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SEP 1 0 1936

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1851, by

BENJAMIN KINGSBURY, JR., in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Maine.


This WORK is intended to be what the title page sets forth-a guide to Justices of the Peace for the State of Maine. Since, however, there is no part of the whole body of the law, to which a pagistrate may not, in the exercise of the functions of his office, have occasion to refer, nothing short of a book embracing that whole system of law can be a perfect guide in all possible magisterial transactions. The limits of these sheets then, necessarily confine us to a somewhat outline view of the powers and duties of justices. For more detailed information upon the topics of which they treat, recourse must be had to "the Books” at large. We trust, however, that "The Justice of the Peace” will be found, for ordinary purposes, a safe, convenient, and sufficient guide to those for whose use it is more especially designed.

It is now ten years since the appearance of any publication of this description. The many important changes which have occurred in the statute law of the State during that time would have been of itself sufficient justification to the publishers for this issue.

A slight examination of our labors will, however, as we trust, show that these labors have had other purposes in view than such as have reference to recent legislation upon the matters here treated.

It may be noticed that we make no allusion to the militia law of the State. It seemed to us that, in the present state of the law and of public opinion upon that subject, justices would rarely, if ever, be called upon to administer what remains of what was the militia system in Maine. We have therefore preferred to occupy the room at our disposel with matter of mere evident practical value.

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