Annual Report - Vermont. Agricultural Experiment Station, Burlington, Volum 19

"Condensed outlines of articles published in Reports 1-19, Bulletins 1-133, 1887-1907, [by Joseph L. Hills], "in no. 20 p. 387-505.

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Side 211 - June 30, 1898 ; that we have found the same well kept, and classified as above, and that the receipts for the year from the treasurer of the United States are shown to have been...
Side 211 - Dr. To Receipts from the Treasurer of the United States as per appropriations for fiscal year...
Side 218 - ... comparative effects on crops of different kinds; the adaptation and value of grasses and forage plants; the composition and digestibility of the different kinds of food for domestic animals; the scientific and economic questions involved in the production of butter and cheese; and such other researches or experiments bearing directly on the agricultural industry of the United States...
Side 208 - Jersey citizen who is concerned in agriculture, whether farmer, manufacturer, or dealer, has the right to apply to the Station for any assistance that comes within its province to render, and the Station will respond to all applications as far as lies in its power.
Side 207 - State legislation also has placed upon the Station the duties pertaining to: (1) the inspection of commercial fertilizers; (2) the inspection of commercial feeding stuffs; (3) the inspection and certification of Babcock glassware...
Side 291 - The Use of Ether and Chloroform for the Forcing of Shrubs and of Lilacs in Particular.
Side 310 - ... farmers as to whether corn is seriously damaged for silage making by frosting, the Vermont Experiment Station undertook experiments in which different sections of the same field of corn were ensiled in unfrosted condition and after different degrees of frosting. A little more than half of It was cut into the silo on October 7, Immature and Just barely touched by an extremely light frost. A hard frost seemed Imminent that night, but did not occur. Indeed, the first hard frost was delayed two weeks,...
Side 289 - Les Anesthetiques et le Forcage des Plantes." Libr. Hort., Paris, pp. 1-68, figs. 4 (1904) ; brief note in Exp. Sta. Rec. 16: 666 (1905). "Etherization of Plants." Jour, de la Soc. Nat. D'Hort. May (1904). Bellair, G. "Forcing Lilacs After Preliminary Etherization." Rev. Hort. 76: 84 (1904); Abs. Exp. Sta. Rec. 15: 972 (1904). Beltz, WJ "The Effects of Etherization on Plants.
Side 280 - The cause of the action of anesthetics on plants is a matter of theory and may be due to an acceleration of the order of growth, or the phenomenon may be the suspension of an arrest which has occurred in the natural growth. On the other hand, ether or chloroform may be merely an excitant. The vapors of ether and chloroform only have a momentary effect although they produce extreme stimulation, shorten the period of repose and incite vegetation.
Side 292 - Plants by Ether." Le Jardin 18: 202 (1904) ; Abs. Exp. Sta. Rec. 16: 269 (1904). "Etherization in Forcing." Le Jardin 19: 44-6 (1905) ; Abs. Exp. Sta. Rec. 16: 978 (1906). — . "Forcing by Means of Ether and Chloroform.

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