the eighth, of relief granted in equity, in connection with and incidental to partition; the ninth, of the judgments in partition and proceedings thereunder; the tenth, of the effect of a partition; and the eleventh, of sale instead of partition. To these we have added, in this edition, a chapter on partition in connection with and ancillary to the settlement of the estates of deceased persons.

In making the investigations necessarily required in the preparation of this edition, we have observed with satisfaction, that our former labors in the same field have met with the generous consideration and often with the expressed approval of the judiciary in every part of the Union; and, with the hope that the present edition may deserve the kind reception thus given to its predecessor, we submit it to the judges upon the bench, and to the great bar of whom the judges are but members temporarily detached on official duty.

SACRAMENTO, July 1, 1886.


Generally Abolished in United States and in Canada, § 85.


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