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Booston, 184


":[Poole, Alexis ? or Bakır ?, Statistical view of

the Executive and aegislative Department
of the Government of Noass.

Boston. 1847 2. [Poole, Aleris]. The same. 1848.

With a Del scription of the State House, Gift, and De of 'the Land, etc. [2d Series.] ] The same. 1849.

With Gaitra of the Early History of

thé Mass. Colonid

Boston.184 Legislature, ofc <34 Series.I 4.5

] The same, 1850. With a Ret port of the Karting in the Boston Jea Party, also with Atters of ten. Wash

Bouton. 1854 infron 5. [

] The same. 1857. Farewell Address of Gen. Washington, de 17th, 1796. (5th Series. I

Bouton. 183 6. [

] The same. 1852. With Comi pact made on Board the Mayflowes, 11th, 1620,

the colonna sono New Plymouth and Presentation o Fat and

Heilf to Myron Llawrence [6 th Series.] 74 7 E

] The same. 1853. With Ei logy delivered by Mon George S. Hilla on Daniel Webster. [7th Series.] Bostol

. ] Statistical View of the Con tion of Telegates for reirsing the bonote tion' at Mbass.the Hourth of May, 1853 Opening Proceedings and" list of tombre

Charter of

con. 1852.



of the Convention for framing the constita Lion, Sept 1st, 1789. And the Members of the Convention of 1820.

Boston. 1835 ivoli , Aegis ...

Annual Register or the Eucu tive and Ligislative Behartment di te Government of Albass

. 1854. With the First Inaugural Message of, you, John Hancock. 8 th Series Bostośr. 1854 The me

1855. 9th Series Boston. 1855.

The same. 1856. 10 th Series. Boston. 1856.

the same. 1857. 1. th Jerics . Boston. 1857 The same. 1858.

12 th Series Bouton. 1858. Annual Register of the Executive and Legisla

tive. Derartmeňts of the Government of Massachusetts, 1859.

73 ostoni 1860.

noston. 1859


The same.
The same


Boston. 1861.

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