmaceutical Society z'. The Lon-

of Municipal and Sanitary Engineers, Brabazon, Dr. A. B., zymotic diseases, 231, 273.
don and Provincial Supply Association, 107

Bracket, imperial ventilating, 396
pollution of rivers, Attorney-General

Public Health of Boston, offer to, 269 Bradford, Medical Officer's report on, 308
2). Birmingham Council, 475

Sanitary Assurance, Council of, 314 Brady, Sir A., address by, 143
removal of human remains, the Queen

Social Science, deputation of Council Bread, sweet, 15; whole meal, 252
7. Jacobson, 30, 269

to Mr. Dodson on sanit 1ry laws, 27

Bridgewater, Medical Officer's report on, 308
residence of members of local boards, Aston Manor, Medical Officer's report on, 471 Brighton, Medical Officer's report on, 303
Asylum, Brookwood, water supply of, 59

sanatorium sor, 384
Tobin's system of ventilation, Ruston

Assurance, Sanitary, Chaumont Bristowe, Dr. J. S., address to Society of
». Tobin, 310
on, 361

Medical Officers of Health, 287
Tottenham Board of Health, v. Atmosphere of manufacturing towns, 377. Bromsgrove, Mr. H. Page on sewage of, 82
Rowel, 33. 108

Atwater, Mr. W. D., nutritive value of fish, 211 Bronchitis kettle, 398
water-supply of baths, Sheffield Water. Aylesbury, sewage precipitation works at, 71 Browning, Dr., death-rates of children, 304
works Company v. Binghanı, 270

Buchan, Mr. W. P., movement of gases, 78
Adams, Dr., patent ventilating gas-stove, 337 Baker, Sir S., Laws relating to Quarantine, rev.,

Pole's siphon water-closets, 234
Adulteration in America, 375, 481

rats and lead-pipes, 117
of food, legal decision concerning, 272, Bakewell, Dr., colonial sanitary lessons, 380

removal of products of combustion of

Baldock, proposed extension of district, 40 gas, 392
of fruit syrups, 301
Baldwin, Mr. S. E., public parks, 460

ventilation of soil-pipes, 115
of milk, 110, 114

Ball, Mr. F., safety from kitchen boiler ex- Builders' and Manufacturers' Exchange and
model act against, 366
plosions, 392

Subscription Rooms, 397
of quinine, 109

Banner, Messrs., articles to be exhibited, 465 Building bye-laws, 110; line, 271, 354
Agricultural Science at South Kensington, 94 Barnard and Bishop's slow combustion stoves,

health and comfort in, Drs. Drysdale
Aur, apparatus for cooking, 487

319, 397

and Haywood on, rev., 194,
hot, delivery of in disease, 90
Barnsley, Medical Officer's report on, 307, 471

exhibition at Agricultural Hall, 4 30
disinfection by, Mr. Eassie on, 158, Barton, Medical Officer's report on, 72

Jine, legal decision concerning, 271,354
207, 285, 331, 372; Dr. Markham on warming Basins for lavatories, 398

jerry. 342, 458
of houses by. 321
Bath, sponge, Groom and Co.'s, 357

societies and the Parkes Museum, 160
impure, as a cause of disease, Dr. J. Baths, heating of by gas, 394, 436

Burdett, Mr. H. C., unhealthiness of public
Ward on, 4

hot-water apparatus for, 196

institutions, 123; mortuaries for towns and
inlets and outlets for, Mr. Eassie on, 10,

St. George's, proposed extension of, villages, 130


Burge, Mr. C. W., trapped gullies, 358
motion of, in drains, 459. See Ventilation. - water-supply of, action regarding pay. Burgess, Mr. C., water tap, 359
of London, Captain Galton on prevent- ment for, 270

Burnett's fluid as a disinfectant, 202
able causes of impurity in, 41

Batten, Mr. W., articles exhibited at Sanitary Burton, Mr. W. K., ingenious malconstruction,
Albissima paint, 462

Institute. 192

Alcester, Mr. H. Page on sewerage at, 81 Bed, disinfection of a, 196

Butter, spurious, prosecution for selling. 32,
Alcohol, use of in hospitals, 212

Beilstein, M., aluminous disinfectants, 343 388 ; question in Pariiament concerning, 313
use of, in relation to public health, Bell-traps, 342

Butterine, 388
Dr. L. Shapter on, 444

Bell, Mr. E. I., ventilation of dwelling-rooms, Buxton, alterations in hospital, 94, 170
Alexander, Mr. A. G., patent water-closet, 399 377
Allen, Dr. D; .P., typhoid fever in Germany, Belis, pneumatic, 462

Calcutta, Medical Officer's report on, 308
Alnwick, working men's dwellings at, 61 Bennett, Mr. W., water.cans, 76

Calvert, Messrs., articles exhibited at Sanitary
Aluminous disinfectants, 343

Bennor, Mr. J., mercury.seal for stench-traps, Institute, 194
American domestic inventions, 483


Cambridge, Medical Officer's report on, 221

60, 155

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