Linning. 2. At Moorfarm, Mr Geo. worth, of Pincarrow, Bart., to Miss Stedman, writer, Edinburgh, to Miss Brown. 10. At London, William MilMary Barclay. 6. At London, Capt. ler, Esq., of Ozelworth Park, to Miss James of the Scots Greys, to Lady Fran- Wyndham, eldest daughter of the Right ces Hay, sister to the Earl of Errol. 6. Hon. W. Wyndham. 12. At North BerAt Madras, R. Alexander, Esq. of the wick, Capt. Brown of the Iniskilling DraBoard of Revenue, to Miss Grace Black- goons, to Miss Dalrymple, daughter of

8. At London, William Milner, the late Sir Hew Dalrymple, Bart. 19. Esq., to the Hon. Harriet Bentinck. 9. At Donington Castle, Sir George RumJames Cathcart, Esq. mercht. Leith, to bold, Bart., to the Hon. Miss Parkyns, Miss Walker.-At Strathmaskie, John sister of Lord Radcliffe. 17. At CamMacpherson, Esq. Dalchully, to Miss nethan House, Capt. D. Robertson, to Christian Macdonald. 15. At Peters- Miss Carolina Lockhart.--Lately, Lord burgh, Prince George of Oldenburgh, to Grey de Ruthen, to Anna Maria, daughthe Grand Duchess Catherine. 16. The ter of William Kellam, Esq., WarwickRev. John Fernie of Dunfermline, to shire. 21. The Rev. James Young, EckMiss Agnes Tait. 17. At London, the ford, to Miss Hume, Lasswade. 24. At Hon. G. Lambe, to Miss Le Jeune, a ward Stitchel, the Rev. D. Gordon, to Janer, of the Duke of Devonshire. 24. At Dun- daughter of the Rev. A. Scott, Stitchel

. fermline, Dr Henry Dewar Lassodie, to 81. At Edinburgh, Henry Moncrieff, Esq. Miss Spence of Philadelphia. -At Yar- W. S. to Miss C. E. Rollo.-At Cattemouth, James Henderson, Esq. Ross-shire rick, James Kirkstopp, Esq., of Spittal, Militia, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Sir to Eliza, daughter of the late Sir Alex. Edmund Lacon.

Livingstone, Bart.—The Rev. A. DougJUNE-1. At Portobello, David Stod- las, Rector of Cannallway, to the Right dart, Esq., to Miss Eliza Jamieson. 2. Hon. Lady Susan Drew, daughter of the Sir John Pringle of Stitchell, Bart., to late Earl of Dunmore. Emilia Ann, third daughter of the late AUG.-1. At London, Lieut. Gilbert General Macleod of Macleod. 5. At Douglas, Royal Military College, to Miss Petershill, the Rev. Dr William Meek of Jerry, daughter of the late Gen. Jerry. Torphichan, to Miss Croll. 8. At Twick- 7. At Cardoness House, Andrew Watenham, Capt. Carmichael, 9th dragoons, son, Esq., W. S. to Miss Harriet Max. to Miss Mackenzie. 12. At Bellwood, well, third daughter of Sir David Maxnear Perth, Thomas Caw, Esq., mercht. well, Bart. 15. At Edinburgh, Capt. Arin London, to Miss E. C. Young. 15. thur Farquhar, R. N., to Miss Jane MurAt Berwick, Arthur Clifford, Esq. fourth ray. 22. At London, Lord Boringdon, son of the late Hon. T. Clifford, to Miss to the Hon. Miss Talbot. 24. At EdinMacdonell. 20. At Gretna Green, Mr burgh, Sir Thomas Livingstone of WestBraggs Carlyll of Hull, to Elizabeth, only quarter, Bart., R. N., to Miss Stirling, daughter and heiress of the late John Pil- only daughter of the late Sir James Stircairn, Esq. of Pitcairn House. 20. Dr ling, Bart. Stewart, Balmoral, to Miss Ann Stewart. Sept.-1. At Dunbar, James Hay, 29. At London, Sir Thomas Ramsay of Esq., in the Hon. East India Company's Balmain, Bart., to Miss Steele, daughter service, to Miss Delisle. 5. At Gouof the late Rev. Dr Steele of Jamaica. rock, Dr Jeffrey, Professor of Anatomy -At Plymouth, the Hon. Rear Admiral and Botany, Glasgow, to Miss Margaret Stafford, to Mary, daughter of Commis- Lockhart. 6. At Lewisham, Major Gen. sioner Fanshaw. 30. Åt Edinburgh, Ed- the Hon. John Broderick, to Ann, daughward Inglis, Esq., R. N., to Miss Barbara ter of R. Graham, Esq., of Fintray. At Allan, Queensferry.- At London, Mr Broomtown, near Fort George, Major W. Tait, merchant, to Jane, daughter of Fortye, to Miss Jane Athol Gordon Professor Hunter, St Andrews.

