efficient, how happened it that he not only kept the French generals so completely and so long at bay, but was constantly gaining ground ?-How came it that the army of the Dwina, composed almost wholly of militia, and, according to the Eyewitness, so wretchedly commanded, was yet continually adWancing, and, at last, found itself victorious on the Beresina ?

It is asserted, that instead of following Victor, the Count should have pressed forward to the Beresina, without regard to the troops to which he had been opposed. But, on the other hand, it is perfectly clear, that if he had acted thus, the whole system of operation must have been changed; and, as it would seem, entirely in favour of the French. It could have been the presence only.of Wittgenstein, that detained Victor and Oudinot between the Nieper and the Beresina, and but for the apprehensions occasioned by the army of the Dwina, Oudinot would himself, without reference to the governor of Minsk, or any other ufficer, have held both banks of the Beresina ; and the division of Belluno, or even strong detachments, would have been amply sufficient to maintain the communications on the Moscow road. That all this would have been in favour of Napoleon, there can be no doubt : the passage of the Beresina would have been secured, his army strengthened by the addition of refreshed and upharrassed troops, the pressure on his rear-guard taken off, all his movements would have been unfettered, and the combined armies of Chichagoff and Wittgenstein rendered utterly incapable of intersecting the march of his united and concentrated force. All this, and much more than this, would have been the effect of Count W.'s movement on the right bank of the Beresina. Our speculations are strengthened by the actual conduct of the Duke of Reggio, who was no sooner aware of the conduct of the governor of Minsk, than he countermarched on Borisow, and made every effort for the recovery of the bridge.

These brief comments may, perhaps, serve to shew the absurdity, or the injustice of arguing as the - Eye-witness' does, and of marking out a line of action for one general, without reference to the movement of another; without allowing for the manæuvres of bis opponent; and without including in his calpulations the altered circumstances which changes in conduct must necessarily draw after them.

For the rest, we believe it to have been well for Napoleon, personally, that Prince Bagration had fallen on the field of Borodivo. Of the merits of that illustrious officer, too much cannot be said : in losing him, Russia lost at once her shield and her sword ;-her Fabius and her Marcelhus.


ART. XVI. SELECT LITERARY INFORMATION. ** Gentlemen and Publishers who have works in the press, will oblige the Conductors of the ECLECTIC REVIEW, by sending Information (post paid) of the subject, extent, and probable price of such works ; which they may depend upon being communicated to the Public, if consistent with its plan.

In the press, Apostolic Preaching Dr. Aikin has in considerable forward. considered, in an examination of St. ness, Annals of the Reign of George the Paul's Epistles, 1 vol. 8vo.

Third. A new edition of Lord Teignmouth's Mr. M. Gregson, of Liverpool, has Life of Sir William Jones, in 1 vol. 8vo. prepared a few choice MSS. for the press,

Contemplations of the State of Man under the title of Fragments of the in this Life, and that which is to come. History of Lancashire. By Jereiny Taylor, D.D, and late Lord The Rev. John Jebb has a volume of Bishop of Down and Connor. A new Sermons nearly ready for publication. edition, dedicated by permission to the Miss Charlotte Nooth has in the press, Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Norwich, Original Poems, with Translations from by the Rev. John Nelson Goulty, in 1 vol. the French, Italian, and Spanish, and a Sro.

Play in five acts. Proposals for publishing by Subscrip- Mr. Ford proposes to publish, on the .tjon, under the patronage (by per. plan of Mr. Britton's Architectural An.

mission) of his Royal Highness, the tiqnities, a Series of Engravings from Commander in Chief, a set of twelve drawings by Mr. Palmer, of Cheetham's Views in the islands of Mauritius and College, in Manchester; to be followed

Bourbon, from original Drawings, taken by a similar series of Christ's, or the on the Spot, by an Officer in the Army. Collegiate Church, one of the finest spe. The Plates to be twelve Inches by eight, cimens of Gothic architecture now reengraved in Aquatinta, and coloured maining. exactly like the Drawings. A Sheet of Letters from a Medical Officer atLetter-press to every two Plates, com- tached to the army under the Duke of prising in the whole a handsome folio Wellington, during the campaigns of volume. Price to Subscribers, four 1812-13.14, addressed to a friend in Guineas the Set. Subscriptions will be England, are printing in an octavo received by W. C. Lindsay, Esq. No. volume. 18, Charles-street, Clarendon-square, Mr. Thomas Howell is prepariog an Somers' Town ; where Specimens of the Account of Shrewsbury and its Environs, Drawings and of the style of finishing illustrated by views of the principal the Prints may be seen.

