aged 87, Sir George Baker, Bart., physi- wife of Dr Hazell, of South Carolina. cian to their Majestics. 17. At Corsbie, 24. At Dublin, Thomas Fleming, Esq., Mrs Murray, wife of John Murray, Esq., formerly Lord Mayor of that city, an of Uplaw. 18. At his seat of Parton, in eminently active and upright magistrate. Galloway, William Glendonwyn,Esq.At 25. At Madeira, Lady Sophia Bligh, wife his seat in Kent, Filmer Honywood, Esq., of the Hon. W. Bligh, and daughter of of Markshall, formerly M. P. for Kent.-- the late Earl of Galloway. 30. At SheAt Craigluscar, Thomas Colville, Esq., riffston, John Forsyth, Esq. agent for of Lambhill, aged 76. 18. At Irvine, in the Bank of Scotland at Eigin. . Lately his 89th year, C. Fleming, Esq., of Mont- at Gosport, Robert Welsh, M. D., surgomery field. 24. At Brechin, Alexander geon in the R. N.-At Priestlands, John Ferrier, Esq., late of Kintreket. 27. At Payton, Esq., Admiral of the Red. Sir Ranachan Strene, Argyleshire, Captain John Macnamara Hayes, Bart., M. D., John Cameron, only surviving heir of the Inspector-General of the medical departGlendessary family.-At East Bank, Lady ment of Woolwich. Sempill, mother of Lord Sempill. 28. AUG.-1. At Glasgow, James Muir, At Lochnaw Castle, Sir Stair Agnew, Esq., surgeon. -At Southend, in Kent, Bart.-Lately, at Langton manse, the the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Rev. Alexander Girvan.-At Woolwich, Fraser. 2. At Hamble, Admiral BradColonel Harding, Royal Artillery.—A by, aged 13. 3. At London, in his 50th female pauper at a workhouse in Liver- year, Andrew Mackay, L. L. D., &c., pool, at the age of 12-i.

mathematical examiner of Trinity House, JULY.-1. At his house in Whitehall, formerly of Aberdeen. 5. On his pasJohn Fordyce of Ayton, Esq., surveyor sage from Jamaica, Dr Murray, for mageneral of the land revenue. 2. At Leith, ny years an eminent physician in that is. the Rev. Dr Grant, of St James's Cha- land. At Batheaston, aged 80, Sir pel there.—At Glasgow, John Sym, Esq. George Colebrooke, Bart.-At Foxhill

, 4. At Edinburgh, Mrs Isabella Murray, near Hungerford, Mrs Hart, sister to the wife of James Glassford, Esq., Advocate. late Lady Stuart. 6. At St Andrews, 6. At Arndilly, Mrs J. M. Murray, re- Mrs Col. Campbell. 7. At Harrowgate, lict of John Stewart, Esq., Judge-Advo- John Caw, Esq., Provost of Perth, -At cate General of Bengal. _8. At Inchmi. Edinburgh, Mrs Saunders, relict of chael, Charles Kinnear, Esq. of Kinnear. James Saunders, W. S. 8. At Orfelton, 10. At London, Colonel Francis Car- Pembroke-shire, aged 27, Sir Hugh Owruthers, late of the 61st foot.

ll. At

en, Bart, M. P. for Pembroke.- Lady Edinburgh, James Garthshore, Esq., late Amelia Hume.-At Glenrath, Walter of Alderstone. 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Laidlaw, Esq. of Hindhope. 9. At LisJanet Home, daughter of the late bon, Mungo Honyman, Esq., assistant George Home, Esq. of Bassendean. 14. commissary to the forces. At Tarfield, At London, the Lord Archbishop of Miss K. Lundie, youngest daughter of Dublin, Primate of Ireland, Earl of Nor- the late Rev. John Lundie, minister of manton, &cAt Shuckburgh Park, Lonmay. 10. At Jessfield, near Leith, Warwickshire, Sir Stewkley Shuckburgh, Mrs M. E. M'Leod, wife of Capt. Nor. Bart. 16. Day Hort Macdowell, Esq., man Ramsay, Royal Horse Artillery. of Castle Semiple. At Bath, aged 87, 12. At Waldershore, Lord Henry StuJohn Charnock, Esq., late of the Island art, aged 34, third son of the Marquis of of Barbadoes. 17. At King's Grange, Bute.—At Costessey-hall, Sir William Alexander Copland, Esq., of Colliston. Jerningham, Bart. 17. Matthew Bol19. At London, the Hon. Mrs St Leger. ton, Esq., aged 81, the respectable head 21. At Oxford, in his 27th year, the of the Soho manufactory, &c. 19. At Rev. Alexander Mackenzie, of Christ Haddington, Provost David Smith, aged Church, A.M.--At Melrose, Mr Hugh 89. 22. At Rosemarkie manse, the Rev. Cairncross, architect, Edinburgh. 23. Alexander Wood. 26. At Stewart-hall, At Edinburg!, Mrs Penelope Hazell, Ireland, at an advanced age, Andrew

