3 months

Has gone through 3:21. 12s. part of Hullah's System.




171. paid, the rest lent.



321. 12s. to be paid by
the student.



2 months

321. 12s. quarterly by
the student.

30 | Prepared for a Sur- Good Biblical and Theological knowledge ; geon.

A little time good Chemist; fair knowledge of Algebra ;
Teacher of a Na- good Latin scholar; fair Greek scholar ;
tional School.

some little Hebrew, and French, and Anglo.
Saxon; good Writer, and Arithmetician,
and Geographer; good knowledge of Mine-

ralogy, &c.
22 A Merchant's Clerk. Good Biblical knowledge; Arithmetic, as

A Sunday - school far as Practice ; good Geographer; good
Teacher seven

36 Captain of a Mer- Good Biblical knowledge : Geographer;

Mensuration ; Navigation ; a little Algebra ;

good Arithmetician.
22 A Machine-maker Fair Biblical knowledge; knows English

Grammar; has gone through Walking-
hame's Arithmetic; some Geography; has

read English History.
211 Japanner

Arithmetic, as far as the Rule of Three; a little Geography; fair Grammarian; read a little History of England; a good Drawer ;

fair Bible scholar; good Writer. 212

Good Arithmetician; a little Algebra ; good

Grammarian; fair Historian and Geogra

pher; literary; fair Theologian. 173 Assistant in a Na- | Been through Walkinghame's Arithmetic ;

tional School one a little Mensuration; through Lennie's

Grammar; a little Geography, good Bible
knowledge; has read English History, and
a little Roman History; some knowledge

of Ecelesiastical History.
17 Teacher in a small | Walkinghame's Arithmetic, as far as Pro-

portion; a little Geography; a little Grammar; English History; fair Bible knowledge.


2nd 2 months

Good musical

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Welsh Exhibitioner.



6 weeks

Welsh Exhibitioner.


List, in the Columns of which each Student's Number, Age, &c., are indicated-continued.

bers de-
ing the





Previous Condition.

Acquirements at the time of Admission.

Musical knowledge.

Premium, by whom Paid.

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Through Arithmetic; some knowledge of Been through Hul-
Geography; Grammar; a little English lah's first Course;
History; fair Biblical knowledge; Algebra, can play the fute
as far as Simple Equations.

a little.
Arithmetic, as far as Fractions ; a little Good Musical know.
Algebra; little Mensuration; little Geo- ledge; can play
graphy; a fair Historian; fair Biblical know-

well on the orgán.
ledge; fair Drawer; fair Grammarian; has
learnt the Latin Grammar.
Fair knowledge of Arithmetic; Algebra, as Can play the flute
far as Simple Equations ; studied four Buoks a little.
of Simpson's Euclid; fair knowledge of
Geography, Physical and Descriptive; fair
Grammarian; has read the first part of the
Gospel of St. Matthew in Greek, and the
Greek Reader; has read Virgil's Æneid,
first book; Ovid, &c., in Latin; a fair French
scholar; good Bible knowledge ; and fair
Gone through Arithmetic; a little Algebra ;

a little Mensuration ; fair Bible knowledge.
Fair Bible scholar; fair Grammarian ; gone Been through Hule

through Arithmetic ; Algebra, as far as lali's Course. Simple Equations; general outline of History; a little Geography; a little French; can draw pretty well. Arithmetic, as far as Practice: gone through Been through HulLennie's Grammar; English History a little; lah's first Course, a little Geography : l'air Bible knowledge.

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Assistant in a Na. Arithmetic, as far as Decimals ; pretty good Gone through Hul-
tional School 3 in Geography; a little Roman History; a lah's Course; a

little Grecian History; English History; little of the violin.
gone through the Latin Grammar; part of
the Latin Testament; fair Bible knowledge;

good Writer.
Assistant in a School Good Bible scholar; has studied English

321. 12s. to be paid Grammar; Draws a little ; Literary; good

by the

Geographer; Arithmetic, as far as the Rule

of Three; a little Latin; has read History

of England. Miller Fair Bible scholar; Algebra, as far as Qua

Pays his own fee, dratics Arithmetic, as far as Simple

321. 12s.
Interest; Geography; read History of Eng-
land, Scotland, and Rome; knows Land-

Assistant in the Agri- Good Reader ; good Bible knowledge; Geo- Has gone through 321. 128.
cultural School, graphy; English Grammar ; Literary; good Hullah's System,

knowledge of English History ; Drawing ; and can play the

Arithmetic; Algebra, as far as Quadratics. violin.
Merchant's Clerk, Sun- Sound knowledge of Bible; gone through

321. 12s. by the stu-
day-school Teacher Walkinghame's Arithmetic; has read Gold-

nine months.

smith's History of Greece and Rome; Hume
and Smollet's England; Literary; little
Latin and French ; fair Geographer ; good

Writer; good Grammarian.
Clerk. Sunday-school | Arithmetic, as far as Decimals; little Geo-Can play the flute.
Teacher three years.

graphy; little Latin and English Grammar;
Roman, Grecian, and English History;

good Draftsman (Architectural).
Farmer. Assistant in Fair Biblical scholar; fair Writer ; a little

321. 128., to stay two a National School English Grammar; Arithmetic, as far as

years. 3. years. Sunday- Compound Proportion. school Teacher.

