head, in relievo, of his Royal High. They accordingly caused informations ness, with the date 1808. Also a cop- to be laid against five or six publicans, per medal, of the same size, with the to begin with, which came on to be following inscription :

tried on Saturday. Under the Auspices of

Mr Samuel Burland, of TaberHis most Sacred Majesty George III.,

nacle-walk, Moorfields, said he was King of the United Kingdom of

deputed by the committee to go into Great Britain and Ireland, the public-houses in their parish : he, The Foundation Stone of the Theatre, in consequence, went, on Sunday Covent-Garden, was laid by his evening, the 18th ult. about nine Royal Highness George, o'clock, to the house of Mr Bullman, Prince of Wales.

the King's Arms, in the city-road, MDCCCVIII.

when he saw several persons with On the reverse is

pints of beer before them : he did not

know any of them, or where they Robert Smirke, Architect.

lived, or how long they had been there. Added to these were a series of all Mr Humphreys, the solicitor, conthe coins of the present reign ; and tended, for the defendant, that on the this box was inserted by his Royal part of the prosecution they were Highness in a cavity made in the bound to shew to the magistrates that stone for its reception.

the persons sitting in the public-house His Royal Highness then poured alluded to were there for the purupon the stone the offerings of corn, pose of tippling, and were not perwine, and oil, from three silver mea- sons come there for necessary refreshsures. During this ceremony all the ment; without which the magistrates bands played “God save the King," could not convict Mr Bullman, as the and a second royal salute was fired by Lord's Day act allowed necessary the artillery. His Royal Highness refreshment to travellers, &c., to be then returned the plan to the archi- sold. tect, graciously expressing his wishes Mr Moser, the magistrate, agreed for the prosperity of the undertaking, with Mr Humphreys, and, in a very and retired in the procession, amidst neat and appropriate speech, expatiathe plaudits of the multitude. ted on the propriety of bringing for

The brethren retired to the Free. ward such cases as went to a wanton mason's Tavern, and, after the lodge or profligate breach of the Sabbath ; was closed, sat down to a splendid however, he did not think the present dinner.

of that description, as it went to prePOLICE Office, WORSHIP STREET. clude men who had not the means of Profanation of the Sabbath. --A few supporting an establishment, from the days ago a case of the utmost in- necessary enjoyment of a pint of beer. terest and importance to all keepers He gave the gentlemen every credit of public houses came on to be heard they could wish, and had no doubt at this office. Several gentlemen, part that their motives were very good; of the parish pilicers of St Luke, but their idea of shutting up publicOld street, formed themselves into a houses at nine o'clock on a Sunday committee, and resolved to shut up evening reminded him of the Norman the public houses in their parish, for times, when no fire nor candle was the whole of the day on Sundays. suffered after eight o'clock; and as a

certain king, who, perhaps, had more him of it. Not hearing any thing wit than morality, observed of the from them, Mr Middleton supposed puritans of old, that they would not the party had returned, and were safe. brew on a Saturday, because they · About ten o'clock at night, however, would not suffer their beer to work as he was going to look after some on a Sunday.

sheep near the house, his foot struck Sir William Parsons was fully of against something, which, on examiopinion that the case now before nation, proved to be the body of a them was not of that description to dead child ; and his astonishment and justify a conviction. The complaint affliction may be more easily conceiwas then dismissed.

ved than expressed, when he found it The other informations against to be his own and only daughter. On other publicans were then withdrawn, making further search immediately, they being nearly under similar cir- his wife and housekeeper, and his cumstances. Several others were wife's sister, were found at a short heard against the lower set of trades- distance, nearly lifeless : the two forpeople, among whom was a poor bar- mer are recovering, but his sister had ber, for shaving a customer on a Sun- lost the use of her limbs, and little day evening : he was convicted in the hopes are entertained of her regaining penalty of five shillings, as were most the use of them. of the other defendants.

