Start not, her A&tions fhall be holy, as
You hear my Spell is lawful, do not shun her,
Until you fee her die again, for then
You kill her double. Nay, prefent your Hand;
When he was young, you woo'd her; now in Age,
Is fhe become the Suiter?

Leo. Ob the's warm,

If this be Magick, let it be an Art
Lawful as Eating.

Pol. She embraces him.

[Embracing her.

Cam. She hangs about his Neck,
If the pertain to Life, let her fpeak too.
Pol. Ay, and make it manifeft where she has liv'd,
Or how ftol'n from the dead?

Paul. That he is living,

Were it but told you, fhould be hooted at
Like an old Tale; but it appears the lives,
Tho' yet the fpeak not. Mark a little while.
Please you to enterpofe, fair Madam, kneel,
And pray your Mother's Bleffing; turn good Lady,
Our Perdita is found. [Prefenting Perdita, who kneels to Herm.
Her. You Gods look down,

And from your facred Viols pour your Graces
Upon my Daughter's Head; tell me, mine own,
Where haft thou been preferv'd? Where liv'd? How fourd
Thy Father's Court? For thou shalt hear that I,
Knowing by Paulina, that the Oracle
Gave hope thou waft in being, have prefcrv'd
My felf, to fee the Iffue.

Paul. There is time enough for that;
Left they defire, upon thir pufh, to trouble
Your Joys with like Relation. Go together
You precious Winners all, your Exultation
Partake to every one; I, an old Turtle,
Will wing me to fome wither'd Bow, and there
My Mate, that's never to be found again,
Lament 'till I am loft.

Leo. O Peace Paulina:

Thou should't a Husband take by my Confent,
As I by thine Wife. This is a Match,


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And made between's by Vows. Thou haft found mine,
But how, is to be question'd; for I faw her,
As I thought, dead; and have, in vain, faid many
A Prayer upon her Grave. I'll not feek far
(For him, I partly know his mind) to find thee
An honourable Husband. Come, Camillo,

And take her by the Hand; whofe Worth and Honesty
Is richly noted; and here justified

By us, a pair of Kings. Let's from this place.
What? Look upon my Brother: Both your Pardons,
That e'er I put between your holy Looks

My ill Sufpicion: This your Son-in-law,
And Son unto the King, whom, Heav'ns directing,
Is troth-plight to your Daughter. Good Paulina,
Lead us from hence, where we may liefurely,
Each one demand, and anfwer to his part
Perform'd in this wide gap of Time, fince first
We were diffever'd. Haftily lead away.

[Exeunt omnes.

The End of the Second Volume.

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