History of the Afghans

John Murray, 1858 - 491 sider

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Side 280 - Afghans have been impaired. Even to the chiefs, whose hostile proceedings have given just cause of offence to the British Government, it will seek to secure liberal and honourable treatment, on their tendering early submission, and ceasing from opposition to that course of measures which may be judged the most suitable for the general advantage of their country.
Side 279 - Sooja-ool-Moolk, whereby his Highness is guaranteed in his present possessions, and has bound himself to co-operate for the restoration of the Shah to the throne of his ancestors. The friends and enemies of any one of the contracting parties have been declared to be the friends and enemies of all.
Side 278 - The welfare of our possessions in the East requires that we should have on our Western frontier an ally who is interested in resisting aggression and establishing tranquillity, in the place of chiefs ranging themselves in subservience to a hostile power, and seeking to promote schemes of conquest and aggrandizement.
Side 275 - THE Right Honourable the Governor-General of India having, with the concurrence of the Supreme Council, directed the assemblage of a British force for service across the Indus...
Side 278 - M'Neill, Her Majesty's Envoy, that his Excellency has been compelled, by a refusal of his just demands, and by a systematic course of disrespect adopted towards him by the Persian Government, to quit the Court of the Shah, and to make a public declaration of the cessation of all intercourse between the two Governments. The necessity under which Great Britain is placed of regarding the present advance of the Persian arms into Afghanistan as an act of hostility towards herself, has also been officially...
Side 262 - The late transactions in this quarter, the conduct of reckless and misguided Sikhs, and their breach of treaty, are well known to your Lordship. Communicate to me whatever may now suggest itself to your wisdom, for the settlement of the affairs of this country that it may serve as a rule for my guidance. . , I hope your Lordship will consider me and my country as your own , and favour me often by the receipt of your friendly letters.
Side 279 - Sinde; and the integrity of Herat, in the possession of its present ruler, will be fully respected; while by the measures completed , or in progress , it may reasonably be hoped that the general freedom and security of commerce will be promoted; that the name and just influence of the British Government will gain their proper footing among the nations of Central Asia ; that tranquillity will be established upon the most important frontier of India; and that a lasting barrier will be raised against...
Side 500 - SOUTH AFRICA. Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa : including a Sketch of Sixteen Years' Residence in the Interior of Africa, and a Journey from the Cape of Good Hope to Loanda on the West Coast ; thence across the Continent, down the River Zambesi, to the Eastern Ocean. By DAVID LIVINGSTONE, LL.D., DCL With Portrait, Maps, and Illustrations.
Side 279 - The Governor-general confidently hopes that the Shah will be speedily replaced on his throne by his own subjects and adherents ; and when once he shall be secured in power, and the independence and integrity of Afghanistan established, the British army will be withdrawn.
Side 277 - Governor-General would yet indulge the hope that their heroism may enable them to maintain a successful defence, until succours shall reach them from British India. In the...

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