We ho

wvår ravaged her territories; the native princes on the borders being supplied with arms and money, and'occasionally rewarded with splendid presents by the reigning sheriffes, whose constant attention was directed towards the


of the

country.' P 371. Reverting, for a single moment, to our Author's researches into the ancient history of Abyssinia, we must acknowledge that he does appear to have reduced into something more of order than it had attained before, and that some particular points are adjusted with remarkable acuteness.

The work concludes with a very brief notice of the homeward voyage, by the way of Bombay, and an Appendix chiefly consisting of Vocabularies of the Dialects' spoken by different tribes of the natives inhabiting the coast of Africa, from Mosambique to the borders of Egypt, with a few spoken in the interior,'--and a collection of observations in natural history,

Mr. S. will not long withhold the additional information which he has obtained since his return, concerning Abys.. sinia, in letters from Pearce; and we take leave for the present with a wish, hardly less warm than his own, that after our country shall have religiously fulfilled all the enormously costly duties of subserviency to the selfishness and ambition of Powers denominated Christian nearer home, it might be induced to consider,--at how small a cost the most important assistance might be rendered to a Christian state that never did us the smallest injury, that would be very grateful for aid, and that has been long suffering at once the calamities of internal distraction, and the pressure of an incessant conflict for existence with Mahomedans and Pagans.

With respect to the advantage possible to be imparted to a remote nation in the most serious of all its interests, that of religion, it is an extraordinary circumstance, that the first statesman and hero in Abyssinia and the first ecclesiastic, concur in avowing a conviction that they want our aid in this concern, in words to this effect. We all say this is right and that is right, 'but I believe we shall only wander about in the dark until we receive a lesson from you.'

The illustrations of the volume are of a very superior quality. The general map of Abyssinia, and the charts of the East coast of Africa, Amphila Bay, and Annesley Bay, are large and elegant : there are several smaller charts; a number oi portraits slightly but spirite ily executed ; several sketches of subjects of natura: bistory; and a very considerable duinber of views finished in an elaborate manner. The whole number of plates is more than thirty, including the map and charts, and all but these are engraved by C. Heath.



Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the Eclectic Review, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, .extent, and probable price of such works s which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its plan.

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Early in the month of April will be published Display, a Tale for Young People. By Jane Taylor, one of the Authors of a Original Poems for Infant Minds," “ Associate Minstrels,” &c.

A fourth edition of Mrs. Taylor's Maternal Solicitude," and a second edition of “ Practical Hints to Young Females on the Duties of a Wife, a Mother, and a Mistress of a Family,” are in the press.

Mr. Wright's Advice oa tbe Study of the Law, with d rections for the Choice of Books, addressed Attorney's Clerks, will be ready in a few days.

In the Press, and speedily will be published, in a very neat duodecimo Volume, Dissertations on Christian Raptism; in which is clearly shewn that Antipædo-baptism is in opposition to the Holy Scriptures, and the general practice of the Church of Christ, in the first and all succeeding ages. By the late Reverend and Leained MICAIAH TowGOOD. A new Edition. To which are added Notes and Illustrations; and recommendations by the Rev. Drs. Cracknell, Dupree, Hawe is, and Smilb; and by the Rev. Messi Bogue, Clayton, sen. Durant, Lowell, Raffles, and Smith,

· Mr. Duncan, Author of the “ E-say on Genius," has in the pres3, a work entitled “ The Philosophy of Human Nature.” This treatise relatts chiefly to morals; but besides giving a complete view of the subject expressed in the title, Part II. will contain a new Theory jotended to explain all human interests.

Mr. A. Vincent, private Teacher, Oxford, has in the Press, (to appear early in April,) an Introduction to Arithmetic, designed for the Use of private Teaching.

Messrs. Roden and Craske, Stamford, propose to repablish, in a post 410

Volume, “ Pierce Penilesse his Supplio cation to the Dieul, by Thomas Nash, Gent. To be printed from the Edition of Abel Seffs in 1592, collated with that of R. Jhones of the same Date. The Reprint will be limiied to One Hundred Copies, and will be accompanied with a Biographical and Liter ry Introduction, by Octavins Gilchrisi, Esq. F.S.A.

Mr. Wm. Jaques bas now in the Press, and will publish in a few weeks, A Second and improved Ed tion of his Trang ation of Prolt ssor Frank's Guide to ih Study of the Scriptures, with Not s, &c. &c.

