A Report of the Speeches of Charles Kendal Bushe...in the Cases of Edward Sheridan, M.D. and Mr Thomas Kirwan, Merchant, for Misdemeanors Alleged to be Committed in Violation of the Convention Act: To which are Added the Late Charge of the Lord Chief Justice Downes, and the Act of Parliament

M.N. Mahon, 1812 - 117 sider

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Side 31 - Resolved, That a committee of catholics be therefore appointed, and requested to cause proper petitions to be forthwith framed for the repeal of the penal laws, and to procure signatures thereto in all parts of Ireland, and to take measures for bringing such petitions under the serious consideration of the legislature within the first month of the ensuing sessions of parliament. " Resolved, That said committee do consist of the catholic peers and their eldest sons, the catholic baronets, the prelates...
Side 15 - I do declare solemnly before God, that I believe, that no act in itself unjust, immoral, or wicked, can ever be justified or excused by or under pretence or colour, that it was done either for the good of the church, or in obedience to any ecclesiastical power whatsoever.
Side 8 - An Act to prevent the Election ' or Appointment of unlawful Assemblies, under Pretence of pre* paring or presenting public Petitions or other Addresses to His £ Majesty, or the Parliament...
Side 10 - That all assemblies, committees, or other bodies of persons elected or in any other manner constituted or appointed to represent, or assuming or exercising a right or authority to represent, the people of this realm, or any number or description of the people of the same, or the people of any province, county, city, town, or other district...
Side 12 - ... in discharging this duty, to discover what I am to reply to : one counsel asserts his client's innocence, in point of fact — the other glories in his crime in point of law; — nay, the one half of each counsel's speech is an answer to the other : they alternately rail against the witnesses, and declaim in favour of the offence. What has been their conduct as to Mr Huddleston, the remaining witness ? What has been left unsaid, or unattempted, in his cross-examination? Two hours of precious...
Side 30 - ... advanced by frustrating the administration of justice. In the name of God, if you disbelieve the evidence you have heard, nay, if you reasonably doubt it, acquit Mr. Kirwan — if you do not, fabricate not doubts for yourselves, which no fair mind or sound head can sanction, merely to achieve what you may think a public good. Take the law from the court, and for fact consult your understandings and your consciences, but compromise not your oaths, and trifle not with your solemn duty.
Side 21 - ... and required within his and their respective jurisdictions, to disperse all such unlawful assemblies, and if resisted, to enter into the same, and to apprehend all persons offending in that behalf.
Side 15 - God, that 1 believe that no act in iiself unjust, immoral, or wicked, can ever be justified or excused by, or under pretence, or colour, that it was done either for the * Fitzpatrick's

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