public, religious, and charitable buildMt. Donovan is preparing for the ings, engraved on wood. press two periodical works on British The Rev. J. Whiteley, head master Fossils; one on the English Antediluvian of the Free Grammar School in Leeds, Zoology, the other on the Vegetable is preparing for the press, Sermons and Remains under the title of the English Essays in two octavo volumes; including Antediluvian Botany.

a few Sermons by the Rev. J. Leadley, Mr. G. Dyer has in the press, in a late Fellow of Magdalen College, Camlarge octavo volume, the Privileges of bridge, which he left in the author's the University of Cambridge; to which hands for publication. will be subjoined copious additions and Miss King will soon publish a volume some emendations to his History of the of Poems and Reflections, chiefly on University.

serious subjects.

Art. XVII.


AGRICULTURE. Practical Observations on the Improvement and Management of Moun.

tain Sheep, and Sheep Farms. Also Remarks on Stock of various Kinds. By John Little, 8vo. os, 6d. boards.



subjoined, examples of Questions, calSome Account of the Life, Ministry,

culated to excite and exercise the Infant Character, and Writings of the late Rev.

Mind. By Mrs. Elizabeth Hamilton, Thomas Robinson, M.A. late Vicar of

Author of Letters on the Elementary St. Mary's, Leicester, and some time

Principles of Education, &c. &c. 12mo. Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge.

75. boards.
With a selection of Original Letters,
By the Rev. Edward Thomas Vaughan,
M.A. 8vo. 123. boards.

A Memoir of the Conquest of Java, Memoirs of Mr. James H.'Wood, late

with the subsequent Operations of the Surgeon to the Dispensary and Work

British Forces in the Oriental Archipehouse at Blackburn, Lancashire; inclu

lago. To which is subjoined, a statise ding his Conversion, and happy Death.

tical and historical sketch of Java, By the Rev. Thomas Wood, 2s. Od.

By Major William Thorn, late Deputy An Enlarged Series of Extracts from

Quarter Master General to the Forces the Diary, Meditations, and Letters of

in Java. Illustrated by thirty-five En. Mr. Joseph Williams, uf Kidderminster: gravings, from Plans and Views taken with Notes Biographical and Explana

on the Spot, royal 4lo. 31. 3s./ tory. To which are annexed some Ori

The History of the Kings of England, ginal Letters from Ministers, &c. occa

from the Arrival of the Saxons A.D. sioned by his Death. By Benjamin

449. to his own Times, A.D. 1143. By Hanbury, a descendant of the Author. William of Malmsbury, collated with Embellished with a portrait, price 14s.

authentic MSS. and translated from the

original Latin, with a Preface, Notes, CLASSICAL LITERATURE,

and Index. By the Rev. John Sharpe, Horæ Pelasgicæ, Part the First. Con

B.A. royal 4to. 31. 3s. taining an inquiry into the Origin and

The History of the Church of Scoto Language of the Pelasgi, or ancient

land, from the Establishment of the Inhabitants of Greece; with a Disser

Reformation to the Revolution. By tation on the Pelasgic, or Æolic Di.

George Cook, 1).D. 3 vols. 8vo. Jl. 165. gamma. By Herbert Marsh, D.D.

Memoirs of the War of the French F.R.S. Margaret Professor of Divinity,

in Spain, By M. de Rocca, Officer of Cambridge. Part I. 8vo. 7s. 6d. bds.

Hussars, and Knight of the Legion of A Short Introduction to the Greek

Honour. Translated from the French Language. Containing Part of the

by Maria Graham, Author of the Eton Greek Grammar translated into

Journal of a Residence in India, 8vo, English; Greek Precepts; a Speech of

93. The edition in French may be had Clearchus, from Xenophon's Anabasis;

price 9s. 6d. and the Shield of Achilles, from Homer's

MEDICINA AND CHIRURGERY Iliad, -all translated literally, showing the Parts of Speech, the Mode of

On Gun Shot Wounds in the ExtreGrammatical Analysis, and how each mities. By G. I. Guthrie, of the Royal Word may be sought out in a Lexicon,

College of Surgeons, and Deputy In8vo. 8s. 6d. boards.

spector of Military Hospitals, 8vo. 12s.