The Rev Johnson Grant, A. M. has in the Press, Arabia, a Poem, with Notes, which are added several smaller Pieces, in one small Volume 8vo.

The Rev. Samuel Kittle has in the Press, a new and improved Edition of the Rev. Samuel Pik's Philosophia Sacra; or the Principles of Natural Philosophy, extracted from Divine Revelation

Mr. Robert Thompson bas in tlie Press, a Sketch of the French Revolus tion, including the eventful period from 1789 to the downfall of Bonaparte, with many interesting anecdotes.

M. De Lewis is preparing for publication, in Englists and French, in two octa o volimes, England at the Begius ning of the Nineteenth Century, after the mander of Mad. de Stael.

Marshal de Vaundencourt is preparing an Account of the Russian Cam-, paign, 1812; a speciinen of which will soon appear in a translation in English, elucidating the passage of the Beresino.

Mr. Peter Core proposes to publish, in royal octavo, the Social. Day, in four cantos, embellished with twenty-five engravings.

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Mr. C. Anderson, of Edinburgh, has three guineas each. The remainder to in the Press, a Memorial in behalf of be worked on Medium 4to, at 11, 11s. Ou. 'the native Irish, with a view to their each. improvement in moral and religious Mr. Belsham has in the Press, Five knowledge through the medium of their Letters to the Bishop of London, tea own language.

specting some charges against the UniMr. Toone, author of the Magis.

tarians in his lordship's primary Charge, trate's Manual, will publish in the Mr. C. Blunt, Optician, is preparing course of this mouth, a Practical Guide for the Press, a Descriptive Essay on the to the Overseers of the Poor, in the Magic Lantern, with many plates and execution of their office, with prece- wood-cuts, and an accouøt of the vadents incidental thereto.

rious instruments and contrivances for Mr. Accum has in the Press, a Trea- exhibiting optical deceptions, tise on Gas Light, exhibiting a de, In the press, the Life of President scription of the apparatus and ma- Edwards, originally written by Dr. Hopchinery for illuminating streets, houses, kins of America, revised and enlarged and public edifices, illustrated by en- with occasional notes, by the late Dr. gravings.

Williams, of Rotherham, and now first The Devout Communicant, according published in a separate form, with, ad, to the Church of England, with prayers

ditional corrections, by. John Hawksley. and meditations, and a companion at In the Press, and shortly will be pub, the Lord's Table, is printing in a small lished, Physiological Researches on Life volume.

and Death, by Xavier Bechat, Playsia Mr. John Brittop bas issued propo- cian to the - Hotel Dieu, Professor of sals for publishing three Engravings of Anatomy, Physiology, and Medicine, the Bust of Shakspeare, from his Mu- and Member of several learned Sociepument at Stratford upon Áron ; ace ties, translated from the third Latin companied by an Essay on the Life and Edition, with an Account of his Life Writings of England's Bard. To be pub- and Character, by Edward Carbinti, lished in 4to. One hundred and fifty M. D. Member of the Royal Physical proofs on India paper. Imperial 4to, at Society of Edinburgh.



An Inquiry into the Nature aud Pro. A Treatise on the Cultivation of gress of Rent,” and “ The Gronnis of Mange! Wurgel,' or improved Beet

ań Opinion on the Policy of restricung Root, as Winter Food for Cattle. By

the Importation of Foreign Corn,'

Price 3s.
Pinder Simpson. Fourth edition. 3s.
General Report of the Agricultural

A Letter on the Corn Laws, and on State, and Political Circumstances of

the Means of obviating the Mischiets Scotland, drawn up for the Considera

and Distress which are rapidly increastion of the Board of Agriculture and

ing. From the Rt, Hon. Lord ShfInternal Improvement, under the Di

field. Price 2s. hd, rection of the Rt. Hon. Sir Johu Sinclair, Bart. Founder of the Board of

BIOGRAPHY. Agriculture. 5 large Vols. 8vo. with Authentic Memoirs of the Life of numerous Engravings, and a Vol. of John Sobieski, King of Poland.. IllusPlates in 4to. of Agricultural Imple- trative of the inherent Errors of the Deuts. Price, 41. 4s, boards.

