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30 Foreign trade statistics....
40 Training of foreign participants in census proce-

dures and general statistics ............
50 Special services and studies by the Bureau of the

Census ................. 60 Public information 70 Cutoff dates for recognition of boundary changes

for the 1990 census .............. 80 Furnishing personal census data from census of

population schedules ........... 90 Procedure for challenging certain population and

income estimates ...... 100 Seal............ 101–199 [Reserved]



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Subpart A-General Requirements-Exporters

Sec. 30.33 Vessels, planes, cargo vans, and other

carriers and containers sold foreign. 30.34 Return of exported cargo to the

United States prior to reaching its final

destination. 30.35—30.36 (Reserved) 30.37 Exceptions from the requirement for

reporting complete commodity detail on

the Shipper's Export Declaration. 30.38 (Reserved] 30.39 Authorization for reporting statisti

cal information other than by means of individual Shipper's Export Declara

tions filed for each shipment. 30.40 Single declaration for multiple con

signees. 30.41 “Split shipments" by air.

Subpart D-Exemptions from the Requirements

for the Filing of Shipper's Export Declarations

Sec. 30.1 General statement of requirement for

Shipper's Export Declarations. 30.2 Related export control requirements. 30.3 Shipper's Export Declaration forms. 30.4 Preparation and signature of Ship

per's Export Declarations. 30.5 Number of copies of Shipper's Export

Declaration required. 30.6 Requirements as to separate Shipper's

Export Declarations. 30.7 Information required on Shipper's

Export Declarations. 30.8 Additional information required on

Shipper's Export Declaration for In

Transit Goods (Form 7513). 30.9 Requirements for separation and

alignment of items on Shipper's Export

Declarations. 30.10 Continuation sheets for Shipper's

Export Declaration. 30.11 Authority to require production of

documents. 30.12 Time and place Shipper's Export

Declarations required to be presented. 30.13–30.14 [Reserved) 30.15 Procedure for presentation of decla

rations covering shipments from an inte

rior point. 30.16 Corrections to Shipper's Export Dec


30.50 Procedure for shipments exempt

from the requirements for Shipper's

Export Declarations. 30.51 Government shipments not generally

exempt. 30.52 Special exemptions for shipments to

the U.S. armed services. 30.53 Special exemptions for certain ship

ments to U.S. Government agencies and

employees. 30.54 Special exemptions for mail ship

ments. 30.55 Miscellaneous exemptions. 30.56 Conditional exemptions. 30.57 Information on export declarations

for shipments of types of goods covered

by $ 30.56 not conditionally exempt. 30.58 Exemption for shipments from the

United States to Canada.

Subpart B-General Requirements-Exporting


[blocks in formation]

Sec. 30.94 Instructions to Customs. 30.95 Penalties for violations. 30.99 OMB control numbers assigned pur

suant to the Paperwork Reduction Act. AUTHORITY: Title 13, United States Code, sections 301-307; and title 5 United States Code, section 301; Reorganization Plan No. 5 of 1950; Department of Commerce Order No. 35-2A, August 4, 1975, 40 FR 42765.

SOURCE: 41 FR 9134, Mar. 3, 1976, unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: The term “Customs Director" or “District Director of Customs” as used in this Part 30 means the Regional Commissioner of Customs if the transaction is at the port of New York City; the district director of customs if at the headquarters port of a customs district other than New York City; and the customs officer in charge of the port if at a nonheadquarters port.

(i) To Puerto Rico from the United States.

(ii) To the United States from Puerto Rico.

(iii) To the Virgin Islands of the United States from the United States or Puerto Rico.

(b) Shipper's Export Declarations shall be filed for merchandise moving as described above regardless of the method of transportation. Instructions for the filing of Shipper's Export Declarations for vessels, aircraft, railway cars, etc., when sold foreign appear in $ 30.33. Exemptions from these requirements and exceptions to some of the provisions of these regulations for particular types of transactions will be found in Subparts C and D of this part.

Subpart A-General Requirements


(41 FR 9134, Mar. 3, 1976, as amended at 41 FR 29374, July 16, 1976; 41 FR 42645, Sept. 28, 1976; 50 FR 13017, Apr. 2, 1985; 55 FR 49615, Nov. 30,1990)

8 30.1 General statement of requirement

for Shipper's Export Declarations. (a) Shipper's Export Declarations shall be filed by exporters or their agents in accordance with the definitions, specifications, and requirements of these regulations for all commodities, gold and silver, except as specifically exempted herein, shipped as follows:

(1) To foreign countries or areas, including Foreign Trade Zones located therein, (see g 30.58 for exemptions for shipments from the United States to Canada) from any of the following:

(i) The United States, including the 50 States and the District of Columbia.