Campbell. 13. At Niddry, John SpotJULY–4. At Kirkcudbright, the Rev. tiswoode, Esq., of Spottiswoode, to Miss T. Turnbull, to Miss Susan Mutter. 7. Helen Wauchope. -At Edinburgh, Alex. At Edinburgh, Sir Arscott Qurry Moles. Munro, Esq., of Livingstone, to Miss Ann


Jane Brown. 14. At Bristol, Capt. Spear, John Stirling, of Kippendavie, Esq. 16. R. N., to Miss Grace Grant.-At Lon- At Hill House, John Norman Macleod, don, John Osborne, Esq., son of Sir Geo. of Macleod, Esq., to Miss Stephenson, Osborne Bart., to Miss Davers, daughter London. 17. Ai Edinburgh, Capt. Alex. of Sir Charles Davers. 18. At Edin

Robertson, of the India ship Surat Casburgh, J. W. Brougham, Esq., to Miss tle, to Miss Laing, Edinburgh. 18. At Margaret Morton. 20. At Aberdeen, London, Viscount Barnard, eldest son of Dr Macpherson, to Christiana, eldest the Earl of Darlington, to Lady Sophia daughter of Principal M‘Leod.-At St Poulett. 20. At Hawick manse, the Rev. Andrews, John Honey, Esq., Blairhall, to G. J. Hamilton, Harbottle, to Miss WalMiss Adamson. 27. Hudson Gurney, of ker. 25. Viscount Hamilton, son of the Norwich, Esq., to Margaret, daughter of Marquis of Abercorn, to Miss Douglas. the late Robert Barclay of Ury, Esq. 28. 27 Henry Clive, Esq., M. P. for LudAt London, Henry Erskine, Esq., young- low, to Miss Buller.--At Tinwald Downs, er, of Amondell, to Elizabeth; youngest Lever Legge, Esq., of the Scots Greys, daughter of General Sir Charles Shipley. to Miss Bushby:-Grant David Yeats, -At Haleshall, Staffordshire, William M D. of Bedford, to Miss Jane ColGeddes, Esq., Leith, to Miss Charlotte quhoun, London. Turner. 29. At Salthil' near Galway, DEC.-5. At Dundee, the Rev. J. the Hon. Charles French, to Miss Brown. Johnstone, Blairgowrie, to Mrs Ander-The Hon. Edward Harbord, second 12. At Rosemount, near Edinson of Lord Suffield, to the Hon. Geor-burgh, the Rev. John Campbell, to Miss giana Vernon.—At London, Rear Ad- Janc Shirreff. 15. Ac Dykc, Stirlingmiral Sir Sidney Smith, to Lady Rum- shire, David Dunn, Esq., of Easter Craigbold, widow of the late Sir George Rum- annet, to Miss Adam. 19. At Edinbold, Bart.

burgh, Lieut. Col. Pat. Don of SpringOct.-2. At Scarborough, Andrew field, to Miss Millie.-At Edinburgh, MaCraig M‘Lehose, Esq., W. S., to Miss Ma- jor James Weir, of Tollcross, to Miss ry Goodrum. 4. John Stewart, Esq., of Jean Stewart Ponton.—At Glasgow, the Stenton, to Joanna, eldest daughter of Rev. Robert Rennie, Bo'ness, to Miss the Rev. D. Moncreiffe. 5. At Isling- Orchart. 20. At St Mary's, Newington, ton, the Rev. R. Young, D. D. London Surrey, Olinthus Gilbert Gregory, L. L. Wall, to Miss Ancrum.-At Eaglescair- D., of the Royal Military Academy, nie, the Rev. Dr Andrew Stewart, Bol- Woolwich, to Miss Beddome, Walworth. ton, to the Hon. Margaret Stewart, daugh- 24. At Burlington House, Chiswick, Lord ter of the late Lord Blantyre. 16. At George Levison Gower, to Lady Harriet Duff House, Richard Wharton Duff of Cavendish, daughter of the Duke of DeOrton, Esq., Comptroller of Excise in vonshire. 30. At London, Thomas PhilScotland, to the Right Hon. Lady Anne lips, Esq., to Miss Fraser, daughter of Duff, second daughter of the Earl of Fife. Mr Simon Fraser, Fairfield, Inverness. 17. At London, Lieut. Colonel Harris, 79 regt., to Miss Dick. 19. At Burling