former. Constitution of that Kingdom, Observations on the Price of Corn, which, though arrested for a Tiine by as connected with the Commerce of the, the Genius of a Hero and a Patriot, Country, and Public Revenue. By R. gradually paved the way to its Down. Duppa, LL. B. Price is.

fall. By A. T. Palmer. Svo. 125. An Essay on the Influence of a Low boards, Price of Corn on the Profits of Stock; Memoirs of Lady. Hamilton, drawn showing the Inexpediency of Restric- from original Sources of Informatioli, tions on Importation : with Remarks on and comprising many new and autienMr, Malthus' last Two Publications- lic. Anecdotes of various distinguished,

Personages ; among whom are the King History of the Secret Societies of the and Queen of Sicily, Sir William Ha- Army, and of th: Military Conspiracies, milton, the late Lord and the present which had for the object the Destruc, Farl Nelson, the Earl of Bristol, the tion of the Gwernment of Buonaparte. Duke of Queensberry, &c. &c. small Translated from the French. 8vo. 75. 8vo, Embell shed with a beautiful Por- boards. trait. A Supplement to the Memoirs of the

MATHEMATICS, Life, Writings, Discourses, and Professional Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds.

An easy Introduction to the Mathe By James Northcote, Esq. 4to. 15s.

matics; in which the History, Theory, boards.

and Practice of the leading Branches

are familiarly laid down ; with numeCLASSICAL LITERATURE.

rous Explanations and Notes, Memoirs

of Mathematical Authors and their Dictionarium lonicum Græco-Latj. Works, &c. &e. The Whole forming a num, quod Indicem in Omnes Herodoti complete and easy System of ElemenLibros continet, cum Verborum et Lo- tary Instruction, adapted to the Use of cutionum in his observatu dignarum Students in general, especially of those Accurata Descriptione, quæ varias loni- who possess not the Means of Verbal cæ Linguæ Proprietates, Regulasque Instruction. By Charles Butler. 2 Vols. diligentissime 'notatas, et Herodoteis &vo, 11, 11s. 60. Exemplis illustratas, demonstrat. A. M. Æmilio Porto. A new Edition. 8vo.


Observations on the Symptoms and EDUCATION.

Treatment of the Diseased Spine, pre

vious to the Period of Incurvation, with A New Key to Walkingame's Tutor's some Remarks on the consequent Palsy. Assistant: containing all the Questions By Thomas Copeland, Esq. Fellow of in the useful Part of that Work, the Royal College of Sargeons, arid As wrought at full Length, with References sistant Surgeon to the Westminster Ge: to each Question as they now stand in neral Dispensary. 8vo. 6s. boards. the various Editions printed at London, Observations on the Animal EconoYork, Gainsborough, &c. By William

my. By a Physician. 8vo. 68. boards, . Ord, Schoolmaster. Yealand.

12mo. Practical Observations on Necrosis of 4s. bound,

the Tibia ; illustrated by Cases and a The Heavens Surveyed; or, Science Copper-plate. To which is added, a of Astronomy made easy; whereby the Defence of a Tract entitled, Descrip Planets and their Satellites, the Phases tion of an Affection of the Tibia, inof the Moon, Eclipses and Tides, the duced by Fever, &c. By Thomas Days and Seasons, and all the Stars in

Whately, Member of the Royal Cols the Heavens, may be known. Illus

lege of Surgeons in London. 8vo. 6s. trated with Copper-plates, by Tom- boards. kins, engraver to the King, and Ward, The Principles of Surgery, as they engraver to his Royal Highness the Duke

relate to Wounds, Ulcers, and Fistulas; of York. The whole being adapted to Aneurism and Wounded Arteries ; Frac the use of Schools and private Persons, tures of the Limbs; and the Duties of and cffered as a more easy initiation the Military and Hospital Surgeon. into the Rudiments of this valuable Also, a System of Surgical OperaScience. By Bonnell George Thornton, tions, containing the Principles of Sure Lecturer on Astronomy, and Botany, gery, as they relate to Surgical Dis&c. Price 5s.

eases and Operations; and a Series of

Cases, calculated to illustrate chiefly HISTORY,

the Doctrine of Tumours, and other

irregular Parts of Surgery ; and to inHistory of the War in Spain and struct the young Surgeon how to form Portugal, from 1807 to 1814, illustrated bis Prognostics, and to plan his Operaby a Map, exhibiting the Routes of the tions. By John Bell, Surgeon. To be various Armies. By General Sarrazin, completed in Twelve Monthly Parts, 8vo. 12s. boards,

illustrated by One Hundred and Sixty

Plates, many of which will be beauti- ship's Discourse, 20th June, 1814. 8vo. fully coloured. Part 1 to 4, 12s. each. 3s.

