Standards for Fruit Preserves: Hearings, Seventy-first Congress, Second Session on S. 3470. April 16 and 24, 1930


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Side 59 - That an article of food which does not contain any added poisonous or deleterious ingredients shall not be deemed to be adulterated or misbranded in the following cases: First. In the case of mixtures or compounds which may be APPENDIX J now or from time to time hereafter known as articles of food, under their own distinctive names, and not an imitation of or offered for sale under the distinctive name of another article, if the name be accompanied on the same...
Side 58 - First. If any substance has been mixed and packed with it so as to reduce or lower or injuriously affect its quality or strength.
Side 59 - First. If it be an imitation of or offered for sale under the distinctive name of another article. Second. If it be labeled or branded so as to deceive or mislead the purchaser, or purport to be a foreign product when not so, or if the contents of the package as originally put up shall have been removed in whole or in part and other contents shall have been placed in such package...
Side 22 - misbranded," as used herein, shall apply to all drugs, or articles of food, or articles which enter into the composition of food, the package or label of which shall bear any statement, design, or device regarding such article, or the ingredients or substances contained therein which shall be false or misleading in any particular...
Side 4 - ... fruit, from canned fruit, or from a mixture of two or all of these, with sugar.
Side 1 - ... (45) pounds of actual fruit to each fifty-five (55) pounds of sugar. In the case of fruits deficient in pectin, or whose composition or texture prevent the preparation of preserve or jam as defined herein of the desired consistency, nothing herein shall prevent the addition of small quantities of pectin or pectinous material; Provided, however. That if such pectin or pectinous material is added...
Side 5 - June 30, 1906, as amended, appropriations available for the enforcement of such Act of June 30, 1906, are also authorized to be made available to carry out such provisions.
Side 1 - ... fruit, canned fruit, or a mixture of two or all of these, with sugar or with sugar and water...
Side 59 - Second. If any substance has been substituted wholly or in part for the article. Third. If any valuable constituent of the article has been wholly or in part abstracted.

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