DEATHS. ton House, Chiswick, his Grace the Duke of Devonshire, to Lady Elizabeth Foster. JAN.-1. At Bath, the Right Hon. 30. At Hamilton, William Drysdale, Esq. Alan Lord Gardner, Adiniral of the Red, W. S. younger, of Pitteuchar, to Miss Major General of Marines, and late ComFleming.-At London, Edward Ellice, mander of the Channel Fleet. 2. At Esq., to the Right Hon. Lady Hannah Edinburgh, G. Stewart, son of Professor Bettesworth. 31. At Taunton, Capt. Dugald Stewart. 3. At London, in his Charretie, 64 regt., to Miss F. Douglas. 53d year, the most noble Dennis Brown,

Nov.-6. Ai Edinburgh, William Marquis of Sligo, Earl of Altamont, and Horne, Esq., younger, of Stircoke, Advo- Knight of the order of St Patrick.cate, to Miss Riddell.–At Kippenross, At London, the Hon. Henry Percy, son Ludovic Houstoun, Esq., younger, of of Lord Louvaine. 5. At Branxholm, Johnstonc, to Ann, eldest daughter of aged 63, Adam Ogilvie, Esq., of Hartwoodmyres, Advocate, and Chamberlain Mrs Christian Ker, daughter of the late to his Grace the Duke of Buccleuch. Professor John Ker, Edinburgh. At At London, the Hon. Mrs Cornwallis, Edinburgh, aged 38, Captain James Ross. sister to Lord Bayning.–At Bath, Gene- Farquharson of Invercauld, R. N. 7, ral Edward Smith, Col. of the 434 regt. At Edinburgh, John Smyth, Esq., W. S. of foot, and Governor of Fort Charles, 8. At Grimsthorpe Castle, his Grace the Jamaica. 8. At Hamilton, Archd. Burns, Duke of Ancaster and of Kestevan, MarEsq., Commissary of Hamilton and Camp- quis and Earl of Lindsay. 10. At Walsic, and Sheriff Substitute for the county ton upon Thames, the Right Hon. Lady of Lanark at Hamilton. 18. At Tweed Augusta Bennet, daughter of the Earl of Bank, the Lady of Lieut. Col. Duns- Tankerville.- French Lawrence, Esq., more. 21. At London, Lieut. Gen. Hib- L.L.D., M.P. for Peterborough. 11. At bert, formerly Commander-in-chief of the Edinburgh, Robert Vans Agnew, Esq., of East Ir-'ia Company's forces in Bengal. Sheuchan and Barnbarrow, Wigtonshire. 22. At the manse of Kincardine O'Neil, -At the manse of Muthil, the Rev. John the Rev. W. Morice, in the 81st year of Scott, in the 65th year of his age, and his

