the press.

by Captain Hall of the India Army, seil des Conjurés des deux pays, in three originally published at Calcutta, is in volumes, octavo.

Also, Histoire des Sociétés secrètes de A work in octavo on the duties of the l'Armée et des Conspirations Militaires Honorable Company's Civil Servants, qui ont eu pour Objet la Destruction du by A. F. Tytler, Esq. son of Lord

Gouvernement de Bonaparte, in one voWoodhouslee, is ir: the press.

lume, octavo. Miss Rundall's Symbolical History of Dr. Holland's Travels in the Ionian England in quarto, will be published Isles, in Albania, Thessaly, and Greece, early in April complete; embellished in 1812 and 1813. Together with an with copper-plates.

account of a residence at Joannina, the Miss Prickett about to publish an capital and court of Ali Pasha ; and Historical Novel entitled " Warwick with a more cursory sketch of a route Castle.”

through Attica, the More:, &c., in one Mr. Gainble, author of Sarsfield, voluine quarto, illustrated by a map and Characteristic Sketches of Ireland, &c. other engravings, have been unavoidwill shortly publish a new Novel en- ably delayed, but they are expected to titled “ Howard.”

be ready by the 6th of the present Parliamentary Portraits, or Sketches month. of the Public Character of some of the A Visit to Paris, in 1814 ; being a most distinguished Speakers in the Review of the Moral, Political, IntellecHouse of Commons, originally printed tual, and Social Condition of the French in the Examiner.

Capital : including descriptive Sketches The Theological Works of James of the Public Buildings, and the Monu • Arminius, D. D. Professor of Divinity ments of Art which it contains; Rein the University of Leyden.

marks on the Effects of these great Miscellaneous Poems by John Byron, Works and the Institutions of Paris on M. A. F.R.S. with some account of the national Taste and Thinking ; Obhis Life.

şervations on the Manners of the various Mr, Leigh Hunt has just published a Classes of its Society; on its Rulers and Mask entitled, “The Descent of Li- Public Men; on its Political Opinions ; berty," to which is prefixed an account on the pre-sent State of French Literaof the Nature of Masks.

ture, and on the Drainatic Represen: The White Doe of Rytstone, or the

tations in the French Metropolis. By Fate of the Nortons, a Poem. By John Scott, Editor of the Champion, a Mr. Wm. Wordsworth, will appear

London Weekly Political and Literary early in April, in on volume quarto. Journal. Is nearly ready for Publica

Charlemagne; or, the Church De- tion, in one volume, octavo. Jivered, an Epic Poem, in Twenty-four Guy Maunering, or the Astrologer, Cantos. By Lucien Bonaparte, mem. by the Author of Waverley, will cerber of the institute of France, &c. &c. tainly appear this month, in three vo&c., translated into English Verse. By lumes, 12mo. the Rev. Samuel Butler, D. D., and the Systematic. Education, or ElemenRev. Francis Hodgson, A. M., will be tary Instruction, in the various Departpublished on the 4th of March.

ments of Literature and Science, with Early in March will appear, Letters Practical Rules for studying each from a Medical Officer attached to the Branch of Useful Knowledge. By the Army, under the command of Field

Rev. W. Shepherd, the Rev. Lant Marshal the Duke of Wellington, du- Carpenter, LL. D. and the Rev. J. ring the Campaigns of 1812, 1813, and Joyce. Will appear in March, in two 1814 ; addressed to a friend in Eng volumes, octavo, with plates, by land, in one volume, octavo, with a Lowry. map.

