tion, to remind the Commission that the human resource is the greatest natural resource, and there can be no more important end use of any natural resource than to protect the health and welfare of the community.

We wish to commend this committee for the strong position you have taken against air pollution. Your interest and presence here are indicative of a new era of leadership by the Federal Government now emerging from Washington to support our fight for clean air.

We thank you. [Applause. ] Senator MUSKIE. Thank you, Mrs. Kravitz. I might point out that this committee cannot appropriate moneys. The process of acquiring funds under the Clean Air Act is done by application by the State to the Public Health Service.

Mrs. KRAVITZ. I think we understand that, and we were hoping, Senator, that you could carry back our message and that we would get the answer that we were hoping for.

Senator MUSKIE. The Public Health Service will know of your interest.


COMMITTEE FOR CONSERVATION Dr. KEAGY. My name is Hilan F. Keagy. I am a doctor of veterinary medicine and my business address is 353 North Foothill Road, Beverly Hills, Calif. I have been concerned and somewhat active in this problem of air pollution since 1953, when I was chairman of the Air Sanitation Committee of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association. In January 1963 I was asked by the Community Affairs Committee of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce to outline a program for providing air pollution information to the general public through chambers of commerce in this area.

As a result, I appear here today as the chairman of the interchamber committee for air conservation, a group which formed on April 23, 1963. The membership consists of appointed representatives of certain chambers of commerce in the Los Angeles area. The number of chambers wishing to participate in our activities is growing steadily and at present they include the following municipalities: Beverly Hills North Hollywood

Sunset Strip
Culver City


Van Nuys
Long Beach

Redondo Beach Westwood Village Los Angeles

South Gate And since this statement was written, the Chambers of Commerce of Santa Monica and Downey have requested to be added to this list.

These chambers cover an area which is populated by over 3 million people. We have been meeting at the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, 239 South Beverly Drive.

We feel that air pollution is a serious threat to our valuable air resource and that increased efforts must be directed toward conserving it. Air pollution has received much publicity but it seems that the public needs and wants to be much better informed. We also feel that


SUBJECT Air pollution.
PURPOSE - Familiarize the public with the:

a. Cause of air pollution.
b. Effect of air pollution.
c. Control of air pollution.




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SMOG is an eye-irritating haze caused by the reaction of man-made
air pollution, under the influence of sunlight.
In L. A. County, at the present time SMOG is thought to be caused by
vehicle exhaust (75 percent) and by emissions from industrial and
other sources (25 percent).


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SMOG adversely affects animal and plant life, also damages property.'

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SMOG is thought to be an important factor in the increase of chronic respiratory diseases.

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SMOG is a national and world problem as well as a local problem.





A rapid transit system would help to reduce man-made air pollution. It is the duty of every citizen to report to the Air Pollution Control District (APCD) any air pollution violation they may observe.



Our governmental organizations and officials must have more public support. Why not write to them and tell them we appreciate what they are doing to prevent smog and encourage them to do more.


Write for information concerning the cause and effects of smog to:

Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District
434 South San Pedro Avenue
Los Angeles 13, California
California State Department of Public Health
2151 Berkeley Way
Berkeley 4, California
Division of Air Pollution
U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare
447 Federal Office Building
San Francisco, California
Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, California


Ask your auto dealer to bring you up to date as to what the automotive industry is doing to help prevent smog. Or write direct and ask to be answered.


Write to the State Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board, 217 West First Street, Los Angeles 12. California, and ask for their pamphlet "Smog Starts Here". Write to the Tuberculosis and Health Association of L. A. County, 1670 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles 26, California, and ask for their pamphlet "You and Air Pollution".



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Air pollution may be caused by many different kinds of undesirable
substances. The kind of air pollution in Los Angeles is called
"Photochemical" air pollution .. a combination of gases, aerosols
and particles which, in sunlight, react with one another and form
the substance called "SMOG".

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More than 3,500,000 automobiles comprise the largest, single un-
controlled source of smog in Los Angeles County. Domestic,
commercial and industrial use of organic solvents is another source.
Air pollutants inflict appreciable damage on plant life. Statewide
loss in 1962 was $8,000,000. As air pollution increases so does
damage to property. Caustic substances in the air will deteriorate
building materials (even marble statuary). Animals also are af.
fected. One pollutant, fluorides, even in low concentration, accu.
mulates in the leaves of plants and the teeth of grazing animals may
deteriorate so badly that they are unable to feed. The reason for
this is that nuorides are not a part of photochemical smog so we
mention it separately as an individual pollutant.


