Cotenancy and Partition: A Treatise on the Law of Co-ownership as it Exists Independent of Partnership Relations Between the Co-owners

Bancroft-Whitney Company, 1886 - 736 sider


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Side lii - THERE is nothing which so generally strikes the imagination, and engages the affections of mankind, as the right of . property ; or that sole and despotic dominion which one man claims and exercises over the external things of the world} in total exclusion of the right of any other individual in the universe.
Side 316 - That, when any one or more of several persons entitled to any land or rent as co-parceners, joint tenants, or tenants in common, shall have been in possession or receipt of the entirety, or more than his or their undivided share or shares of such land, or of the profits thereof, or of such rent, for his or their own benefit, or for the benefit of any person or persons other than the person or persons entitled to the other share or shares of the same land or rent, such possession or receipt shall...
Side 103 - From and after the time the declaration is filed for record, the premises therein described constitute a homestead.
Side 195 - All property of the wife owned by her before marriage and that acquired afterwards by gift, bequest, devise or descent, with the rents, issues and profits thereof is her separate property. The wife may without the consent of her husband convey her separate property.
Side 608 - ... years, an action may be brought by one or more of such persons for a partition thereof, according to the respective rights of the persons interested therein, and for a sale of such property, or a part thereof, if it appear that a partition cannot be made without great prejudice to the owners.
Side 101 - ... have one and the same interest, accruing by one and the same conveyance, commencing at one and the same time, and held by one and the same undivided possession.
Side 205 - All property, both real and personal, of the wife, owned or claimed by her before marriage, and that acquired afterwards by gift, devise, or descent, shall be her separate property...
Side 550 - For, in all cases of partition, a Court of Equity does not act merely in a ministerial character, and in obedience to the call of the parties, who have a right to the partition; but it founds itself upon its general jurisdiction, as a Court of Equity, and administers its relief ex cequo et bono, according to its own notions of general justice and equity between the parties.
Side 196 - ... which they may acquire during the marriage, either by donations made jointly to them both, or by purchase, or in any other similar way, even although the purchase be only in the name of one of the two and not of both, because 567 • in that case the period of time when the purchase is made is alone attended to, and not the person who made the purchase.
Side 733 - ... thereof, or secure the same to their satisfaction, or in case of the minority of such party, then to the satisfaction of his guardian; and the true value of the estate must be ascertained and reported by the commissioners.

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