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The Committee on Publication take pleasure in sending out this Centenary Volume of the Proceedings of the National Educational Association, held in Baltimore July 10th, 11th, and 12th, 1876. The volume, notwithstanding the -fact that four or five papers and some reports were not furnished for publication, is larger than any of those previously published. The ability and variety of the papers and addresses were a marked feature of the proceedings. The presence of distinguished foreign gentlemen added to the interest of the Centenary meeting. The address in Japanese by the Hon. Fujimaro Tanaka, was furnished in Japanese characters to the Secretary, and he had determined to have it photo-lithographed for publication in this volume, but the fear that it might be published upside down deterred him.

The unexpected size of the volume has delayed the time of publication somewhat; the sheets however were sent to the bindery before the middle of December, being more than two months earlier than they were sent last year. If those who shall read papers, addresses, and reports at the next meeting will have the matter ready to deliver to the Secretary at the meeting, the next volume could easily be ready for delivery by the the first of December, 1877.

Although no proofs have been sent to authors for want of time, it is believed that this volume, notwithstanding much bad copy, is as free from mistakes as any of the preceding ones. Some of the copy, it is but just to say, was excellent, several papers being sent in print.

The Secretary has advanced all the funds necessary to pay for the publication of this volume, and hence it is hoped that those who enrolled themselves as life-members, who have not yet remitted to the Treasurer or Secretary will soon do so, that the indebtedness of the Association may be cancelled at the earliest possible date. .

The price of this volume by mail postpaid has been fixed at $2.00, or in quantities of ten or more, expressage or freight to be paid by the purchaser, at $1.25 each. This volume is cheap at two dollars; it contains fully twice as much matter as an ordinary coarse-print two-dollar book.

Only 1000 copies having been printed, early application should be made to the Secretary, W. D. Henkle, Salem, Ohio, or to the Treasurer, J. Ormond Wilson, "Washington, D..C, by thdse who wish to procure volumes.

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Address of Welcome to Maryland, by Gov. John Lee Carroll 5

Address of Welcome to Baltimore, by Mayor F. C. Latrobe 6

Inaugural Address of I'res. W. F. Phelps 7

Appointment of Committees, etc 20

The Demands of the Coming Century on the American Common

School. By the Rev. A. D. Mayo 21

Discussion of Mayo's Address 29

The Country-School Problem. By Edward Olney 30

Discussion of Olney's Paper 39

The Moral Element in Primary Education. By W. H. Ruffner 39

Education in Brazil, by Dr. Da Motta 46

Education in Sweden, by Dr. Mejerberg 47

Appointment of Committees on Necrology and Resolutions 47

Resolution of thanks to Doctors Da Motta and Mejerberg 47

Amendment of the Constitution 48

The Normal Schools of the United States;—Their Past, Present, and

Future, by Dr. Richard Edwards 48

Invitation to an excursion to Fairhaven .a 57

Election of Officers 57

^Resolutions offered by Dr. Nelson and Major Rollins 58

The Course of Study from Primary School to University 58

Education in Japan, By Dr. David Murray 68

Newspapers in Japan, by the Hon. Fujimaro Tanaka 69

Appointment of Committee on Dr. Nelson's Resolution on the National

Bureau of Education 70

Proceedings of meeting on the boat 71

£dncati<M in the Argentine Confederation. By Senor Dorna 73

tp^The Lacks and Needs of the South Educationally—The Development

of her Natural Resources—the Remedy. By Alex. Hogg 76


A Notice of the History of the South-Carolina College. By Prof. W. J.

Rivers 91

The Political Economy of Higher and Technical Education. By the

Hon. H. A. M. Henderson 98

Position of the Modem Languages in the Higher Education. By Prof.

Edward S. Joynes Ill

Address of Prof. Henry E. Shepherd on the terms Anglo-Saxon and

English 123

Discussion of Prof. Shepherd's Address 124

Discussion of Prof. Joynes's Paper 124

Adoption of Prof. Ruddatz's Resolution on German Orthography 128

Position of Modern Mathematical Theories in our Higher Course of

Mathematics. By Prof. Wm. M. Thornton 129

Report on Orthoepy. By Prof. W. C. Sawyer '. 134

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