An Essay toward the Improvement Engelsche Spraakkunst met Wurkdaof some of the Important Instruments dige Oeffeningen, &c. or English Gramof Surgery, and of the Operations in mar for Dutchmen. Also Elements of which they are employed

By William English Conversation, in easy and famiJardine, Surgeon of the Royal Navy. liar Dialogues, Idioms, and Letters, in Illustrated by eleven Engravings. 8vo. English and Dutch. By J. B. D'Has10s. 6d, boards.

sendonck. 12mo. 6s. boards.

The Theological Inquirer ; or Polemia

cal Magazine: heing a general MeMISCELLANEOUS.

dium of Communication on Religion, The Miscellaneous Works of Edward

Metaphysics, and Moral Philosophy. Gibbon, with Memoirs of his Life and

Open to all Parties.

Conducted by Writings, composed by himself; illus

Erasmus Perkins, Esq. No. 1. Svo.

2s. 6d. trated from his Letters with occasional Notes, and Narrative, By John Lord

An Appendix to Longman, Hurst, Sheffield. 5 Vols. 8vo. 51. 5s. bds. A very

Rees, Orme, and Brown's General Cafew Copies in royal 8vo. 41, 10s.

talogue of Valuable and Rare Old *** The Third volume, in Quarto,

Books, for the Year 1814, forming the containing all the additional Matter,

fourth Part, with a General Tide and will be ready for the Subscribers in a

an Index. It comprises a Selection of few Days.

Books in the various Classes of Litera. Parlamentary Portraits, or Sketches

ture, froin several extensive Libraries of the Public Character of some of the

recently purcuased, and will be found most distinguished Speakers in the

highly deserving the Attention of GenHouse of Commons. Originally printed

tlenien who are either forming or en. in the Examiner. 8vo. 89. boards,

larging Libraries. Price 1s, 6d. Maria, or the Hollanders. By Louis Ruonaparte. In 3 Vols. 12010, 16s. 6d.

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY boards. The English Works of Roger Ascham,

Mineralogical Noinenclature, alphaPreceptor to Queen Elizabeth, eleganta,

betically arranged; with Synoptic Ta. ly printed, a new Edition with some

bles of the Chemical Analyses of MiAdditions never before published. 8vo.

nerals. By Thomas Alian. Post 8vo.

12s. boards. Jl. 1s. boards, Essays, Moral and Entertaining, on

Researches about Atmospheric Phea the various Faculties and Passions of

By Thomas Forster, f L.S. the Human Mind. By the Rt. Hon.

The second Edition, greatly enlarged.

8vo. 10s. 6d. boards. Edward Earl of Clarendon. 2 Vols, fcap. 8vo. 1&s, boards. Practical Hints to young Females on

NAVIGATION, the Duties of a Wife, a Mother, and a Mistress of a family. By Mrs. Tay

A practical Treatise on finding the lor of Ongar. 5s.

Latitude and Longitude at Sea ; with · Harmonies of Nature. By Bernardin

Tables designed to facilitate the Calcude St. Pierre, Author of Studies of Na

lations. Translated froin the French of ture, Paul and Virginia, &c. With a

M. de Rossel, by Thomas Myers, A. M. beautiful Portrait of the Author. 3 Vols.

of the Royal Military Academy, WoolSvo), boards,

wich, and Honorary Member of the Hints to Travellers in Italy. By Sir

Philosophical Society of London. To Richard Colt Hoare, Bart. foolscap 8vo.

which are subjoineủ, an extensive Sea 48. boards.

ries of Practical Examples, an IntroGuy Mannering; or the Astrologer.

duction to the Tables, and some addi.. By the Author of Waverley. 3 volsa

tional Tables by the Translator. 12mo. il. 1s. boards. Public Disputation of the Students of

POETRY the College of Fort William, in Bengal, before the Rt. Hon. Earl Moira, Go- Charlemagne; or the Church Delis vernor General of Bengal, and Visitor vered: an Epic Poem, in twenty-foute af the College, together with his Lords Books. By Lucien Buona parte, of the


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