school years should have an opportunity to become acquainted with specimens of the best literature in our language. And we are fully persuaded that the proper place to begin this work is in the Grammar School.

A brief examination of the contents of this reader will reveal the excellent selections of prose and poetry which it contains. You will find in this book extracts from the works of the foremost authors of America, as well as from a few of the great literary lights of Europe. Some of the selections carry us back to the dim past, and allow us to think the thoughts and to experience the aspirations and emotions of the people of that age; others recall some of the striking historical epochs of history; and still others thrill us with the doings of the eventful present. The lessons on Nature cannot fail to lift the mind of the child to the Divine Creator. Several of the extracts instill the essentials of real, true, genuine patriotism. But above all, each selection tends to foster and develop all that is good and noble in the heart of the child.

The pupils will find the "Historical Narratives,” the Biographical Sketches,” and the “Aids to Study," which accompany each lesson, of the greatest assistance in interpreting and appreciating the various literary selections.




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