Researches on Consumption and other EDUCATION,

Disorders of the Lungs. From the Systematic Education, or Elementary

French of G. L. Bayle, D.M.P. By Instruction in the various departments

William Barrow, M.D. 8vo. 12s. of Literature and Science, with practical

MISCELLANEOUS. Rules for studying each Branch of Useful Knowledge. By the Rev. W. Display, a Tale for Young People. Shepherd, the Rev. J. Joyce, and the By Jane Taylor, one of the Authors of Rev. Lant Carpenter, LL.D. and illus- Hymns for Infant Minds, &c. 12mo. trated by nine plates by Lowry, &c.

6s. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d. boards.

Journal of Penrose, a Seaman, in Hints addressed to the Patrons and 4 vols. foolscap 8vo. ll. 4s. boards. Directors of Schools; principally intended to shew, that the Benefits derived from the new Modes of Teaching may De Rancé, a Poem. By J. W. Canbe increased by a partial Adoption of ningham, A.M. Vicar of Harrow, 8vo. the Plan of Pestalozzi. To which are 6s.



The White Doe of Rylstone. By The Bible, and nothing but the Bible, William Wordsworth, 4to. Il. 1s.

the Religion of the Church of England; The First Eight Books of Armá- By the Bishop of Sl. David, price 6s. geddon: a Poem, in Twelve Books, By A Review of the Rev. H. Norris' Atthe Rev. George Townsend, B.A. of tack on the Bible Society. By the Rev. Trinity College, Carabridge, 4to. ll.

W. Dtaltry, B.D. F.R.S. late Fellow of lls. 6d. boards.

Trinity College, Cambridge, price 1s. 6d. The Veils; or, the Triumph of Con. A Selection of the Psalms of David, stancy : a Poem, in Six Books. By from the Version of the late Rev. James Miss Porden, 8vo. 10s. 6d. boards.

Merrick, M.A. Fellow of Trinity Col. Ancient Scotish Poems, pubrished lege, Oxford. To which is appended a from the MS. of George Bannatyne, Collection of Hymns, adapted to the 1568. Edited by Lord Hailes, 8vo. Principal Festivals, and particular Sun11. Is. boards.

days, &c. of the Established Church,

royal 18mo. price 36. 6d. in boards. POLITICAL ECONOMY.

The Character of Moses established Essai, Historique, Politique, et Moral for Veracity as a Historian, recording sur les Revolutions, anciennes et mo- Events subsequeut to the Deluge. By dernes. Par M. de Chateaubriand, 8vo. the Rev. Joseph Townsend, M.A. Rector 123. boards.

of Pewsey, Wilts. Vol 11. 410, 11, 16s. Souvenirs d'Italie, d'Angleterre, et boards. d'Amerique. Par M. de Chateaubriand, The Philosophy of Human Nature ; . 2 vols, 8vo. 18s, boards.

containing a complete Theory of Human The Principle of the Euglish Poor Interests; to which is added, aa Essay Laws, illustrated from the Evidence on the Origin of Evil By John Dun. given by Scotish Proprietors (before the can, 8vo, 10s. Gd. Corn Committee) on the Connexion Tlie True Christianity of the Vene. observed in Scotland between the Price rable John Arndt, Edited' by William of Grain and the Wages of Laboar. Jaques. By John Weyland, Junior, Esq. F.R.S. Dr, Williams's Abridgement of Owes 8vo. 3s. 6d.

on the Hebrews, second edition, 4 voksi The Happiness of States; or, an In. 8vo. 21. 2s. quiry concerning Population, the Mo:dés Christian Courtesy ; a Sermon. By of subsisting and employing it, and James Knight, 8vo. Is. 6d.. the Effects of all on Human Happiness. By S. Gray, Esq. 4to. 11. 11s. 6d.


The Travels of Professor Lichtenstein Some Principles of Civilization; with in Southern Africa; Vol. 11. 4to. detached Thoughts on the Promotion of 21. 2s, boards. Christianity in 'British India.