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List, in the Columns of which each Student's Number, Age, &c., are indicated-continued.

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Assistant in a Private Good Biblical scholar; a little French; Arith-

metic, as far as Decimals; good Writer ;
has gone through Murray's Grammar; á
little Drawing; Algebra, as far as Simple

Equations; fair knowledge of Geography.
Shoemaker. Three A little Grammar and Arithmetic; good Has gone through | Half to be paid and
years Sunday- Biblical knowledge.

the whole of Hul- half to be lent. To
school Teacher.

lah's Course. stay two years at

Merchant's Clerk. Sun- Good Bible knowledge; Arithmetic as far as

171. paid; rest lent.
day-school Teacher Practice ; good Geographer; good Writer.
seven months.
Schoolmaster. Has Has a fair knowledge of the Holy Bible; No Musical know. 321. 125. by the stu-
been a Sunday-school has gone through several Arithmetics ; a


dent. Teacher a short time. very little French; Modern Geography;

English Grammar; English and Roman

History; Literary.
Assistant in the He- Gone through Arithmetic; very good Bib- Gone through part
brew Boys' School, lical scholar; a little Mapping - English of Hullab's Course.
Palestine Place. History; Roman and Grecian History;

Rudiments of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Ger-
man, and Chaldee; Geography; Short-
hand; Literary








Name of Student.

No. of Months in Institution.


School of which he is placed

in charge.

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Thomas Carvill
George Green
William Taylor
John Bate
William Moss
Thomas Cox
George Palmer
James Courtnay
W. J. Lake

19 17 22 10 12 14 15 17 12



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H. Coultas
J. Cardwell
H. Williams
T. Smith
Thomas Phillips
Job Burrows
G. J. Stevenson
John Sluter
Thomas White
James J. Phillips
E. T. Chambers
Joseph Woolley
John Thackeray
George Elliot.
James Minns
George Dixon.
James Davis
W. A. Sherwin
Isaac E. Baker
James Denner
George R. Renwick
William Rapsey
James Carter
William Brown

12 19 19 11 11 15 15 18 13 14 12 13 10 11 15 10 14 11 10 19 50 19 14 18

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E. C. Tufnell, Esq.

Rev, J. Jackson

Rev. E. Vaughan.

Rev. J. Armistead

Rev. E. H. Ommaney

Chew-Magna, Somerset.
Rev. G. Hake and Rev.S. Shipley Blackburn.
Rev. J. Armistead

Effingham, Surrey.
Rev. J. Symonds .

Rosendale,near Rochdale
Rev. Mr. Bramstou and Rev. Mr. Macclesfield.

Rev. Mr. Carter

Hon. and Rev. R. Eden

Kirkdale, Cheshire.
Rev. E. Blackwell

Rey. J. Tideman .

Rev.J.G. Packer & W.Oxley, Esq. Birmingham.
Rev. W. Blackwell

Brimmington, Derby.
Rev. Mr. Cox and Mr. R. Smith Philanthropic Asylum.
Rev. R. Burgess

Quarry Bank, Stafford.
Ven. Archdeacon Grant

Rev. Dr. Joynes

Rev. R. Burgess

Saffron Waldon.
Rev. J. Armistead

Abbots Ann, Hants.
Rev. Dr. Hook

E. C. Tufnell, Esq.

Rev. Mr. Patterson

Butterly, Derbyshire.
Rev. W. Curling

The Hon. aud Rev. R. Eden Kirkdale, Cheshire.
Rev. J. Currie

Multifarnham, Ireland.
Rev. H. J. Baily

Snitterfield, Warwick.
Rey. S. Vincent

Reigate, Surrey.
H. R. H. Prince Albert

St. Andrew's Leeds.
Rev. R. Kindsman

Accrington, Lancashire.
Rey. S. G. Packer

Crosthwaite,Cumberland Rev. J. Heming and w. Dicken- St. George's East, Lonson, Esq.

Rev. G. Allen

Rev. W. Hutchinson

Stourbridge; second mas

ter of the Old Swin

ford Hospital.
Rev. S. G. Packer

Trawden, Cheshire.
Rev. Dr. Molesworth.

Wragby, Wakefield.
Rev. W. W. Hoare

Ardenshaw, Staley

Rev. J. Hensman

Rev. W. Fry

Rev. W. Hoare

Eccles, Manchester.
Rev. H. Wright


St. Paul's, Pancras.
S. Tremen heere, Esq..

Bluntisham, Huntingdon.
Rev. E. Boyle

Macclesfield,Old Church. Rev. J. Bramston.

St. Peter's. Rev. R. Burgess

Hurdsfield. Rev.J. Brown

Philanthropic Asylum.

Chester, Christchurch. Rev. J. Ketley

St. Mary's, Lambeth. Rev. J. Beaumont.

Battersea village school.
John Martin, Esq.

Bloomsbury, London.
Orby, near Spilsby.

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