Air pollution in the Los Angeles area contains pollutants which in
high concentrations are known to have a serious effect on health.
Chemicals known to cause cancer in animals have been found in Los
Angeles atmosphere, research has suggested a link between the oc -
currence of these substances and the increased occurrence of lung
cancer. It is known that patients with chronic lung conditions
are likely to suffer acute attacks during heavy smog periods.

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Several episodes in the past provide us with the answer. From them we know that death follows acute air pollution conditions, such as:

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The U. S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare are active in research programs throughout the U. S. to determine the cause, analysis and effects of air pollution on life and property.

The California State Department of Public Health coordinates air pollution work throughout the state. It studies the medical aspects of air pollution, constantly measures pollutants in community air, sets standards for air quality, and gives assistance to local air pollution agencies. The State Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board has the responsibility for testing and certifying devices to control air pollution from motor vehicles.

The L. A, County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) is the branch of County Government that controls air pollution from stationary sources throughout the county.

The L. A. County Board of Supervisors is the governing body of the Air Pollution Control District. (APCD)

if the public understood how complex the problem is, how difficult it is to control, and how effective the local, State, and Federal programs have been, their support of these governmental agencies would be assured.

Our objective, therefore, is to assist in informing and educating the public about the causes and effects of air pollution and of the efforts to control it. We believe that the senior and junior chambers of commerce are in an excellent position to achieve this objective.

In our program of the past year, we designed, produced, and distributed a smog quiz, a copy of which I am furnishing the committee for its information. We have requested a large supply of a new brochure on motor vehicle pollution control devices for distribution to our members and others. We have also published information about air pollution in our monthly bulletins, and I am furnishing two examples. Thus our activities are intended to be an extension of the public information activities of the Federal, State, and local agencies charged with the responsibility of protecting our air resource.

In the development and implementation of our program, we have received valued assistance from the Los Angeles County Air Pollution Control District, Bureau of Air Sanitation of the California State Department of Health, and from the California Motor Vehicle Pollution Control Board, Public Health Service of the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

We have utilized to great advantage, the informational materials produced by these agencies. We have also realized excellent cooperation from the press in publicizing our program and we look forward to support from the radio and television media also.

Since it is anticipated that the financial assistance provisions of the new Clean Air Act will stimulate the expansion of existing control programs and the initiation of new ones, and since the support of an informed public is essential to their successful implementation, it follows that there will be an even greater need for efforts such as ours.

It is our hope that chambers of commerce in other counties will embark upon similar projects and that eventually such programs will be endorsed by all State chambers as well as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It is encouraging to learn that chambers of commerce in other counties are also concerned about air pollution. Our committee has received letters from some of them and it is gratifying to learn that they are working on similar programs, and are interested in learning about our methods and activities.

I am furnishing a copy of one of these letters for your information. If this idea continues to develop, not only our interchamber committee for air conservation, but also others like it will need up-to-date informational publications, visual aids, and other assistance.

We welcome and appreciate this opportunity to describe to you and your Subcommittee on Air and Water Pollution, our interests, concerns, and activities relative to the air pollution situation in the Los Angeles area.

Senator MUSKIE. Thank you very much. I am most grateful to both of you for coming here to tell us of your interest and your activities which I think are very important if we are to develop effective programs on the local, State, and Federal levels.

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The Düsseldorf Chamber of Comnerce an Industry sent us, as the leading Chamber of Commerce for questions concerning air pollution in Nordrhein-Westfalen, your kind letter of September 6th, 1963. We are glad to know that the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce is even interested in our problems and thank you very much for your letter,

We have seen with great interest your question an answer sheet as an example of your methods to inform the public with the problems concerning air pollution. At the moment we are preparing an action to inform the public about the investments of the industry to avoid air pollution. As we are told statistics about these investments are existing in California. We are highly interested to know. on which basic information these statistics were founded and which experience you took in this field. We would highly appreciate if you would send us a sample of your question sheet which is being used to grant necessary dates from firms concerned. In addition we would be very thankful for any detail you may be able to furnish us with as we are eager to learn from your experience and compare it with our own investigation results in Nordrhein-Westfalen. Should you be in return interested in our own activity against air pollution we would be very glad to furnish you all informations.


Sincerly yours,

Vermeidung von Vorogorungen Dion wir, Zuchrinen our en die Kommor, nicht an einzelne Perronen tu richten!

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