Thomas, Earl of Castle Stewart, legiti- merly supreme judge of India. 5. At mately descended in the male line from Anstruther, Dr Alexander Williamson. Robert II., King of Scotland, and the 6. At Roselee, Ayrshire, the Countess acknowledged head of the house of Stew- of Crawford and Lindsay, aged 71.–At art. His lordship is succeeded in his Jedburgh, Walter Riddel, Esq. 7. At title by his eldest son Robert.-At Cam. London, Benjamin Winthrope, Esq., one bermere Abbey, Sir Robert Salisbury of the directors of the Bank of England, Cotton, Bart., in his 71st year. 27. At aged 72. 8. At Edinburgh, Mr George Hawthornden, near Edinburgh, the Right Haig, inspector of taxes.-At Dublin, Rev. Bishop William Abernethy Drum- the Earl of Arran, one of the knights of mond, aged 90. 29. At Edinburgh, Ge. St Patrick. 10. At Sorrowless-field, near neral Robert Melville of Strathkiness, Earlston, John Fisher, Esq. 14. At the oldest general in rank except one in Lansdowne house, London, in his 44th the British army. 30. At London, Sir year, the Marquis of Lansdowne, &c. J. Murray of Blackbarony, Bart., in his 16. At Kelso, Mrs Dickenson, relict of 430 year. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mrs Mr Dickenson. 20. At Edinburgh, in Bethia Hamilton, lady of William Ram- his 76th year, John Carruthers, Esq., of say, Esq., banker. 31. At Perth, Mr Holmains, surveyor general of taxes for William Ross, keeper of the register of Scotland. 22. At Edinburgh, Mr Archiseasines, &c.—Lately, at Shootershall, bald Gilchrist, merchant there. 23. At Lady Stewart, relict of Lord Henry Burlington bouse, Piccadilly, aged 71, Stewart.

the most noble William Henry Cavendish SEPT.-3. At London, the Earl of Co- Bentinck, Duke of Portland, &c. (Sec ventry, aged 86.-At Earl's-court, near Chronicle, Nov. 10.) 28. at Bogside, Reading, the lady of the Right Hon. Sir near Irvine, Charles Crookshanks, Esq., William Scott

. 14. At Liverpool, aged aged 87.-Lately, at Bray, Colonel Smith, 106, David Salmon. He sailed round of the 3d garrison battalion. At Paisthe world with Anson. 15. At Aithie ley, Alexander Gibson, Esq. town clerk. Lodge, Lady Leslie of Findrassie and At Dublin, Mr John Magee, proprieWardes. 20. At the house of his bro- tor of the Dublin Evening Post. ther, Sir William Douglas, Samuel Dou- Nov.-9. At St Andrews, the Rev. glas, Esq.–At Belfast, aged 86, Isaac Dr Thomas Masson, minister of DuniCorry, Esq., of Newry. 21. At Falmouth, chen. 12. At Terby, in South Wales, Mr Nathaniel Kingston, a respectable John Henry Cochrane, Esq., one of the merchant and contractor. He was a man commissioners of the customs for Scot, of very extraordinary bulk. 22. At Mid- land. The Hon. Mary Fraser, second dleton, William Power, Esq. aged 110. daughter of the late Lord Saltoun. 13. 29. Dr Downman of Exeter, at an advan. At London, in his 27th year, Mr John ced age.-At Cheltenham, Mrs Cunning. Park, bookseller there. 14. At Lonhame, wife of W. Cunninghame, Esq., don, Lord Monson, aged 24.—Sir Freof Enterkine. 24. At Harwich, of a fe derick Morton Eden, Bart. 15. At vct, after his return from Walcheren, London, in the prime of lifc, William Lieutenant Duncan Mackorqnodale of Wood, jun., Esq., an artist of great prothe 92d regiment. 25th. At London, mise. 20. At Fulham, Sir Philip SteJohn Travers, Esq., one of the directors phens, Bart., aged 88, many years secreof the East India Company. 26. At tary to the Board of Admiralty. 22. At Cowie, Mrs Una Cameron Barclay, wife Auchray, aged 74, John Stewart of Tar, of John Innes, Esq. 27. At Walmer, Esq.-Lately, at Edinburgh, the Rev. Colonel T. Beatson, 12th light dra- Dykes Smith, minister of Polmont.-goons. 30. At Badajos, Captain C. D. Lately, at Bath, aged 74, John Monck, Sillery, Royal Artillery.--At London, Esq. the Right Hon. Lady Almeria Carpenter. DEC.-4. At the Greyfriars, near El