age, and 48th of his ministry. 24. At 43d of his ministry. 17. At Heriotshill, London, aged 80, the Right Hon. James Mrs Catherine Lockhart, relict of R. Earl of Fife. 27. At Plymouth, Major Jamieson, Esq., W. S.--At Huntingdon, Archd. Argyle Campbell, 42d regt. 29. At Captain Thomas Stevenson, R. N.-At Hlope Park House, Robert Nasmyth, Esq., London, Dr John Hunter, F. R. S., phyAdvocate. 30. The Rev. James Gordon, sician extraordinary to the Prince of Bellic, in the 82d year of his age, and Wales.- At London, Lieutenant General 55th of his ministry.-At the manse of Arthur Ormsby, lieutenant-colonel of the Abbots-hall, the Rev. George Shaw, in 6th Dragoon Guards. 18. At Edinburgh, the 73d year of his age, and 40th of his Duncan Buchanan, Esq., late surgeon in ministry.-On his passage home from Co. the service of the East India Company. puna, Lieut. Col. Symes, 76th regt. for- 19. James King, Esq., of Drums, in his merly Ambassador to the kingdom of S6th year.–At Portsmouth, Captain T. Ava.-Lately, aged 72, his Excellency Hawker, R. N. 20. At Perth, Mr James Count Bruhl, many years Minister from Morison, bookseller.–At London, Gen. the Elector of Saxony to his Britannic T. O. Mordaunt, aged 79. 23. At LonMajesty.-Lately, at the Rectory Plouse, don, Lady Dowager Ashburton, in her Lincolnshire, Mrs Radcliffe, the celebra- 65th year.–At Alnwick, Nathaniel Dated authoress of the Romance of the Fo. vison, Esq., formerly consul at Nice and rest, &c.-Lately at Belchamp Hall, Es. Algiers.—At Rachan, Peebles-shire, Mr sex, the Right Hon. the Countess of Loch of Rachan.-At Hawick, in her Dundonald.—At Tichfield, Rear-Admi- 93d year, Mrs Elizabeth Elliot, daughter ral Jonathan Faulkner. At Catesfield, of the late William Elliot, Esq., of BorthRear-Admiral Edward O'Bryen, who gal- wickbrae.-At Stirling, in her 76th year, lantly broke the line, when commanding Mrs Barbara Stewart, daughter of the the Monarch, in the memorable action late Archibald Stewart, Esq., of Stewart off Camperdown.—The Rev. Thomas Hall. 24. At London, the Earl of OrMoss, author of " The Beggar's Peti- ford.--Alexander Anderson, Esq., of tion,” &c.