5th. A man named John Taylor, 4th. A Swedish ship of 300 tons, who resides in Rose and Crown court, laden with deals, pitch, tar, and hemp, Moorfields, appeared before the chief was towed on shore near Lowestoff, magistrate, on the complaint of a poor on Thursday, by some fishing boats, widow, who lodged in his house for having been found at sea, without any a considerable time past, whose goods person on board.

he detained for 153. rent, while he inA more affecting case than the fol- sisted on turning her out of doors. lowing has seldom occurred. The The circumstances of the poor wowife of Mr Middleton, a farmer at man's case were peculiarly hard. She Winmoor, near Heslerton, upon the was a widow with five small children; Wolds, in Yorkshire, with her in- one child had recently died, and she fant child, her sister, and the house. had a sick infant at her breast, of keeper, had been at a farm-house of which she appeared to have very late. Mr Middleton's, at some little dis- ly lain in. After collecting the few tance, and set out on their return last shillings she could raise to pay home in the afternoon of Saturday the undertaker the funeral charges se’ennight. Two men belonging to and burial fees of her dead child, she the farm had been with Mr Middle. was still short of 3s. 6d., for which ton afterwards, and told him of the her humane landlord passed his word party having left the farm, but sup- to the undertaker. For this sum, toposed, as the day was so stormy, they gether with 15s. for three weeks rent, must have returned, with an inten: he laid an embargo on the remaining tion of stopping there for the night. chattels of the wretched widow, at Should this not prove to be the case, the moment he ejected her as an inthe men proposed to go back imme- solvent tenant. diately to Mr Middleton, and inforin The lord mayor humanely interposed, and intreated the fellow to stream regiment of guards, 900 strong, have some consideration for the poor commanded by Colonel Peacock, em. woman's circumstances, and offered barked. Other divisions were expectto give him half-a-guinea from his ‘ed to follow yesterday and this day. own pocket in compensation for his Letters of service have been grant. claim. But Taylor, equally hard of ed for levying nine new regiments of heart and hearing, was deaf to every the line, all of infantry. thing short of his full demand, and, All the Highland regiments, both with an iron countenance, refused all 1st and 2d battalions, at present in compromise. The lord mayor, indig- Great Britain, have received orders nant at such obduracy in the heart of to hold themselves in readiness for any being in the shape of an English. embarkation on foreign service. man, gave him the money, but de- DREADFUL FIRE.-On Tuesday scended from the chair of justice, to afternoon, the 27th ult., between five vociferate in his ear that he was a and six o'clock, the beautiful mansion hard-hearted fellow, undeserving of of Sir John Kennaway, Bart., called the comforts of a home, or a place in Escot-house, near Honiton, (formerhumanized society.

ly the residence of Sir George Yonge,) The officers both in Sir David caught fire, and continued burning Baird's and Sir John Moore's armies until ten o'clock at night, by which now carry about their personal bag- time it was entirely consumed. The gage themselves ; all public servants, conflagration was so tremendous, whether as battmen, servants, &c., that little could be saved, except some have been taken away; General Moore papers, plate, and jewels. The accibeing determined to have as many dent was occasioned by a lighted canmuskets as possible. At first the staff dle being left in a dressing-room, grumbled, but, latterly, all saw the which set fire to one of the curtains, necessity of the measure. Instead of and spread so rapidly as not to be exevery captain and every two subal. tinguished. Some engines were proterns having each a tent, seven officers cured as soon as possible, from Ottesleep in one tent; and field officers, ry, but so injured by the late frost, as staff officers, and others entitled to to render them useless. Sir John and have horses, are obliged to rub down a party of friends were at dinner when and clean them themselves. The the first alarm was given ; and we are large ratio of meat has been diminish- happy to find that no personal injury ed in both armies, and without any was experienced by any of the famiinconvenience having been felt. Both ly ; but we have to lament the death armies are in good health. Several of Mr Pile, a respectable young farmcorps, particularly the 79th and 92d, er, who, in assisting, fell from a lad. had not a sick man, after marches of der twenty feet from the ground, and some hundred miles.

was killed on the spot. The embarkation of troops pro

The lottery finished drawing on ceeds rapidly at Ramsgate. The 88th Saturday. Strange to tell, three of regiment sailed on Wednesday night the four twenty thousand pound for the Downs, and the 87th were prizes, which the lottery contained, preparing to follow them. Yester. were drawn on that evening, as well day, the 1st battalion of the Cold- as one prize of five thousand pounds. NUMEROUS PROGENY.Mrs Beck, SUBSCRIPTION IN AID OF THE SPAa lady who resides at Paddinghoe, in

NISH PATRIOTS. Sussex, and is in her 96th year, has

City of London Tavern, now actually living, within a short

Dec. 13, 1808. space round her house, of children, The committee appointed on the grand, great, and great great grand. 9th of December, by the merchants children, no fewer than one hundred and inhabitants of London, to attend and ten!