OCT.-1. At Newick Park Sussex, Joseph King, Esq. of Newmills. 5. Sir Elijah Impey, Bart., aged 77, for: At Middleton House, Archibald Ilep

burn Michelson, Esq., of Middleton. 6. aged 70, Mr Joseph Johnson, for a long At London, Sir James Branscomb, Knt. period a well-known and most respectaan eminent keeper. -At ble bookseller. 21. At Greenwich, GaInveramsay, Charles Hacket, Esq., aged briel Lang, Esq., of Overton. 22. Ti. 85.-At Glasgow, Dr John Buchanan of berius Cavallo, Esq., author of several Brown Hall, aged 8s. 7. At Saddel works on electricity. 23. At Woolwich, House, Lady Turing, wife of Sir R. Dr John Rollo, surgeon-general to the Turing, of Foveran, Bart.--At Edinburgh, Royal Artillery. 24. At Boghall, Dear Mrs Mary Sutherland, spouse of the Ayr, Maxwell Gordon, Esq., W. S.Rev. Simson Reid. 9. At Kirkcudbright, At Edinburgh, P. Anderson, Esq., W. S. James Dalyell, Esq., collector of the 25. At Hull, aged 40, Major General customs. il. At Edinburgh, Major Da- Howgill. 26. At London, Nathaniel vid Morrison, late of the East India Newnham, Esq., alderman, banker, &c. Company's service. 12. Francis Fraser, At Edinburgh, W. Murray. Esq., comEsq., of Tindrach. 14. At Liverpool, mander of an excise yacht. 28. John Mr J. Cross, manager of the theatre at Bullock, Esq., M. P. for Essex. 29. Dr Manchester.At Heavy-Tree, near Man- Colin Dallas, late of the island of St Vine chester, Mr James Adam, eldest son of cent's.-At Ormistoune, in her 94th year, the late Dr Adam, Edinburgh. 16. At the Hon. Helen Murray, (Elibank,) wiHospitalfield, John Fraser, Esq., of Kirk, dow of Sir John Stewart of Grandtuliy.ton. 17. At Jedburgh manse, the wife of At London, Sir W. Bensley, Bart., one The Rev. Dr Somerville.-At Edinburgh, of the directors of the East India Come Dr Alex. Adam, aged 69. He was 43 years pany. rector of the High School. 20. At London,


FOR 1809.

JANUARY 4.-Admiralty Office.- The FEB. 6.—Queen's Palace.—Sir John Right Hon. Cuthbert Lord Collingwood, Nicholl, Knight, sworn a member of the appointed to be Major-General of the Privy Council, and appointed Judge of Royal Marine forces, in the room of Ad- the Arches Court, vice Sir William miral Lord Gardner, deceased.

Wynne resigned. 20.– Foreign Office.- Joseph Charles 6. Foreign Office.-Charles Oakley, Mellish, Esq., appointed to be his Ma. Esq., appointed to be his Majesty's Sejesty's consul in the territory of Louisia. cretary of Legation to the United States na.-Andrew Snape Douglas, Esq., to be of America, his Majesty's Secretary of Legation to 14. Whitehall.-Christopher Robinthe court of his Sicilian Majesty. son, Esq., L. L.D., appointed to be his

28. Whitehall.— The Earl of Hope. Majesty's Advocate-General, in the toun, and the heirs male of his body, ap- room of Sir John Nicholl, resigned. pointed Baron of the United Kingdom, 18. The Rev. Charles Talbot, appointby the title of Baron Hopetoun of Hope- ed to the Deanery of Sarum. toun.

