correspondent residing within the said certain black writing ink or compoUnited States, has become possessed sition, the durability whereof is not of this method.

to be affected by time or change of Feb. 21. Method of producing fast climate. To Frederick Bartholomew greens on cotton and various other Folch, of Oxford street, and William articles. To Joseph Ilett, of Strat. Howard, of Bedford street, Lockford, in the county of Essex, calico fields, in the county of Surrey. See printer. Repertory of Arts, July Repertory of Arts, Sept. 1809, p. 1809, p. 75.

206. March 1. Certain improvements in March 9. For improved methods the construction of umbrellas and pa- of raising or supplying tubes or lamps rasols. To Leger Didot, of Two with oil, so as to remove away the Waters, in the county of Hertford. shade of the vessel containing the oil,

March 1. For a machine by which and in formand use equal to any mould is counterbalanced the weight of any or wax candle, which is denominated volume of water, or other fluid, re- Proctor's Spiral Argand and Candle quired to be lifted by any steam or Lamp. To William Proctor, of Shef. water engine, or other machinery, field, optician. Repertory of Arts, either worked by animals or men, Aug. 1809, p. 132. which gains a very considerable power March 20. For a machine for the over any machine now in use. To making and manufacturing of bobbin Richard Scantlebury, of Redrath, in lace, or lace nearly resembling foreign the county of Cornwall, brazier. Re- lace. To John Heathcoat, of Laughpertory of Arts, Aug. 1809, p. 130. borough, in the county of Leicester,

March 1. For a new method, die lace manufacturer. rected by machinery, of using the March 20. For an improvement in screw, by which its mechanical

power the construction of tables, chairs, and or its motion is increased. To Ed. stools, for domestic, military, and naward Steers, of the Inner Temple, val service, and in the packing of the Esq. See Repertory of Arts, May same. To James Hakewell, of Beau1809, p. 361.

mont street, in the parish of St MaryMarch 1. For a new improved le-bone. hook, for bearing up the heads of March 20. For a machine or mahorses in drawing carriages. To chinery for raising, lowering, draw. Abraham Seward, of Lancaster, tin- ing, driving, forcing, impressing, or plate worker. See Repertory of Arts, moving bodies, substances, materials, June 1809, p. 14.

fluids, articles, or commodities. To March 1. For an improved con- Simeon Thompson, of Maddon street, struction of shears for shearing sheep. Hanover square. To Thomas Clatworthy, of Wins- March 20. For a new mode of ors ford, in the county of Somerset, namenting and painting all kinds of sheep-shears maker, and John Clat- japanned and varnished wares, of meworthy of the same place, sheep- tal, wood, paper, or any other comshears maker, his son. Repertory of position, and various other articles. Arts, June 1809, p. 16.

To Charles Valentine, of the parish March 4. For a certain machine, of St James, Clerkenwell, japanner. instrument, or pen, calculated to pro. See Repertory of Arls, May 1810, mote facility in writing, and also a p. 323.

March 28. For a machine or in- der, of Abbey street, in the city of strument to be applied to stoves or Dublin, Bachelor of Arts. grates, for preventing accidents by April 19. For certain new and im. fire, and whereby the fires in stoves proved methods or processes of manuor grates may be put out and extin- facturing, refining, and purifying guished with safety and facility. To muriate of soda, or common salt. To James Yonnie, of Theobald's Row, John Phillips London the elder, and Middlesex, smith.

Phillips London the younger, of the March 29. For a new street and parish of St Luke, Chelsea, Middlehall lamp, and the necessary appara, sex, gents. See Repertory of Arts, tus for expediting thetrimming, light. April 1809, p. 327. ing, and cleansing the said street and April 19. For improvements in the hall lamp. To Elizabeth Perryman, making of umbrellas and parasols. of Greek street, Soho, Middlesex. To Phillis Bawn Thomson, wife of April 3. For sundry apparatus or

Edward Thomson, of Birmingham, machinery for accelerating the manu- manufacturer. See Repertory of Arts, facturing of felt or stuff hats, and for June 1810, p.

5. cutting and removing by machinery April 20. For a compound subthe furs of beavers, rabbits, and the stance or cake for the feeding of horwhole variety of skins, the furs or ses and other animals. To Matthias wool of which are used for the pur. Wilks, of Brabant court, in the city pose of hat-making. To Richard of London, merchant. Willcox, of the parish of St Mary, April 25. For a machine for raiLambeth, Surrey, mechanist. sing weights or water with greater

April 3. For certain machinery for facility and at less expence than any facilitating the manufacture of stuff, at present used. To John Barton, wool, and other hats and bonnets felt. of the town of Tunbridge, in the ed. To Richard Willcox, of the county of Kent, gent. parish of St Mary, Lambeth, Surrey. April 29. For certain inventions

April 3. For an improved mode calculated to improve naval architecof constructing buildings, by which ture and navigation, and to contrigreat expence, labour, and time is bute to the comfort and better subsaved, and the buildings secured from sistence of mariners. To Richard dry rot, with other advantages. To Trevithick, of Rotherhithe, in the John Thomas Groves, of Great Scote county of Surrey, engineer, and Roland Yard, Whitehall, Middlesex, bert Dickinson, of Great Queen Esq. See Repertory of Arts, July street, in the county of Middlesex, 1810, p. 8.