Udall. 27. John Smith, Esq., of CrossFEB.—2. At Liverpool, the Hon. Mrs nill. 28. At Lathrisk, David Johnston, Stanley, aged 92.-át Plymouth, of bis Esq., Advocate.-At Ballaville, Rosswounds received in Spain, Major Crigan, shire, the lady of the late Alexander Chisof the 81st regiment, son of the Bishop holme of Chisholme. Esq. of Soulor and Man. 3. At London, Lau- MARCII-1. At Leith, Archibald Gedrence Dundas Campbell, Esq., a gentle- des, Esq., manager of the Leith Glassman distinguished for his literary and po. work. 2. At London, in his 40th year, litical attainments, and the planner and Charles John Carey, Viscount Falkland. conductor of the Asiatic Annual Regis. (See Chronicle, p. 78.)- At Spotthouse, ter. 5. At Edinburgh, in her 30th year, Lady Seaton, relict of Sir Henry Seaton, Bart.-At Logie house, Mrs Watt of win, &c.—At Dunfermline, Mr James Logie. 5. At Ramsgate, in his 78th White, supervisor of excise. —At Easyear, John Murray, Earl of Dunmore.- dale, Mr Alexander Campbell of BarrowAt Edinburgh, Mr William Brown, the wick, aged 80. 26. At Edinburgh, the projector and editor of the Edinburgh Dowager Countess of Kintore. 29. At Weekly Journal. At Perth, David his seat of Writtle, in Essex, the Right Macvicar, Esq.-At Danevale, Mrs Fer- Hon. Robert Edward, Baron Petre.- At rier Cutler of Orroland, spouse of Ma- Edinburgh, Mr William Sibbald, archijor-General Ferrier. 7. At Achendown, tect.-At Perth, Mrs Margaret Monaged 70, Major John Grant. 8. At Edin- crieff, relict of the Rev. George Murray, burgh, Mrs Ann Malcolme, relict of Dr minister of Lockerby. 30. At Edinburgh, Malcolme of Ayr. 9. At Ceithock, Patrick Miss Janet Clark, second daughter of Bowie, Esq., of Ceithock. 10. At Edin- John Clark, Esq., of Eldin.-Mr James burgh, Mrs Craigie, relict of Laurence Maule, 55 years factor for the Earl of Craigie of Glendoick, Esq. 11. Colonel Murray. 31. At Forfar, Jolin Ritchie, James Rattray of Arthurstone, by a fall Esq., one of the oldest masters in his Mafrom his horse, on his way home from jesty's navy.- -Lieut.-Colonel Charles Forfar.-At Elie, Dr John Reid.At Maclean, late of Kenlochaline.--Late Clarkston, Thomas Livingston, Esq., of lv, at Plymouth, Nicholas Vincent, Esq., Parkhall.–At Tiverton, Devonshire, Mrs Admiral of the White, aged 86. He was Cowley, the celebrated dramatic writer. made a post captain in 1747.-At En12. At Middlebie, the Rev. Abraham field, in his 73d year, Richard Gough, Nivison, minister of that parish.-The Esq., well known in the literary and anRev. William Duncan, minister of Aber- tiquarian world. nethy, aged 60.–At Newlands, Liddis- APRIL.-2. At Lamiar, near Lisbon, in dale, Jolin Elliot of Coombs, Esq., aged his 23d year, Captain Alexander Ker, of 68. 15. At Edinburgh, Colonel John the 43d regiment, son of James Ker, Campbell, Esq., younger, of Shawfield, Esq., of Blackshiels. 6. At Armadale, M. P. He married the beautiful Lady Skye, John Alexander Grahame, Esq., Charlotte Campbell, daughter of the late chamberlain of Skye, &c, 7. At StitchDuke of Argyle. 19. At Bath, Mrs Er- el House, Sir James Pringle of Stitchell, skine, wife of Alexander Erskine, Esq., of Bart., in his 84th year. 9. At Edinburgh, Bath Hall. 20. At Forres, Mrs Eliza- Mrs Jean Loch, relict of Mr Alexander beth Arnot, wife of John Gordon, Edin- Murray, printer.-At Dumfries, aged 95, tore, Esq. 21. At London, her Grace the Mrs Jean Hay, relict of Mr Malcolm, Duchess Dowager of Bolton, aged 75.- one of the town clerks. 10. At London, At Ullapool, Robert Melville, Esq., to Dr David Pitcairn.--At Greenock, Lieut.whose public-spirited exertions that vil. Colonel Henry George Johnston. 14. lage is materially indebted for its rise and At Edinburgh, Mr Cathcart Boyd, for progress. 22. At Aberdeen, William merly examiner of salt duties for ScotFidler, Esq., late of Borriston in Fife, land.--At Aberdeen, Mr George Dawaged 75. 23. At London, Thomas Hol- son, teller of the Commercial Bank. 17. croft, Esq., author of Hugh Trevor, the At Dumfries, Mrs Copland, relict of Alex. Road to Ruin, &c. &c., aged 61.–At ander Copland, Esq., of Kingsgrange.Kelso, James Potts, Esq., agent for the Mr John Richmond, nurseryman, Leith Bank of Scotland.--At Edinburgh, Mrs Walk. 18. At Duddingston manse, Hamilton, wife of Dr James Hamilton, Mrs Isabella Ramsay, wife of the Rev. junior. 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jackson, John Thomson. 20. At London, in his wife of James Jackson, Esq., city cham- 73d year, Earl Harcourt, many years masberlain. . 25. In the episcopal palace of ter of the horse to her Majesty. 22. At Lichfield, Mrs Anna Seward, in her 66th Edinburgh, aged 66, the Rev. Dr Anyear. She is well known as the author of drew Hunter of Barjarg, professor of die a Monody on her lover the gallant Major vinity in the university, and one of the Andre, Louisa, a novel, a life of Dr Dar. ministers of the city, - At Inverness, Carr


in Henry Morrit, late of the 79th foot. of his age, the Right Rev. Beilby Por-At Pitglassie, near Dingwall, Mr Da- teous, Lord Bishop of London, and offii Aitken, land surveyor. 23. At Edin- cial trustee of the British Museum, Dean trgh, George Colebrooke of Crawford- of the Chapel Royal, &c.-At the manse ouglas, Esq.-Mr David Purdie, stu- of Southdean, Roxburghshire, the Rev. ent of divinity, Edinburgh. 24. At William Scott, in the 720 year of his age, ondon, the Rev. Dr Donald Grant, in and 48th of his ministry. 16. At Eastis 72d year,