By A Visit to Paris, in 1814. Being a Richard Hey Esq. LL.B. price 3s. Review of the Moral, Political, Intellec

tual, and Social condition of the French THEOLOGY,

Capital By John Scott, Editor of the A New Edition, in English, of Champion, 8vo. 12s. boards. Claude's Defence of the Reformation, The Traveller's complete Guide to which is annexed, a Sketch of the through Belgium, Holland, and GerLife of the Author, including some Ob- many, with Maps By Charles Campservations' on the spirit of Popery. bell, Esq. 12mo. 75. With proper Indexes. By John Townsend, 2 vols. 8vo. II. 2s.


The Articles, on Lawrence's Remarks upon Griesbach, Chalmers's Essay, Štewart's Philosophy, Vol. II., Lacretelle's Histoire de France, Campbell's Travels in Africa, Lamotte's Norway, Myers's Treatise on the Longitude, Philosophical Transactions, Legend of the Velvet Cushion, General Prayer-Book, &c. are re. served for our next Number, which will contain the Tide and Index to Vol. pil. of the New Series.



Abernethy, on some of Mr. Hunter's

opinions respecting diseases, 586, et
seq.; eulogy on Mr. Hunler, 588
Abyssinia, Salt's Voyage to, 218,-el sego;

privileges of native females of rank,
405, author's reception at the court of
Chelicu:, 406; state of the kingdom,
409-10; Ras Welled Selasse, gaver-
nor of Tigré, 407, et seq.; custom of
cutting flesh from the living animal,
417-8, rigour of the fast of Lent, 420,
Abyssinian baptism, 422; ductrines
of Rome and Mecca successfully op-

posed in this kingdom, 426
Aden, description of, 229
African Institution, Eighth Report of the

directors of, 309, el seq.; its unsatis-
factory nature, ib. ; evils occasioned by
the article in the treaty with Portugal,
310; proceeding of the directors, in
consequence of the treaty of Paris,
311-2; present aspect in regard to
Africa inauspicious, 313; state of
the trade, ib.; remarks of the directors,
ib.; activity and success of the Eng-
lish cruizers, 314 ; Slave Trade abo-
lished by the national congress of

Chili, ib.
Albion, Letters from, 589, et seg.

graceful conduct of the douaniers at
Hamburgh, 590, author's eulogy on the
English, 591; siege and defence of La-
thorn Hall, 592-3; view from Ben Lo-
mond, 593 ; Tynemouth Castle, 594 ;
author's remarks on some popular Eng-

lish Writers, 595
Alison's Sermons, 55, et seq. ; subjects

treated on, 56; extract illustrative of
the author's manner, ib.; address to
young persons, 57, sermons on the sea-
sons illustrations of his theory of beauty
and sublimity, 58, extract, ib. fast of
1806, extract from his discourse on, 59,
errors of his style, 60; sermons not
sufficiently Christian, ib.; panegyric
of the Edinburgh Reviewers, 61 ; de-,

fects, 62, et seq. objectionable passages,

Allegorizing and spiritualizing texts, Dr.

Marsh's remarks on, 87
Allegory, its definition, 86
Alpine sketches, 550, et seq. ; author's

servile imitation of Sterne, ib. et seq.,
his movements towards Paris, 5521,
first impression by the view of the city,
ib. visit to the catacombs, 553, French
characteristics, 553-4 ; French national
feeling in 1814, ib.; chateau de Ferney, ,
555; an avalanche, 556 ; lortent of Gias,

557 ; terrific pass of Albinen, ib.
Angler's guide, by T. F. Salter, 616, de-

fence of angling, 617, character of the

work, 618
Apostolic benediction of Paul, remarks on,

Arminian scheme, dificulty attending it,

Astronomy, by M. Delambre, 384, et

seq. object of the work, 385, et seq. mode
of deducing the precession, 389, daily
position of the sun, 390 ; of compa.
ting the circumstances of eclipses,
391, transits of Mercury tabulated, 392,
of Venus, 393, rule for determining Eas-

Atonement,Hull on the doctrine of, 621,

et seg, peculiar circumstances atten-

dant on the death of Christ, 622
Axton, W1. his examination before bishop

Bentham, for refusing the apparel, the
cross in baptism,and kneeling at the sacra-
ment, 119, et seq.


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