MARCH 22.-Queen's Palace.-Gene30. Downing Street.-Brig.-General ral Sir David Dundas, K. B., sworu of the Hon. Charles William Stewart, ap- his Majesty's most Hon. Privy Council. pointed to be Governor of Fort Charles, 25. Whitehall.-General Sir David in the island of Jamaica,

Dundas, K. B., appointed to be Com

mander-in-Chief of all his Majesty's land agent and consul general in the islands forces in the United Kingdom.-Lord of Madeira. Mulgrave, Vice Admiral Sir R. Bicker- MAY 6.—Whilehall.-Michael Sey. ton, Robert Ward, Esq., Viscount Pal- mour of High Mount, in the county of merston, James Buller, Esq., Rear Ad- Cork, &c., created a Baronet of the Unimiral W. Domet, and Robert Moorsom, ted Kingdom. Esq., appointed commissioners for exe- 8. Foreign Office. Robert Adair, cuting the office of High Admiral in the Esq., appointed to be his Majesty's amUnited Kingdom and its dependencies. bassador extraordinary and plenipoten-The Rev. George Gordon, appointed tiary at the Sublime Ottoman Porte; and to the Deanery of Exeter.

Stratford Canning, Esq., to be secretary 28. Whitehall. ---Lieutenant-General to that embassy. Sir D. Baird, Knight, created a Baronet. Edinburgh. - Thomas Henderson, Esq.

APRIL 1.-Whitehall.Rear Admiral appointed city chamberlain by the town Sir Samuel Hood, K. B., created a Ba- council. ronet.

10. Council Chamber, Edinburgh.4. Whitehall.The Right Hon. Fran- The Rev. Dr William Ritchie elected to cis Lord Napier appointed to be his be professor of divinity in the UniversiMajesty's high commissioner to the Ge- ty, in the room of the deceased Dr Anneral Assembly of the Church of Scot- drew Hunter. - The Rev. Alexander land.

Brunton to be translated from the New 8. Whitehall.- Archibald Campbell, Greyfriar's Church to the Tron Church Esq., appointed one of the Lords of Ses- of Edinburgh, vacant by the death of the sion in Scotland, in the room of Sir said Dr Hunter. William Nairn, Baronet, resigned.

15. Downing Street.-Lieutenant-Ge12. Queen's Paluce.-Hugh Elliot, neral Edward Morrison, appointed to be Esq., appointed captain general and go- Commander-in-Chief of his Majesty's vernor in chief of his Majesty's Leeward forces in Jamaica and its dependencies. Caribee Islands in America.-Robert 27. Whitehull.-James Clerk, Esq., Moorson, Esq., appointed a Lord of the Advocate, appointed one of the Barons Admiralty, in room of William Hope, of Exchequer in Scotland, vice ArchiEsq., resigpeil.

bald Cockburn, Esq., resigned.-William 21. Whitehall.-James Sedgwick, Rae, Esq., Advocate, to be Sheriff DeJames Jackson, and Samuel Rose, Esqrs., pute of Edinburgh, vice James Clerk, Esq., appointed to be Commissioners of Ex- promoted. cise in Scotland, in the room of James JUNE 6.--Whitehall.-William ErStoddart, Robert Graham, Esqrs., and Sir skine, Esq., Advocate, appointed Sheriff John Stewart, Baronet, removed. Depute of the Shire of Orkney and Zet

26. Whitehall.-Lieut.-General Geo. land, in room of William Rae, Esq., proBeckwith, appointed one of the Knights moted. - James Ferguson, Esq., to be companions of the most Hon. Order of one of the advocates depute in the room the Bath,

of said William Erskine, Esq.-Sir Ru29. Foreign Office.- Marquis Welles- pert George, Knight, Ambrose Serle, ley, Knight of St Patrick, appointed am. James Bowen, Esqrs., the Hon. 'John bassador extraordinary and plenipoten- Douglas, John Barness, M. D., and the tiary to Ferdinand VII., and to reside in Hon. Courtenay Boyle, appointed comthat character at the seat of the Central missioners for conducting the transport or Supreme Junta in Spain. - Frederick service, for the care of sick and woundLindeman, Esq., to be his Majesty's con- ed scamen, and of prisoners of war. sul in the Portuguese dominions in South 10. Downing Street. The Hon. John America.- John Lempriere, Esq., to be Broderick appointed to be Governor and his Majesty's consul to the province of Commander-in-Chief of Martinique. Permanhucco, in the said dominions.- Foreign Office.-Bartholomew Frere, Henry Veitch, Esq., to be his Majesty's Esq., appointed to be secretary to his Majesty's embassy in Spain.-Robert Fa- jor, Esq, appointed to be Secretary of gan, Esq., to be his Majesty's consul at Legation at Lisbon. Sicily and Malta.