(ii) Puerto Rico.

(i) Foreign Trade Zones in the United States or Puerto Rico.

(iv) The Virgin Islands of the United States.

(2) Between nonforeign areas specified below then: 1

8 30.2 Related export control require

ments. (a) Under the provisions of the Export Administration Regulations of the Office of Export Administration in the International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce (15 CFR Parts 368-399), 2 Shipper's Export Declarations are also required for shipments of Merchandise from U.S. Possessions to foreign countries or areas. In these regulations, the term U.S. Possessions includes the Virgin Islands of the United States, Guam Island, American Samoa, Wake Island, Midway Island, and Canton and Enderbury Islands.

(b) For all shipments to foreign countries areas, the Shipper's Export Declaration is an export control document. In preparing and filing export declarations for shipments to foreign countries and areas, therefore, the shipper must comply with all pertinent export control regulations as well as the requirements of the statistical regulations of this part. For con



*Shipper's Export Declarations are not required for shipments from the United States or Puerto Rico to the United States Possessions, except to the Virgin Islands of the United States, or from a U.S. Possession destined to the United States, Puerto Rico, or another U.S. Possession.

See also the Export Administration Reg. ulations of the Office of Export Administration, which may be purchased from the Government Printing Office or Department of Commerce District Offices.

venience, a few provisions of the Goods (Commerce Form 7513) shall be Export Administration Regulations filed. Form 7513 shall also be filed for and of the Customs regulations closely merchandise subject to government inrelated to statistical requirements spection, examination, or permit arrivhave been incorporated in these regu- ing from a foreign country which is relations. Information concerning export jected and exported. (Although Form control regulations and information 7513 provides that it is to be used for concerning agencies other than the

foreign merchandise, it should be used Department of Commerce exercising also for U.S. merchandise which after export control authority for particular having been exported has been retypes of commodities may be obtained

turned to or through the United from the Office of Export Administra- States and is again being exported tion, International Trade Administra

under any of the conditions described tion, Washington, D.C. 20230, or from

in this paragraph. Except for rejected Department of Commerce District Of.

merchandise, Form 7513 is not to be fices.

used for the reexportation of goods for (13 U.S.C. 302; 5 U.S.C. 301; Reorganization which entry has been made on CusPlan No. 5 of 1950, Department of Com- toms Forms 7501 or 7502.) merce Order No. 35-2A, August 4, 1975, 40

(b) The Shipper's Export DeclaraFR 42765)

tion and the Continuation Sheet 3 to (41 FR 9134, Mar. 3, 1976, as amended at 47

the Shipper's Export Declaration FR 7213, Feb. 18, 1982)

(both forms designated Commerce 8 30.3 Shipper's Export Declaration forms.

Form 7525-V), and the Shipper's

Export Declaration for In-transit (a) Official forms, or privately print

Goods (Commerce Form 7513) may be ed forms conforming in every respect

purchased for a nominal price from to the official forms, shall be used in

Customs Directors, Department of complying with requirements for Ship

Commerce District Offices, and the per's Export Declarations as follows:

Superintendent of Documents, Gov(1) Except for shipments for which

ernment Printing Office, Washington, the Shipper's Export Declaration for In transit Goods (Commerce Form

D.C. 20402, or they may be privately 7513) is required as specified below,

printed. Supplies of the Alternate

Intermodal Shipper's Export Declarathe Shipper's Export Declaration shall

tion and the Continuation Sheet to be prepared on Commerce Form 7525V or on Commerce Form 7525-V-Alter

the Alternate Intermodal Shipper's nate (Intermodal). The arrangement

Export Declaration are not available of Form 7525-V-Alternate (Intermod

from Government sales offices but al) conforms to and is designed for si

must be privately printed. Sample offimultaneous preparation with various

cial Alternate Intermodal Forms and other shipping documents commonly

their Continuation Sheets may be obused, such as the dock receipt, short

tained from the Foreign Trade Diviform bill of lading, etc. Form 7525-V

sion, Bureau of the Census, WashingAlternate (Intermodal) is acceptable in

ton, D.C. 20233. Privately printed lieu of Form 7525-V without limita

Shipper's Export Declaration forms tion.