A Prospectus has been circulated of In the course of the present month, the Principles of Surgery, as they rethe following Works will appear, His- late to Wounds, Ulcers, and Fistulas; toire des Conspirations formée contre Aneurism and Wounded

Arteries ; Napoleon Bonaparte, depuis 1797, Fractures of thé Limbs, and the Dujusqu'en 1814, ou Chronique Secrete de ties of the Military and Hospital SurFrance d'Italie depuis la Création de geon. Also, la Republique Cisalpine jusqu'à la chute A System of Surgical Operations, du Tyran Corse. Publiée par le Con- containing the Principles of Surgery, as they relate to Surgical Diseases and the Velvet Cushion, with a Preface, is Operations : and a Serias of Cases, just ready. calculated to illustratr chiefly the Doc- Parts 13 and 14 of Boothroyd's He. trine of Tumours, and other irregular brew Bible containing the conclusion of parts of Surgery; and to instruct the the Psalms, the Book of Proverbs, Ecyoung Surgeon how to form his Prog. clesiastes, and the Song of Solomon, nostics and to plan his Operations. By will be delivered in a few days. John Bell, Surgeon. To be completed The Life of Philip Melanchon by the in Twelve Monthly Parts, illustrated Rev. F. A. Cox, A.M. embellished with by One Hundred and Sixty Plates, a full length portrait and a fac simile many of which will be beautifully co- of his Hand Writing will be ready early loured.

in the present month. Poems, including Lyrical Ballads, The new edition of Letters from a and Miscellaneous Pieces, with Addi- gentleman in the North of Scotland to tions. By Mr. Wordsworth, will shortly his friend in London with Notes is in appear, in two volumes, octavo.

forwardness at the press, and may be The Ballantynes of Edinburgh hare expected shortly. Mr. Walter Scott denearly completed the octavo edition, of nominates these “ Curious Letters" and the Lord of the Isles,

quotes them frequently in his Lady of The second edition of Mr. Southey's the Lake, they are said also to conRoderick, the Last of the Goths, and a tain the only authentic record extant new edition of Mr. Southey's Poems, of the manners and customs described including the Metrical Tales and some in Waverly. Pieces never before published, in three Mr. Grinfell bas in the press, a vovolumes, foolscap, octavo.

lume of Poems, which is nearly comA second edition of a New Covering to pleted.



A Review (and complete Abstract) of the Reports to the Board of Agriculture from the Midland Department of Eng. land, By Mr. Marshall. 8vo. 148. boards,


Secret Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte. Written by one who never quitted him for fifteen Years. Published in French, as well as English. 2 vols. 12mo. 10s. 6d. boards.

Memoirs of the late Philip Melville, Esq. Lieutenant-Governor of Pendennis Castle, Cornwall; with an Appendix, containing Extracts from his Diaries and Letters. Selected by a Friend. The Second Edition, 12mo. 5s. boards.

Genius leads them to study this elegant and useful Branch of Education. By Charles Taylor. Royal 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. Hotpressed, and illustrated by thirty-three plates.

French Pronunciation alphabetically exhibited : with Spelling Vocabularies and New Fables, French and English. By C. Gros. 2s. bound.

Blagdon's French Interpreter, consisting of a Vocabulary and Familiar Conversations, on every topic that can interest the Tourist or the Man of Business ; with the method of French Pronunciation, &c. a neat portable volume, price 6s. 6d. neatly half-bound.

Conversations, for the Instruction and Amusement of Youth, with Original Poems. By Mrs. Lenoir. vols. 12mo. 8s, boards.

A Familiar Treatise on Drawing, for
Youth : being an Elementary Introduc.
tion to the Fine Arts, designed for the
Instruction of Young Persons whose

HISTORY. Some Documents respecting the His. tory of the late Events in Spain: being, I. “ A plain Exposition of the Reasons which occasioned the Journey of Ferdi




nand VII. to Bayonne, in April 1808." Ricbard Watson, D.D. F.R.S. Lord By Don Juan De Escoiquiz, formerly Bishop of Landaff. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. is. Tutor to his Catholic Majesty, and then boards. his Counsellor of State, &c. &c.-II. Secret Memoirs of Napoleon BonaRemarks on the preceding Work. By parte, written by

who the Counsellor of State, Don Pedro de quitted him for fifteen Years, 2 vols. Ceballos,-1. A full Abstract of a Pe. 12mo. 10s. 6d. bds. tition addressed to King Ferdinand VII. The London Catalogue of Books, by Sixty nine Members of the Cortes of with their Sizes and Prices. October Madrid, requesting his Majesty to abo- 1814. 8vo. Price 8s. half-bound, and lish the New Constitution of Spain, and on thick post 4to. Price 14s. in sheets. to re-establish the Inquisition, with the System and No System; or, the Old Form of Government, under certain Contrast. By Maria Benson, Author Amendmeots. 8vo. 58. sewed.