Esq. April 18. For a method of con- May 4. For a new mode of prepaverting, salt or sea water into fresh, ring soda and other mineral waters, water, both on land and on board of spirituous,acetous, saccharine, aroma.. ship at sea. To John Frederick tic liquors, and sundry improvements Archbold, of Great Charlotte street, relative thereto. To William Ha. Surrey, gent. See Repertory of Arts, milton, of Lower Mount street, in April 1810, p. 262.

the city of Dublin. Repertory of April 19. For a self-mover, or ma- Arts, Dec. 1809, p. 1. chine which can keep itself in mo- May 4. For improvements on guns, tion. To William Pleasants the el. pistols, and other similar fire-arms,

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which improvements are applicable to and constructing barrel cocks and cannon and other large guns. To Tho. water cocks. To Thomas Wells of mas Noon, of Burton upon Trent, Erdington, in the county of War. in the county of Stafford. Repertory wick, cock-founder. See Repertory of Arts, July 1809, p. 74.

of Arts, A gust 1809, p. 129. May 9. For a new plan of impro- June 8. for an improved plough ving and erecting lime-kilns, by means for under-draining land. To Mark of which a very considerable saving Dobits of Kirtling, in the county of is made on fuel, while the lime is in Cambridge, farmer. See Repertory a short time perfectly burnt. To of Arts, November 1809, p. 329. Nugent Booker, of Lenie Hill, in the June 15. For certain improvecounty of Dublin.

ments in the construction and work. May 9. For improvements on cer- ing of steam and atmospheric engines, tain machines, pens, or instruments by which they may be more advancalculated to promote facility in wri. tageously worked than hitherto. To ting. To Bartholomew Totch of. John Philip Fesenmeyer, of the paOxford street, county of Middlesex. rish of St Clement Danes, in the See Repertory of Arts, January 1810, county of Middlesex, gent.

June 15. For a piece of machiMay 15. For a new and improved nery or instrument for cutting the process by which fluids are heated wick of a lighted candle, and keepfor the purposes of art and manufac- ing the same in perfect trim and of a ture. To William Johnstone of proper length. To George AlexanBlackheath, in the county of Kent, der Thompson, of Great Charlotte gent.

street, in the county of Surrey, gent. May 30. For a plough upon an June 20. For certain improvements entire new construction. To Ed. in the construction of houses and ward Manly of Uffculm, in the coun- other buildings, whereby a consideraty of Devon. See Repertory of Arts, ble expence will be saved in the February 1809, p. 129.

erection thereof, and the same renMay 30. For a night and day dered more durable and secure from telegraph. To John Lindsay of fire. To Charles Norton of Bir. Grove House, Edgware, in the mingham, in the county of Warwick, county of Middlesex, late Lieute builder. nant-Colonel of the 71st regiment. July 26. From a residence of eight

June 8. For certain new modes of years on the continent, a method has improvement in the making and pre. been discovered and found out of paring of salt. To Edward Cragg the manner of designing and making, of Hertford, in the county of Ches- and forming mosaics and ornaments ter, carpenter, and William Cragg of: in the Arabian style and manner, and Old Ford, in the county of Middle which it is proposed to apply to sex, builders' agent.

divers arts and manufactures. To June 8. For an improvement in James Cavar.ah Murphy, of Edward the system of distillation, rectifica- street, Cavendish square, in the coun. tion, and brewing. To John Frede. ty of Middlesex, architect. rick Archbold of Great Charlotte July 26. For a rotative engine, street, in the county of Surrey, gent. the piston of which makes a complete

June 8. For a method of making revolution at a distance from the re

p. 321.

volving axis, shaft, or cylinder. To Winsor of Pall-Mall, in the county Samuel Clegg of Manchester, in the of Middlesex, Esq. county of Lancaster, engineer. See Aug. 4. For a substitute, the pro Repertory of Arts, November 1809, duce of this country, for Peruvian

bark. To Ferdinand Smyth Stew. July 26. For a method of con- art, of Billericay, in the county of structing an iron or metal roof for Essex, Esq. houses or other buildings. To Tho- Aug. 8. For a new method of premas Batfield of Hopton court, in the paring hemp, fax, hurds, short tow, county of Salop.

and clearings, and other inferior parts July 26. For an improved method of hemp and fax, either alone or of forming pipes, and sundry other mixed with cotton wool, for the purarticles, in lead, pewter, or tin, or pose of spinning the same into yarn metals of that nature. To Richard or thread, and also certain improveHesps of Holywell street, in the pa- ments in the mode of spinning the rish of St Leonard, Shoreditch, and same. To Thomas Dickin of Ăbrecounty of Middlesex, mill-lead and ware mills, in the county of Stafpatent pipe manufacturer.

