The Lives of the Most Eminent British Painters and Sculptors, Volum 1

J. & J.Harper, 1832

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Side 157 - Farewell, great painter of mankind ! Who reach'd the noblest point of art, Whose pictured morals charm the mind, And through the eye correct the heart. If Genius fire thee, reader, stay, If nature touch thee, drop a tear, If neither move thee — turn away — For Hogarth's honour'd dust lies here.
Side 151 - ... as the back-ground and a dog, I began to consider how I could turn so much work laid aside to some account, and so patched up a print of Master Churchill in the character of a Bear. The pleasure and pecuniary advantage which I derived from these two engravings, together with occasionally riding on horseback, restored me to as much health as can be expected at my time of life.
Side 198 - I ought to have done, was one of the most humiliating circumstances , that ever happened to me ; I found myself in the midst of works executed upon principles with which I was unacquainted: I felt my ignorance, and stood abashed.
Side 177 - Poussin, to achieve it. In the picture alluded to, the first idea that presents itself is that of wonder, at seeing a figure in so uncommon a situation as that in which the Apollo is placed ; for the clouds on which he kneels have not the appearance of being able to support him...
Side 275 - When they conceived a subject, they first made a variety of sketches ; then a finished drawing of the whole ; after that a more correct drawing of every separate part...
Side 53 - I only have transferr'd it to her Eyes. Such are thy Pictures, Kneller. Such thy Skill, That Nature seems obedient to thy Will: Comes out, and meets thy Pencil in the draught: Lives there, and wants but words to speak her thought.
Side 275 - ... hands, feet, and pieces of drapery ; they then painted the picture, and after all retouched it from the life. The pictures thus wrought with such pains now appear like the effect of enchantment, and as if some mighty Genius had struck them off at a blow.
Side 301 - We are all going to heaven, and Vandyke is of the company," and immediately expired — August 2nd, • 1788, in the sixty-first year of his age.
Side 270 - I reflect not without vanity, that these Discourses bear testimony of my admiration * Che Raffaelle non ebbe quest" arte da nutura, ma per lunyo studio. of that truly divine man, and I should desire that the last words which I should pronounce in this Academy, and from this place, might be the name of — MICHAEL ANGELO*.

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