OCT. 2.- Horse Guards.--Lieutenant. 20. WhitehallThe Hon. Henry Sedl. Colonel H. Torrens of the 39th regiment, ley appointed Master of his Majesty's appointed Military Secretary to the comRobes, in the room of Earl Harcourt, mander-in-chief. resigned.

6. Dera ning Street.-Alexander JohnJULY 1.-Whitehull.The Right Hon. ston, Esq., appointed Chief Justice of Granville Leveson Gower appointed to Ceylon. be his Majesty's Secretary at War. 7. War-Office-His Serene Highness

14. Whitehall --Benjamin Sydenham, William Duke of Brunswick Oels, apEsq., appointed a commissioner for ma- pointed Lieutenant-General, with temnaging his Majesty's Revenue of Excise. porary rank in the army.

18. Whitehall. - The Right Hon. Dud- 17. Whitehall.The Rev. Gerrard ley, Baron Harrowby, raised to the dig. Andrews, D. D. appointed Dean of Cannity of Viscount and Earl of the United terbury. Kingdom, by the titles of Viscount San- 18. Queen's Palace.—The Right Hon. don of Sandon in Staffordshire, and Earl W. Wellesley Pole sworn as a member Harrowby in Lincolnshire.

of the Privy Council. 91. Ifhitehall. -George Kekewich, 21. Whitchall.The Rev. Charles H. Esq., appointed his Majesty's Advocate Hall, D. D. appointed Dean of Christ General at the Cape of Good Hope. Church, Oxford.

AUG. 26.-Whitehall. The Right 28. Queen's Paluce.—The Right Hon. Hon. Lieut.-General Sir Arthur Welles- Richard Ryder sworn as one of his Maley, K. B. created Baron and Viscount of jesty's principal Secretaries of State, and the United Kingdom, by the titles of Ba- Viscount Palmerston sworn of the Privy ron Douro of Wellesley, in the county of Council. Somerset, and Viscount Wellington of 31. Whitehall. Joseph Phillimore, Talavera, and of Wellington in said L. L. D., appointed professor of Civil county.

Law, Oxford, in room of Dr French Lau29, Whitehall.—Sir Rupert George, rence, deceased. of Park Place, Knight, &c., created a Nov. 7.-Whitehall.-The Rev. WilBaronet of the United Kingdom. liam Howley, D. D., appointed Regius

SEPT. 2.---William Hamilton, Esq., Professor of Divinity in the University of appointed Under Secretary of State Oxford. for Foreign Affairs, in the room of the 14. Whitehall.–Robert Dundas, Esq., Hon. Charles Bagot.-Deputy.purveyor W. S., appointed conjunct clerk of the M'Whirter to be Purveyor of the forces. Bills, in the office of Register Rolls in -Assistant Surgeon Jones, Hospital Scotland, in room of Robert Anstruther, Mates Courtenay, Graham, and Brown, Esq., deceased. to be apothecaries to his Majesty's forces. The Board of Excise have appointed

16. Whitehall.-Major-General John James Bruce, Esq., to be their agent in Cope Sherbrooke, appointed one of the the courts of Session and Justiciary. Knights Companions of the Bath.-Also 15. Archibald Campbell of BlythsFrancis W. Grant, Esq., to be Lord Lieu- wood, Esq., elected Lord Rector of the tenant and Sheriff Principal of the shire University of Glasgow. of Inverness, in the room of Sir James 22. Queen's Palace.- Jere Homfrey of Grant, Bart., resigned.

Landaff House, Glamorganshire, ap27. Queen's Palace.—John (Dr Ran- pointed to the honour of Knighthood. dolph) now Lord Bishop of London, in DEC. 2.-Whitehall.-William Alexroom of the late Dr Porteous, was this ander and William Stamor, both of Dube clay sworn of his Majesty's most Hon. lin, Esqrs., the latter Lord Mayor of said Privy Council, and took his seat. city, raised to the dignity of baronets.

30. Foreign Ofice.-Louis Cassama- 3. Charles Richard Vaughan, Esq., ap

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