of Thoughts on Education, 12mo. 6s. Studies in History, Vol. II. contain- boards. ing the History of Rome from the ear- Remarks the case of Lord liest Records to the Death of Constan- Cochrane, and on his Letter to Lord tine, in a series of Essays, with Re- Ellenborough, price 3s. flections, &c. By, Thomas Morell, St, Neots. 8vo. 10s. 611. boards.


Labaume's Circumstantial Narrative
of the Campaign in Russia, 2d edition,

Outlines of Natural Philosophy, beo considerably improved, with plaus, 8vo.

ing Heads of Lectures, delivered in the price 10s. 6:1. bds. or with a large University of Edinburgh. By John coloured Map, 12s. 5d, bds,

Playfair, Professor of Natural PhilosoGiraud's Campaign of Paris, in phy in the University of Edinburgh, 1814, to which is added a Sketch of Fellow of the Royal Society, London, the Campaign of 1813, 8vo. with Map

and Secretary of the Royal Society, and Plan, 6s. bds.

Edinburgh. 2 vols. 8vo. 10s, 6d. Ads.

A Treatise on Mechanics : intended as an Introduction to the Study of Na

tural Philosophy. By the Rev. B. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of the Court of Chancery, by

Bridge, B.D. F.R.S. Fellow of St. Pe.

ter's College, Cambridge, and ProHenry Maddock, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn,

fessor of Mathenatics and Natural Barrister. 2 vols, royal 8vo. 21. 6s. bus.

Philosophy in the East India College.

8vo, 11. ls. boards. MATHEMATICS, A Treatise on the Construction of Maps; in which the Principles of the Projections of tle Sphere are demon. The Physiognomical System of Drs. strated, and their various practical Re- Gall and Spurzheim ; founded on an lations to Mathematical Geography de- Anatomical and Physiological Examiduced and explained. Systematically nation of the Nervous System in genearranged, and scientifically illustrated, ral, and of the Brain in particular; from twenty Plates of Diagrams. By and indicating the Dispositions and Alexander Jamieson. 8vo. 93. boards. Manifestations of the Mind. By J. G.

Spurzheim, M.D. royal 8vo. 11. 10s.

boards. Illustrated by numerous plates. Delineations of the Cutaneons Diseases, comprised in the Classification of

the late Dr. Willan. By T. Bateman,

The Lord of the Isles. By Walter
M.D. F.L.S. Physician to the Public
Dispensary, and to the Fever Institution.

Scott, Esq. 4to. 21. 2s.
Part I. 4to. ll. 1s. With six coloured

Messiah, a Poem, in twenty-eight

Books. By Joseph Cottle. Royal 8vo. Plates.

The Flower of Wye, a Poem, in six

Cantos. By Henry Ingram. 8vo. 10s. MISCELLANEOUS

6d. boards. Miscellaneous Tracts, on Religious,' The Tragedies of Vittorio Alficri. Political, and Agricultural Subjects, By




Translated from the Italian, by Charles Commentators, and more particularly Lloyd. 3 vols. 12mo. 11. 7s. boards. upon the Systems of Mr. Faber and Mr.

Familiar Poems, Moral and Religionis. Cunninghame. By James Hatley Frere, By Susannah Wilson, a Servant Girl. Esq. 8vo. 12s, boards. 18mo. 2s. boards.

Sermons, by the Rev. J. Venn, M.A. A New Translation in Rhyme) of Rector of Clapham. 2 vol3. 8vo. 11. 1s, Ovid's Metamorphoses. By Thomas boards. Orger. With the Latin Text. 8vo. 11. Sermons for Parochial and Domestic 1s. boards.

Use; chiefly adapted to the Service of Anster Fair, a Poem, in six Cantos, particular Sundays in the Year. By with other Poems. By W. Tenuant. Richard Mant, M.A. Vicar of Great s. 6d.