must conform strictly to the respective (2) For merchandise shipped in tran

official form in size, wording, color, sit through the United States, Puerto

quality (weight of paper stock), and Rico, or the Virgin Islands of the

arrangement, including the Office of United States from one foreign coun

Management and Budget approval try or area to another, including such

number printed in the upper-right merchandise destined from one for

hand corner of the face of form. The eign place to another and trans- quality (weight) of paper stock used in shipped in ports of the United States, printing the Shipper's Export DeclaraPuerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands of

tion form is not less than 16 nor more the United States, and for foreign

than 20 pounds commercial substance. merchandise exported from General Order Warehouses, the Shipper's *See, $ 30.10 for instructions as to use of Export Declaration for Intransit the continuations Sheet.

Occasional shippers may obtain copies tograph, or other duplicating process, of Shipper's Export Declarations free as well as the overprinting of selected of charge from local Customs Direc- items of information, is acceptable. tors, Post Offices, and Department of (c) All copies of the Shipper's Commerce District Offices.

Export Declaration shall contain all of (13 U.S.C. 302; 5 U.S.C. 301; Reorganization

the information called for in the sig. Plan No. 5 of 1950, Department of Com

nature space as to name of firm, admerce Order No. 35-2A, August 4, 1975, 40 dress, name of signer, capacity of FR 42765)

signer, etc. The original Shipper's (41 FR 9134, Mar. 3, 1976, as amended at 47 Export Declaration shall be signed in FR 29829, July 9, 1982; 50 FR 23402, June 4, ink, but signature of other copies is 1985)

not required. The use of signature

stamps is acceptable as signature in 8 30.4 Preparation and signature of Ship

ink. A duly signed legible carbon or per's Export Declarations.

other copy of the export declaration is (a) The Shipper's Export Declara- acceptable as an "original" of the tion shall be prepared and signed by Shipper's Export Declaration. the shipper, owner, or consignor, or his properly authorized agent. For 8 30.5 Number of copies of Shipper's shipments to foreign countries, if the Export Declaration required. Shipper's Export Declaration is pre

(a) Except as provided elsewhere in pared by an agent his authority to

these regulations the Shipper's Export sign such declaration shall be in the

Declaration shall be delivered to the form of a properly executed power of carrier or postmasters, as specified in attorney signed by the shipper,

$$ 30.12 and 30.15, in the following owner, or consignor, or in the less

number of copies: formal written authorization printed

(1) In duplicate for shipments, on the export declaration. The power

except by mail, destined to all foreign of-attorney shall be on file in the

countries except Canada. agent's office and available for inspec

(2) One copy only for shipments to tion on demand. In every event the

Canada (see $ 30.58 for exemption for data required in the Shipper's Export

shipments from the United States to Declaration shall be complete and cor

Canada) and nonforeign areas. rect and shall be based on personal

(3) One copy only for mail shipknowledge of the facts stated, or on in

ments to all destinations. voices or information furnished by the

(b) In addition to the standard reprincipal. Exporters who authorize the

quirements set forth in paragraph (a) preparation of their export declara

of this section, additional copies of tions by an agent shall provide the

Shipper's Export Declarations may be agent with information for this purpose which will in every respect meet

required for export control purposes

by the regulations of the Office of the specifications in 8 30.7. Particular

Export Administration or other Govattention is called to the fact that in

ernment agencies or in particular cirvoices and other commercial docu

cumstances by the Customs Director ments furnished to the agent for other

or by the postmaster. purposes may not necessarily contain all of the particular types of informa- (41 FR 9134, Mar. 3, 1976, as amended at 55 tion needed for the preparation of the FR 49615, Nov. 30, 1990) export declaration, and special arrangements should be made so that

8 30.6 Requirements as to separate Shipthe information needed for the export

per's Export Declarations. declaration is noted upon or accompa- Except as specifically provided in nies the commercial documents fur- Subpart C, a separate Shipper's nished to the agent, if he is to prepare Export Declaration (in the required the Shipper's Export Declaration. number of copies-see 830.5) is re

(b) Shipper's Export Declarations quired for each shipment (consisting shall be typewritten or prepared in ink of one or more kinds of merchandise) or other permanent medium (except from one consignor to one consignee indelible pencil). The use of ditto, hec- on a single carrier. In addition, more

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