to the application of a general subIt isimpossible to describe, in terms scription in aid of the brave Spanish adequate to the occasion, the gene- patriots, now struggling in the field rous enthusiasm which continues to to defend their country from a fopervade all classes of men through reign and cruel invader, cannot disGreat Britain and Ireland, in behalf charge that duty without making an of the oppressed Spaniards, roused at earnest appeal to the attention of their length to a noble resistance. Their generous countrymen, of all ranks, in late disasters seem only to have in- behalf of a nation and a cause so increased the interest felt in their cause. teresting to all the sympathies of BriBesides the prompt, liberal, and un- tons. remitted aid of every kind, which, A people contending for their infrom the first moment of the insur. dependence, liberties, and security rection, has been afforded by the Bri- from foreign tyranny and oppression tish government, various instances of a nation friendly in its dispositions private succour have occurred. The honourable in all its national consubscription for the patriots, opened duct and character-fitted by politi, lately at the London Tavern, by the cal and commercial interests and rela. merchants and inhabitants of the me- tions to be closely coifnected in alli. tropolis, amounts to nearly 40,0001.; ance and friendship with Great Briand we learn from Cork, under date tain, and now struggling, with he. of 28th ult, that that city was about roic fortitude, in a common cause, to imitate the glorious example of the against a common and most formi. city of London and other great towns, dable foe-suffering in the arduous by subscribing to the necessities and conflict the greatest hardships, and comfortsof the Spanish patriots, who, enduring the severest privations—has, it is known, are covering themselves surely, strong claims of every kind with glory in the field, whilst they on every inhabitant of these islands. are destitute of most of the essential And though the greatest exertions necessaries of life. The mayor of have, with the general approbation Cork had called a meeting of his fel. of this nation, been made by governlow.citizens for the Friday following, ment, to afford the most extensive, at the council chamber. The plan speedy, and effectual aids of treasure, of the city of London for appropri. arms, ammunition, military stores, ating the subscriptions is recommend- equipments, and clothing, for the ed, and also an understanding and co- maintenance and support of the Spaoperation with the London commit- nish troops, together with the suctee.

cour of large bodies of British solThe following is a copy of the diers, it is still felt, that the generous London advertisement.

manifestation of the popular sentiment, and such further aids, of vari- of-1,200,0001., has been completed ous kinds, as a general and liberal by individuals. subscription may supply, cannot but The prosecution of the salutary have an effect animating and conso- purposes for which it was created, in ling to the Spanish soldier, and con- repressing exactions and depredations, vincing to the Spanish government could not fail to excite hostility and people of the perfect union, in against the institution, almost in proopinion and sentiment, which, on this portion to its success. That to insubject, subsists throughout these terested motives, or prejudiced views, islands.

therefore, may be ascribed a great The committee rely, with confi- portion of that spirit of opposition dence, that the good example of the and discontent which, in its outset and public corporations and companies, progress, it has encountered. That and of the inhabitants of the metro- many of the inconveniencies and diffipolis, will be followed by the princi- culties imputed to the dock system, pal cities, towns, and districts of the and too readily credited, would, on united kingdom, in order to form to. inquiry, be found to proceed from gether an offering worthy of the great causes altogether independent of it, cause for which it is made of the and arising out of circumstances inhigh character and affluence of the separable from the nature of the empire which presents it, and fit to trade itself, especially in the time of be accepted by the gallant, disinte- war; or out of revenue regulations, rested, and high-spirited nation to which necessarily govern many operwhose brave detenders it is offered. ations of business, and over which the

6th. WEST-India Dock COMPA- company have no controul. But as it NY.-At a general court of this com- is not to be supposed that so extenpany, held at their house this day, sive an establishment can easily or the chairman read to the meeting a speedily mature and perfect its regureport from a committee of directors, lations, that the directors of the comon the general conduct of the com- pany are ever anxious to give their pany's concerns, to the end of the aid in the removal of inconveniencies, year 1808, which was ordered to be from whatever source they may printed, for the use of the proprie- spring, and are ready to admit sugtors.

gestions for improvement from par. The report is of considerable ties interested, and to redress all just length, conveying information of mo- complaints, as far as may be in their ment, both to the parties interested, power. and to the public; and the following The merit of granting ample prois a brief summary of its most mate- tection to the revenue, and security rial contents :

to property, most essential and im. The inadequate accommodation portant objects of the plan, as being and the flagrant abuses to which the universally admitted, the report but West India trade was exposed at this slightly dwells on; remarking, howport, and the well-known evils which ever, that when the character of the were the inevitable result, are stated establishment is discussed, these points as the causes in which originated an are but seldom adverted to, although establishment, which, at an expence it is not difficult to prove, that the

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