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IN presenting to you the following Treatise upon the Poor Laws, I am afraid that I cannot flatter myself with the hope of obtaining your concurrence in all the sentiments which I have expressed therein. It is, in fact, by my dissent from some of the doctrines laid down, and my repugnance to some of the measures recommended, in the Report of the Committee at which you preside, that I have been led to this publi.

cation ; from which nevertheless, if I had sufficiently weighed the my difficulties attending it, I should probably have been deterred.

- While the difference of opinion between us, and my variance

from Writers of high and established character, create in my mind a sincere distrust of the correctness of my views, I derive great ī satisfaction from the knowledge, that as to the nature of the mea

sures which are at this time advisable, I cordially agree with you.

Yet I confess, that the diffidence with which I oppose great authorities, is in some degree lessened by the striking disproportion which has been observable, in all persons, and at all times, between the evil alleged, and the remedy proposed. If less correct than others in my estimate of the disease, I can hardly be more unsuccessful in the cure.

I am perhaps not entirely without the hope, that you will find in the following pages, some reason for resting satisfied with the course of moderate reform which you have already begun ; and that, if you should be restrained, by whatever motives, from proposing to enact any of the stronger measures, upon which you bave made a favourable report to the House, you will be ultimately conyinced of the wisdom of your forbearance.

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