The Medico-chirurgical Review, Volum 15

S. Highley, 1829

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Side 143 - The debility, both moral and physical, attendant on its excitement, is terrible ; the appetite is soon destroyed, every fibre in the body trembles, the nerves of the neck become affected, and the muscles get rigid; several of...
Side 401 - To embody them in one view, let the reader fancy to himself a young or middleaged woman, somewhat reduced in flesh and health, almost living on her sofa for months, or even years, from a constant pain in the uterus, which renders her unable to sit up and take exercise ; the uterus, on examination, unchanged in structure, but exquisitely tender ; even in the recumbent posture always in pain, but subject to great aggravations more or less frequently.
Side 421 - ... to 1822, a period of exultation and tranquillity to the Prussians, the value of life took a remarkable leap, and the annual deaths fell to less than 1 in 34.
Side 294 - REMARKS. This case affords evidence of the remedial efficacy of strychnia in palsy, and points out in a striking manner the peculiar action of the alkali upon the paralytic members, since no other remedies, with the exception of...
Side 126 - This protection from winds extends over a very considerable tract of beautiful country, abounding in every variety of landscape, so that there is scarcely a wind that blows from which the invalid will not be able to find a shelter for exercise either on foot or horseback. In this respect Torquay is most, superior to any other place we have noticed.
Side 414 - ... a clearer insight into the internal structure of human society from the progress of these inquiries. But the science may be said yet to be in its infancy, and many of the objects, on which it would be desirable to have information, have been either omitted or not stated with sufficient accuracy.
Side 364 - ... no morbid appearances were discovered after death, in the brain. These cases, if fair specimens of puerperal insanity, lead straight to the conclusion that the disease is not one of congestion or inflammation, but one of excitement without power."1 Add to this, that Esquirol found no traces of cerebral inflammation upon most careful examination.
Side 401 - ... the complaint of which I am speaking, the recumbent posture, although it diminishes, does not remove the pain. It is always present in some degree, and severe paroxysms often occur, although the patient has been recumbent for a long time. If the uterus is examined, it is found to be exquisitely tender, the...
Side 547 - No tolls shall hereafter be imposed on persons or property transported on the canals, but all boats navigating the canals and the owners and masters thereof, shall be subject to such laws and regulations as have been or may hereafter be enacted concerning the navigation of the canals.
Side 302 - The effects of remedies on a disease, if accurately observed, form the most important part of its history: they are like chemical tests, frequently detecting important differences in objects, which previously appeared exactly similar.

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