Public health reports (1881). v. 38 pt. 1 no. 1-26, 1923, Volum 38,Del 1,Utgaver 1-26

Surgeon General, 1923

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Side 449 - If required to define the terms we can say that oxidation may be regarded as the withdrawal of electrons from a substance with or without the addition of oxygen or elements analogous to oxygen; or as the withdrawal of electrons with or without the withdrawal of hydrogen or elements analogous to hydrogen.
Side 668 - In 10) /F, where R is the gas constant, T the absolute temperature, F the faraday, and...
Side 692 - No health department, State or local, can effectively prevent or control disease without knowledge of when, where, and under what conditions cases are occurring.
Side 729 - ... per cent, we are in a position to appreciate the sanitary acumen of Aristotle when he wrote in his Politica : "The greatest influence upon health is exerted upon those things which we most freely and frequently require for our existence, and this is especially true of water and air.
Side 100 - Every intendment is in favor of the validity of statutes, and no motive, purpose, or intent can be imputed to the legislature, in the enactment of a law, other than such as are apparent upon the face, and to be gathered from the terms, of the law itself.
Side 734 - ... that there be records kept of the days of every marriage, birth and death of every person within this jurisdiction;" and similar statutes have been ever since in force in Massachusetts.
Side 1189 - The rural-school child cannot step around the corner to an eye clinic and secure the free services of a specialist. These children are frequently found wearing glasses entirely unsuited to them, as was a girl with one eye hyperopic and the other myopic, who was wearing a farsighted lens in front of the nearsighted eye. The rural-school child is greatly in need of instruction in the care of the teeth and in need of adequate dental service. This is shown by the fact that 49.
Side 728 - Lycurgus," says Dr. Gairdner, "are not wanting in very pointed enactments on sanitary matters ; and the importance attached by all the Greek republics, and in the Platonic ideal polity, to physical culture, is too well known to require remark.
Side 99 - That the Legislature in the exercise of its constitutional authority may lawfully confer on boards of health the power to enact sanitary ordinances having the force of law within the districts over which their jurisdiction extends, is not an open question. This power has been repeatedly recognized and affirmed.
Side 99 - It is important to the whole community that the supply of milk and cream should not be contaminated with impurities or infected with disease, and that those selling milk should use all the precautions that a scientific investigation of the proper methods of treating milk to secure the result has found to be useful and efficient. It is the duty of the health authorities to see that this is accomplished by the establishment of such reasonable regulations as may be necessary to meet existing conditions...

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