ford, cotton manufacturer, and HenJuly 26. For certain improvements ry Bradley of the same place, cottonin the musical scale of keyed instru- spinner. ments with fixed tones, such as pia- Aug: 9. For an improved rotative nos, organs, &c. To David Loesche machine or engine to be worked by man, of Newman street, in the coun- the power of steam, for raising water, ty of Middlesex, piano forte maker. grinding corn, and various other use

July 26. For a new and improved ful purposes. To Edward Lane of street lamp and burner, and lantern Shelton, in the parish of Stoke upon head, for street and other lamps and Trent, in the county of Stafford, lanterns. To Charles Seward, of schoolmaster. Lancaster, in the county Palatine of Aug. 12. For a machine for hackLancaster, tin-plate manufacturer. ling or dressing hemp, flax, and other See Repertory of Arts, October materials. To John Hives of Hol. 1809, p. 263.

beck, in the parish of Leeds, in the July 31. For a method of making county of York, linen manufacturer. sickles and reaping-hooks with iron Aug. 21. For an improved maor steel backs, fixed upon the blades chine for shearing woollen and other thereof, whether such blades be for- clothes. To Isaac Kellogg, late of ged, rolled, cast, hammered, or other. Connecticut, in North America, but wise manufactured. To William Hut- at present residing in Addle street, in ton of Sheffield, in the county of the city of London, gent. York, merchant. See Repertory of Sept. 4. For certain improvements Arts, February 1810, p. 145. on horizontal windmills. To Sa. Aug. 3. Fora

fixed telegraphic light. muel Long of the town of Leicester, house, and also a moveable telegraphic in the county of Leicester, gent, light-house, for signals and intelli. Sept. 23. For a method of making gence, to serve by night and by day, and constrưcting pens for writing. in rain, storm, and darkness, in any To Joseph Bramah, of Pimlico, in required direction, and from any gi- the county of Middlesex, engineer. ven centre. To Frederick Albert Sept. 23. For certain improvements in the process of refining su. purpose, is performed with greater gars. To George Vaughan, of Pu. ease and facility, and the oil is ef. rim place, Whitechapel road, in the fectually prevented from communicacounty of Middlesex, gent.

ting to the spoke of the wheels. To Sept. 26. For a method or process Benjamin Flight, of St Martin's by which one is enabled to give the lane, in the liberty of Westminster, statues and other ornamental works in the county of Middlesex, organin plaster, (cominonly called Plaster builder. See Repertory of Arts, of Paris,) an appearance nearly re. August 1810, p. 141. sembling the finest statuary marble ; Sept. 28. For certain improveat the same time rendering them more ments in the manufacture of skelps hard and durable, less liable to be for fire arms. To John Jones, of soiled, and easier to be cleaned. To Birmingham, in the county of WarJohn Penwarne, of the parish of St wick, gun-lock and barrel maker. Pancras, in the county of Middlesex, See Repertory of Arts, March 1810, gent. See Repertory of Arts, July p. 215. 1810, p. 78.

Sept. 28. For a method of head. Sept. 26. For certain improve. ing pins. To William Bundy, of ments in the processes of brewing. Camden town, in the county of Mid

To Randolph Tschiffeli de Roche, dlesex, mathematical instrument maof Great Pulteney street, in the coun

ker. ty of Middlesex, gent. See Reper- Sept. 29. For a certain substance tory of Arts, April 1810, p. 264. which is capable of being converted

Sept. 26. For methods of combi. into statues, artificial stone, meltingning and disposing machinery, and pots, bricks, tiles, sugar-bakers' pans, applying the different powers of chimney-pots, garden-pots, and every wind, water, and cattle thereto, so description of pottery. To John as to effect improvements on mills. White the younger, of Whitehall To William Watts, of the city of wharf, in the parish of St Margaret, Bath, gent. See Repertory of Arts, Westminster, gent. December 1810, p. 15.

Nov. 2. For certain improvements Sept. 26. For certain improve. in the constructing and making of ments in ships' binnacles and com- wheels for all kinds of carriages; and passes, and in the mode of lighting also a new method of locking and the same. To Egerton Smith, of sliding the wheels of carriages when Liverpool, optician, and Michael passing down steep declining bills. Harris, of the same place, mechanic. To Joseph Bramah, Pimlico, engi

Sept. 26. For a new metal nave, axle, and box, for wheeled carriages, Nov. 2. For a certain instrument, by means of which the danger of machine, or manufacture, applicable overturning, and the concussion ari- in mechanics as a balance or equising from carriages coming in con- poise. To John Isaac Hawkins, of tact at the nave is considerably les. Tichfield street, machinist. sened, the nave much stronger, and Nov. 2. For an improved lamp of gives more lightness of appearance to a new construction, acting upon the the carriages, than those now in ge. natural unerring principle of the difneral use; the oiling of the wheels, ference of gravity between two fluwhich need not be taken off for that ids, which produces a constant supo


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