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they edify the Church, by their example, without supporting it by their labours, directed personally, and individually, to those over whom they are placed; that they be blameless in the eyes of men, without devoting their time to their amendment; in a word, that, by leading an irreproachable life, they are justified in neglecting the salvation of their brethren. They give themselves up wholly to reading and study; but will such application, however laudable in itself, and serviceable, as it may, occasionally, be in its effects, to the community at large, compensate for their neglect in performing the public services of their peculiar functions ; or, for performing them with carelesness, and inattention ? But you think you had better leave the obligations of your calling, to be fulfilled by those, who are more likely to benefit the hear

We possess all requisite talents, when we have a love for our flock, and feel an ardent desire for their salvation : this is the treasure of which our Lord speaks, and whence “ the Scribe, in“ structed for the kingdom of Heaven, draws trea“ sures new and old.” Nothing is more opposite, says a Father of the Church*, to the spirit of the Priesthood, than an indolent and inactive life, which we are too apt to consider as the most desirable. Nihil enim minus aptum est ad Ecclesiæ præfecturam quàm socordia & ignavia, quam alii exercitationem quandam admirabilem putant.


Heavenly Father, remove, we beseech thee, from the hearts of thy Ministers, every obstacle which

* Chryostom.

may hinder them from bringing mankind to the knowledge of the truth: animate them with that spirit of zeal and wisdom with which thou didst endow the first preachers of the Gospel : may thy Church perpetually abound with labourers, powerful in word and doctrine, whose only end may

be thy glory, and the salvation of mankind; and who may esteem as nothing the opinions of men, so long as they are instruments in thy hands of extending thy kingdom, and accomplishing thy will ! Amen.




As my Father hath sent me, so send I you.




YOU recollect the words of our blessed Lord to his disciples, when he appeared to them, assembled together, after his resurrection : his design was to confirm their faith, by his presence, and to dispel their terror by his Gospel, which he bequeathed to them, as the blessed result of his victory, and the dearest pledge of his remembrance.


It was not sufficient to assure them that they should be ministers of his evangelical dispensation:-Go, I send you, teach all nations in my

It was also necessary to raise their spirits, sunk and dejected as they were, by his passion and death, by inspiring them with high sentiments of that important and sublime ministry, in which they were soon to be employed. And to impress their mind with the utmost force, he compares their mission to his own,-“ As my Father hath sent me, so send I you."

As though he had said to them;—As I have been upon earth the ambassador of my Father, so shall you be mine among men: as my Father was in me, reconciling the world unto himself, so shall I be in you, exercising myself a ministry of reconciliation ; as they who have seen me, have seen the Father, they who see you, shall see me also; and ye shall be the representatives of my person upon earth, and a striking image of my power and authority; as the Father abode in me, doing all my works, so will I abide in you, and will baptize, will give the Holy Spirit, and will speak, before princes and kings. The Father hath placed me at his right hand, “and hath put all enemies under

my feet: ye shall sit upon twelve thrones, judg“ ing the twelve tribes of Israel.” The Father hath given evidence from on high, by appearing in the clouds : and I shall one day appear, on a cloud of glory, surrounded by all the heavenly spirits, to bear testimony of you, before the assembled world. In a word, as I have glorified my Father on earth, so shall I be glorified in you, by your confessing my name, and promulgating my doctrine: but, as the mission which I have received of my Father is the principle and foundation of all my authority and greatness, the mission with which I entrust you shall be alone the foundation of yours :-—" As my Father hath sent me, so send I you.” To this last reflection it is, that I confine the subject of this discourse. The high parellel presents us with sublime, and, at the same time, awful ideas, of our ministerial calling.

“ Let no one,” says the Apostle, “ take this honour to himself, but he that is called of God, as

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