25. At Achany, Suther- field, near Leith, Macduff Hart, Esq.-nd, Mrs Munro, Dowager of Achany, At Linlithgow, in his 89th year, Robert ged 90.–At Edinburgh, Lady Suttie, Clark, Esq., of Woodside, many years elict of Sir George Suttie of Balgowan, provost of that burgh. 18. At Edinburgh, art. 26. At Millmount, Ross-shire, Co- Mrs Ann Hamilton, relict of Dr John pnel R. Mackenzie. --At Edinburgh, aged Harvie of London.-At Kirkcudbright, 8, Maj.-Gen. Alexander Mackay, for 30 in her 81st year, Mrs Muir, of Livingears Dep.-Adj.-Gen. to the forces in ston in Galloway. 22. At Glasgow, Dr North Britain. --Athis house, Leith Walk, Hugh M'Leod, emeritus professor of Captain John Roberts, late of London, church bistory in that university.-At aged 75. 27. At Leith, David Allan, Edinburgh, Mrs Blair, wife of Alexander Esq., collector of excise. 28. At Tower Blair, Esq., W. S.-Mr Robert Gordon, Bridge, near Blarney, Ireland, Robert late bookseller in Edinburgh. 23. At Walsh, aged 100 years and 4 months. Perth, in his 78th year, W. Alison, Esq., 30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Lucy Rudiman late provost of that town. 24. At ChelKerr, spouse of John Rudiman Kerr, sea, in his 49th year, Sir William Henry Esq.-Lately, Captain Towry of the navy, Douglas, Bart. Vice Admiral of the Blue. and one of the commissioners of the 30. At Jedburgh, Dr William King. Transport Board.—John Barclay, Esq., JUNE.-1. At Abbeyhill, Edinburgh, Admiral of the Blue.-At Dublin, the Miss Ann Carmichael, last surviving Right Hon. John Monck Mason, aged daughter of the late David Carmichael of 84.-At Battersea, Alexander Cham- Balmedy, Esq. 3. At the manse of Gurpion, Esq., one of the directors of the gunnock, the Rev. George Christison. 4. Bank of England.-At his seat in Den- At Clifton, near Bristol, aged 91, John bighshire, Gabriel Piozzi, Esq., husband Peack Hungerford, Esq., many years of Mrs Piozzi, formerly Mrs Thrale.—At M. P. for Leicestershire. 5. At Lee, in Castle Mary, Viscountess Longueville.- bis 81st year, David Papillon, Esq., late The Right Hon. Fulke Greville.-At senior commissioner of excise. --William Paris, Mr Payne, bookseller, London. Wemyss, Esq., of Castlehill, Kinross-At Leominster, aged 90, the Rev. Sir shire. 7. At London, Benjamin Shaw, John Dutton Colt, Bart.-At Kilmuir, Esq. At Paris House, Hugh Hay, Esq., Skye, Captain Norman Macleod, late of of 'Paris House.-At Balnakilly, John the 71st foot. ---At Edinburgh, Mrs Black Stewart, Esq., of Balnakilly. 8. At lock, relict of the Rev. Dr Blacklock. in America, Thomas Payne, the well

MAY.-1. At Alloa, the Rev. Tho- known champion of republicanism and mas Waters, in the 74th year of his age, infidelity. 9. At Dumfries, Mrs Young and 41st of his ministry there. 4. At of Youngfield, in her 87th year. 10. At Edinburgh, Cloud Alexander, Esq., of Edinburgb, aged 72, Major-General the Ballamyle. 5. James Dick, Esq., of Pit- Hon. Mark Napier.—At Lauriston, Ansherrow. 8. At York, aged 80, Alex. drew Bell, Esq., engraver, aged 83. 11. ander Hunter, M. D. F. R. S. L. and E., At Ogill, William Simpson, Esq., of and physician to the York Lunatic Asy- Ogill. 14. Lieut.-Colonel Wynyard of lum.-- At London, Henry Knight Er. the 14th Light Dragoods. 15. The Rev. skine of Pittodrie, Esq. 9. Suddenly, at Andrew Youngson, minister of AberBath, Walsh Porter, Esq.-At Dublin, deen, in his 83d year.-—At Stirling, Dr Plunket, an eminent physician. 14. Mrs Cecilia Murray, relict of Dr HerAt bis house at Fulbam, in the 78th year cules Lindsay, Glasgow. --At London,

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