Coggershall, Essex, and Domestic Chap

Jain to his Grace the Archbishop of POLITICAL ECONOMY.

Canterbury. Vol. III. 8vo. ?0s. 60.

boards. A Review (and complete Abstract) Sermons, by Christopher Wordsof the Reports to the Board of Agri- worth, D.D. Dean of Bucking. 2 vols. culture from the Midland Department 8vo. 18s. boards. of England. By Mr. Marshall, 8vo. · Sermons on Practical Subjects. By price 14s. boards.

Jonn Vincent, A.B. Chaplain ir. the The Statistical Account, 'or Parochial Establishment at Fort William in BenSurvey of Ireland; drawn up from the gal, in the Service of the Hon. FastCommunications of the Clergy. By India Company. 8vo. Is. boards. William Shaw Mason, Esq. M.R.I.A. It is All True; or, the Grace and Remembrancer and Receiver of First Truth of the Gospel made plain to ComFruits, and Secretary to the Board of mon Sense, in the first Conrersion, and Public Records. Vol. I. 11. 10s. boards. consequent, Huinble, Holy Life, and Illustrated by a Number of Maps and singularly blessed Death of Miss MarPlates.

tha James, of Chelwood, in SomersetReflections on the Financial System shire. price Is. 6d. of Great Britain, and particularly on Female Scripture Characters, exemthe Sinking Fund. Written in France,

plifying Female Virtues. By Mrs. in the Summer of 1812. By Walter

King. 12mo. price Ss. boards. Boyd, Esq. price 2s. 6d.

Lardner's Works, Vol. I. 4ts, to be

completed in 5 volumes. THEOLOGY

Dr. Gill's Body of Divinity. 1 vol. A Combined View of the Prophecies

4to. price 1). 15s. boards. of Daniel, Esdras, and St. John, show

An Essay on the Character and Prac.

tical Writings of St. Paul. By Hannah ing that all the Prophetic Writings are

More, 2 vols. 12mo. price 14s. formed upon one Plan. Accompanied

Facts and Evidences, on the subject by an explanatory Chart. Also,

of Baptism, in a Letter to a Deacon of minute Explanation of the Prophecies of


a Baptis: Church, by the editor of Daniel ; together with Critical Remarks

Calmet's Dictionary of the Holy Bible, upon the Interpretations of preceding

with 2 plates, price 15s.


** Among the articles, wbich our limits compel us to defer to our next Number, the following are comprised: Principles of Christian Philosophy; De L'Ambre's Astronomy; Spurzheim's Craneology; Southey's Don Roderick ; Storer's British Cathedrals; Robinson's Prophecies; &c.



FOR APRIL, 1815.

Art. 1.- The Physiognomical System of Drs. Gall and Spurzheim,

founded on an Anatomical and Physiological Examination of the Nervous System in general, and on the Brain in particular ; and indicating the Dispositions and Manifestations of the Mind. By J. G. Spurzheim, M.D. 8vo. pp. 556. price 11. 10s. London, Baldwin and Co. 1815.

THE public, that many headed Proteus, assuming in turn

every modification of character, is in no small degree ambitious of the proud honours of Athenian Philosophy. Every thing

by turns, and nothing long'--it continues, under every changing aspect, its restless pursuit of " some new thing ;" transferring with equal ease and celerity its attention from one species of excitement to another, perhaps of the most opposite description; embracing in succession all subjects, whether of temporary or of infinite interest, with short-lived intensity of ardour; and preserving with respect to all, the tone and jurisdiction of a final arbiter.

In the homage which is paid by all classes to this mysterious personage, it seems that the worship of the goddess Multitude is still perpetuated. We know not what were the rites of that ancient idolatry : possibly it consisted of the same intellectual offerings with which the same indefinite entity is still propitiated. A battle or a pageant, a hero or an actor, a fanatical impostor or a philosophical lecturer, might, in those days, perhaps, have furnished in succession the amusement of the fickle goddess. The sorcery of chemistry would not then have attracted less attention, than the discoveries of modern science did a few years since among our literary Vol. III.-N. S.

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