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Bradbury and Evans, 1854 - 287 sider

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Side 272 - The cord slides swiftly through his glowing hands, And (quick as lightning) on the deck he stands. So the sweet lark, high poised in air, Shuts close his pinions to his breast, (If chance his mate's shrill call he hear,) And drops at once into her nest. The noblest captain in the British fleet Might envy William's lip those kisses sweet.
Side 272 - Oh ! where shall I my true love find ? Tell me, ye jovial sailors, tell me true, If my sweet William sails among the crew?
Side 272 - Susan, Susan, lovely dear. My vows shall ever true remain; Let me kiss off that falling tear; We only part to meet again. Change, as ye list, ye winds; my heart shall be The faithful compass that still points to thee.
Side 99 - Erminia infra l'ombrose piante d'antica selva dal cavallo è scòrta, né più governa il fren la man tremante, e mezza quasi par tra viva e morta.
Side 44 - The house full of Parliament-men, it being holyday with them : and it was observable how a gentleman of good habit, sitting just before us, eating of some fruit in the midst of the play, did drop down as dead, being choked ; but with much ado Orange Moll did thrust her finger down his throat, and brought him to life again.
Side 43 - Gwynne, we cannot refuse belief to the various proofs of kind-heartedness, liberality, and — taking into consideration her subsequent power to do harm — absolute goodness of a woman mingling — (if we may believe a passage in Pepys,) — from her earliest years in the most depraved scenes of a most dissolute age. The life of Nell Gwynne, from the time of her connexion with Charles the Second, to that of her death, proved that error had been forced upon her by circumstances, rather than indulged...
Side 254 - If a cudgel were cut from them for every knave who busies himself in the business of others — don't you think it would mightily open the prospect ? Gnat. Perhaps it might. And don't you think, that if every hard-hearted, selfish rascal that destroys the happiness of others, were strung up to the boughs before they were cut for cudgels, it would, instead of opening the prospect, mightily darken it ? Dog.
Side 272 - Though battle call me from thy arms, Let not my pretty Susan mourn ; Though cannons roar, yet safe from harms William shall to his dear return.
Side 256 - Ay, for the rent. Oh, Susan, I would I were your landlord. I should think myself well paid if you would allow me every quarter-day to put my ear to the key-hole, and listen to one of your prettiest ditties. Why, for such payment, were I your landlord, I'd find you in board, washing, and lodging, and the use of a gig on Sundays. I wish I But, la ! what's the use of my wishing ? I'm nobody but...
Side 5 - Aye, but the ugliest of trades have their moments of pleasure. Now, if I were a grave-digger, or even a hangman, there are some people I could work for with a great deal of enjoyment.

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