Workmen's Compensation Law of the State of New York


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Side 51 - Compensation Commission, and to be composed of three commissioners appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, one of whom shall be designated by the President as chairman.
Side 31 - If the injury causes death, the compensation shall be known as a death benefit and shall be payable in the amount and to or for the benefit of the persons following: 1.
Side 26 - ... employment upon the premises or at the plant, or in the course of his employment away from the plant of his employer; and shall not include farm laborers or domestic servants.
Side 25 - ... (2) Such employee shall not, at the time of entering into his contract of hire, express or implied, with such employer, have given to his employer notice in writing that he elects not to be subject to the provisions of this act...
Side 29 - For the loss of a fourth finger, commonly called the little finger, fifteen weeks. Phalange of thumb or finger. The loss of the first phalange of the thumb or finger shall be considered to be equal to the loss of one-half of such thumb or finger, and compensation shall be one-half of the amount above specified.
Side 33 - Immediately after such filing the commission shall send to the parties a copy of the decision. Upon a hearing pursuant to this section either party may present evidence and be represented by counsel. The decision of the commission shall be final as to all questions of fact, and, except as provided in section twenty-three, as to all questions of law.
Side 28 - ... an injured employee, or his legal representative in case death results from the injury, may, at his option, elect to claim compensation under this chapter, or to maintain an action in the courts for damages on account of such injury; and in such an action it shall not be necessary to plead or prove freedom from contributory negligence nor may the defendant plead as a defense that the injury was caused by the negligence of a fellow servant nor that the employee assumed the risk of his employment,...
Side 27 - ... without regard to fault as a cause of such injury, except where the injury is occasioned by the willful intention of the injured employee to bring about the injury or death of himself or of another, or where the injury results solely from the intoxication of the injured employee while on duty.
Side 41 - Technical rules of evidence or procedure not required. The commission or a commissioner or deputy commissioner in making an investigation or inquiry or conducting a hearing shall not be bound by common law or statutory rules of evidence or by technical or formal rules of procedure, except as provided by this chapter; but may make such investigation or inquiry or conduct such hearing in such manner as to ascertain the substantial rights of the parties.
Side 44 - Such fund shall consist of all premiums and penalties received and paid into the fund, of property and securities acquired by and through the use of moneys belonging to the fund, and of interest earned upon moneys belonging to the fund and deposited or invested as herein provided. Such fund shall be administered by the state insurance manager without liability on the part of the state beyond the amount of such fund.

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